★ [ TWEAKS MOD ] NITRO X SPARK V.3.0 VISION [GB-M][ARM/X86] Pure Nitro Feeling 260915

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Jan 18, 2011


Jun 14, 2013


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Nov 20, 2015
Sir k1ks, just want to ask if will it work for my phone, Cloudfone excite 501d, custom rom (Kalawakan Rom v2.9), custom recovery cwm... thanks for the reply. sorry im only newbie and just interested, just want to experiment.


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Jan 17, 2014
Sir k1ks, just want to ask if will it work for my phone, Cloudfone excite 501d, custom rom (Kalawakan Rom v2.9), custom recovery cwm... thanks for the reply. sorry im only newbie and just interested, just want to experiment.

Yes of course . but I recommend you Skynet.

!!! Before any support , make sure you have read the OP !!!

Buy me a cup of coffee / Hit Thanks Button if you enjoy my work.
It'll motivate me to work harder and faster

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Sep 5, 2010
Hi. Im new to this performance mods but I just want to ask which is better for my device which is Sony Xperia Z1 running stock 5.1.1. Skynet or Nitro?

Most definitely Skynet and if you prefer the LMK values of nitro X there's an option in the extras of Skynet we can use the LMK values from nitro X kind of like the best of both worlds

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    ★ [ TWEAKS MOD ] NITRO X SPARK V.3.0 VISION [GB-M][ARM/X86] Pure Nitro Feeling 260915


    ###### Enjoy Safer Technology #####

    To start, here are some opinions

    Absolutely agree!!!
    i tested other scripts like Fly-On, OKJ, L Speed, PurePerformances, ...
    but no one works as great as Nitro.
    Device is very snappy, fast and no lags - thx @k1ks (i´m on 2.8 without any issues so far) :D

    In My Opinion ..

    This is One Of The Most Advanced Mods in XDA Developers Web Site.

    Splendid Success , Excellent Tweaks
    All-In-One Mod , Advanced Tools
    The Most Effective Mod .

    World-Class !


    Sent from my GT-S7275R using XDA Free mobile app

    This mod is awesome. Seriously , awesome.
    I have a International Galaxy S3 I9300 with 1GB RAM Exynos Quad Core and after flashing this mod , it performs alot better.
    My phone is always on 1.4GHz with Pegasusq governor (Default) because whenever I change it to below 1.4GHz I can feel the drop in performance and it would affect my multitasking and gaming.
    But after flashing this mod , the performance was awesome. So I decided to underclock my CPU for longer battery life. My phone is now on 1.0GHz and zzmoove battery yank governor. It still performs slightly better than it used to (1.4GHz pergasusq w/o this mod)
    I don't even greenify system apps on my S3 running Touchwiz ROM anymore. I used to even greenify them on CM and AOSP based ROMs because they affect my phone's performance. I am a very heavy multitasker so I have very low LMK (All values between 20 to 40) and I can multitask easily. Apps change in an instant and I can even multitask some games!
    No performance drop in gaming and daily usage despite the underclock of almost 1.6Ghz (400MHz for 4 cores). Now I have longer battery life due to underclocked CPU. Huge thanks to the dev :)

    Its feeling like i'm using S6 [emoji6] [emoji12]
    Great Update,Superbbb..!!
    Great Combination with @asad007 kernel for S4 [emoji4]

    Using Galaxy S4 5.0.1 Lolipop

    Thanks for this mod ,i got 3x performance up in my device.
    Also got increased fps in my game.

    Sent from my Andromax AD682H

    From last November (when I installed it) until now, just getting better and better :highfive:
    Working like a charm... :D

    Using this on my note 3. So far so good. It's definitely increased the already smooth lollipop software.

    This Mod become My Galaxy Note 4 The fastest Phone ever build for now:eek:
    Really Nitro under finger, And any lag in all situation. Game Works Very Very great. Continue The Project Dev and Thanks

    # Post 1 : Introduction / Downloads
    # Post 2 : Explanations / Presets / Alpha Section /


    Choose the best for your device .
    Mod powerful that boosts your device's performance.
    It improves your device's performance along with improving battery life of your phone .
    NITRO X is made for those who like to do high multitasking or those who love to play HD games on their device.
    This mod will work on any device.
    All you need to ensure is that your phone is running android.
    It doesn't matter which ROM, which version, which device etc.
    It runs on any rooted device running on Android 2.3 to 5.*.*​

    /// FEATURES ///

    Life expectancy of the improved battery
    Incredible improved management of your Ram
    Improved management of networks
    Optimized overall performance
    Protection against ADS with ADNItro
    Battery calibration
    Google Play Fix Battery Drain
    Cleaning system every boot
    Nitro Entropy
    Flags Tuner


    Facebook Support : https://www.facebook.com/NitroXspark
    WhatsApp Community : The Nitro X Spark Group ( Contact by PM for admission )

    Test on an ultra optimized Rom

    2015_09_04_12.11.01.png2015_09_04_11.48.09.png2015_09_04_12.42.13.png 2015_09_jdjdjdjdjdj.22.png

    /// REQUIREMENTS ///

    A rooted device with init.d support is required to run this mod which is pretty much common these days, so your device should be compatible to this mod . The installation of the mod is quite simple as it’s a flashable Zip that can be flashed using any custom recovery. So all you need to do is to download the Mod file from the download link provided below and flash it via a custom recovery.

    * Rooted phone
    * Kernel / ROM with init.d support ( If No support : Init.d Support )
    * 10MB free in system
    * Custom recovery (CWMR, TWRP, Philz, CarlivTouch)
    * Terminal Emulator (Link )​

    /// HOW INSTALL ///

    Before Flashing please do a nandroid backup to avoid any incompatibility issues.
    Do not use with any other Mod script or apps improvement because they conflict .
    In the case of an update, flash over

    1. Delete all others script you have installed in system/etc/init.d
    ( Zipalign, Sqlite, setperms, System tweaks... )
    2. Download the zip from Mediafire
    3. Reboot your phone to recovery
    4. Wipe Dalvik cache is not mandatory but highly recommended
    5. Flash Zip file
    6. Reboot
    6. Enjoy !!!​

    /// DOWNLOAD ///

    "Alpha/Beta/Test Versions" are on the Post # 2

    Two Versions are available to you , VISION is the popular version, you are the master of your performance and Omega , Just a flashable zip and enjoy . Nothing to do or configure.

    >>>NEW *** VISION 3.0 *** NEW<<<

    Mediafire ( 4141 ) ARM/X86 : NITRO_X_SPARK_V3.0_VISION_OFFICIAL

    *** OPTIMUS 2.8 ***
    Mediafire ( 5898 ) : NITRO_X_SPARK_2.8_OPTIMUS_OFFICIAL

    *** PRIME 2.7 ***
    Mediafire ( 12468 ) : NITRO_X_SPARK_2.7_PRIME_OFFICIAL

    ***OMEGA_1.4 ***
    Mediafire ( 707 ) : NITRO_X_SPARK_OMEGA_1.4

    Note : The Standard version is most common in the world of Android , However, there are other type called X86 ( Device with an Intel / AMD processor )


    Once the mod is installed it will take care of itself but if you want to manage the scripts, there is a manager which will let you modify the script functions.
    For this you need a terminal emulator to run the commands.
    Manager fully dedicated to the operation of Mod to make it fully functional manager to have performance Optimals( Xbooster , ADNitro , BackGround App...)

    > Open the terminal
    > Type su to get root privileges
    > Type menu

    1* SYSTEM INFO : Useful information about your system
    2* CHECK : Check the installation of the mod
    3* XBOOSTER : It clear the cache of your old system and thus gets more free RAM For you and increases performance
    4* BACKGROUND APP : Function to block a demand application
    5* PROFILS : Performance profile available for VM Tweaks
    6* LMK : Performance profile available for Low Memory Killer
    7* NITRO : This function writes the kernel parameters of read_wake up_threshold read_wakeup_threshold and to improve the speed of ui . Changes the user profile entropy for the convenience
    8* MASTER : Nitro X control with a huge collection of scripts ( Renice , Zram , Sd Tuner , Scaling and many others )
    9* ADNITRO : Service against the ads and malware domains
    11* MCPS : Tweaks for Multicore only
    12* NETBOOST : Function ensures smoother navigation
    13* HYPER COLA : Script created by PizzaDox to best manage your games
    14* CLEANER : Clean your device unnecessary files to the system
    15* WIPER DALVIK : Clean your Dalvik cache engine
    16* SUPPORT : Help for the mod
    17* BATTERY CALIBRATION : Calibrating the battery for better autonomy
    18* ALTERNATIVE MOUNT : When mounting worries
    19* GP FIX BATTERY DRAIN : Fix the battery drain caused by the Google Play services
    20* ADDONS : Gives the possibility to download to essential apps
    21* BACKUP & RESTORE : Make a backup / restore your settings
    22* SELINUX MODE : Kernel security system
    23* ACCES XDA THREAD : Direct link to the official page
    24* ACCES FACEBOOK PAGE : Direct link to the official page FCB
    25* DONATIONS : Buy me a cup of coffee if you enjoy my work. It'll motivate me to work harder and faster
    26* UNINSTALL : Removal of the engine, will not leave any trace​

    /// TUTORIAL VIDEO ///

    This tutorial aged but still help anyway


    Big thanks to @savadam

    /// RESCUE ///

    If bootloop or problem with a tweak.
    There is a tool to settle this problem without having to reformat the system.

    Init.d purge tweaks Nitro X and clean Dalvik and resource.
    Know that its not uninstalled the mod but its disables the mod.

    View attachment NITRO_X_SPARK_RESCUE.zip
    View attachment NITRO_X_SPARK_X86_RESCUE.zip

    /// DONATIONS ///

    On behalf of all the beneficiaries of the famous Nitro X Spark, please accept my sincere thanks for the many gifts that have reached me.

    Thanks to your donations, you will allow me to have a better motivation for the good of all and get out more of new even more efficient versions.

    Thank you to all of you.

    @kilayo : 5$
    @kilayo : 4$
    @kilayo : 10$
    @kilayo : 4.55€
    @kilayo : 4.55€
    @kilayo : 14.16€
    @kilayo : 7€

    /// IMPORTANT ///

    Nitro X is everywhere, on XDA, various forums and sites.
    I make a point of keeping control in all the fields for NITRO X .
    No to upload on additionals clouds.
    Another thing, the ideas which are in Spark remains mine.



    As you guessed, Nitro X is full of all kinds of optimizations, here explicaton for all.

    * PROFILS *

    Several profiles are available depending on the value of your device

    Game = Created to perform well in the games
    Balance = Good compromise between games and multitasting
    Multitasting = Supports many applications open at the same time
    Force = By default, the most powerful of all

    * LMK *

    Several LMK (Minfree) are available depending on the value of your device

    Light = Multitasting
    Moderate = Smoother
    Hard = Game

    * NITRO *

    It used to have significant lag reduction . It shows significant improvements on all devices.

    This function writes the kernel parameters of read_wake up_threshold read_wakeup_threshold and to improve the speed of ui.

    Entropy increases battery life and reduces lag.
    In each levels, these bits are increased
    The entropy actually different values of bits used to wake the sleeping process.
    Enlarger level is made in Zepp.

    Changes the user profile entropy for the convenience .

    Default = Original values of the android system
    Light = Similar to moderate but lower
    Moderate = Better than the default
    Agressive = Similar to moderate but higher
    Enlarger = Settings created by Zeppelinrox

    * MASTER *

    1* Renice System = Priority of System Apps
    2* Flags Tuner = Improve Snappiness of The Overall System
    3* Flush Engine = AutoMod Drop cache each hour
    4* Governor Tuner = Sets Governors for Better Battery Backup
    5* HeapSize Boost = Optimized the Engine Dalvik
    6* Vaccum/Reindex = Optimize readings and deletions repetitive data
    7* Wifi Sleep = Wifi Switch in Case of Deep Sleep
    8* Zram = Compress the RAM it increases system responsiveness
    9* Zipalign = Optimization To APK
    10* Adreno Booster = Optimization of GPR
    11* SD Tuner = Improved Reading SD
    12* Touch = Improved Touch
    13* Cleaner = Clean Crap Files Each Boot
    14* MediaKill = Media Killed The Process To Gain Battery
    15* Scaling = Decreases Performance Kernel When Sleep
    16* Tweaks = Sets The Kernel For Good Performance
    17* Sleeper = Disable Normalized Sleeper
    18* Panic Mode = Reducing Chances of Random Reboots
    19* 3D Opti = Improve Gaming Experience
    20* FPS Booster = Improve Gaming Experience
    21* Media Tweaks = Improve Streaming , Photos , Videos
    22* Liquid Smooth = UI Smooth
    23* FSTRim = By default, FSTrim will discard all unused blocks in the filesystem
    24* Battery Backup = Best battery management
    25* Super Dropper = It's not an everyday option but occasionaly , For heavy games or heavy apps
    26* Fix GP Services = Fix the battery drain caused by the Google Play services
    27* Scroll Speed = Improve the scrolling of the device
    28* Logcat = Disabling system log for best performance
    29* Kill Playstore = Kill Playstore startup process for better autonomy
    30* KSM = Kernel same-page merging , KSM merge memory pages occupied by several processes
    31* TouchScreen Tweaks = This tweaks will give better touch response

    * MPCS *

    It manages the cores present in your system for better performance or autonomy

    Disabled : Potentially better battery life
    ON : Power save balance by loading first core it's 100% loaded
    Aggressive : Load balance the CPU cores by keeping the load even between them
    Kernel Default : Default kernel (stock or custom)

    * NETBOOST *

    Internet optimization level

    Quick = Battery Friendly
    Fast = Normal
    Faster = Nearly Maxed Out
    Furious = Known Maxed Out
    SuperMax = Secret Maxed Out

    /// PRESETS ///

    Here Presets of configuration to help news users .
    Each type will give significant improvements on each device but are not systematic, you have the option of coupled these types.

    # Preset Battery :

    Profil Balance
    LMK Light
    Nitro Agressive
    AdNitro On
    Render CPU
    MPCS Disabled
    NetBoost Quick
    In Master = Flags Tuner / Wifi Sleep / Zipalign / Cleaner / Mediakill / Scaling / IO Tweaks / Sleeper / Liquid Smooth UI / Fstrim / Battery Backup / Fix GP Services

    # Preset Balance :

    Profil Force
    LMK Moderate
    Nitro Default
    AdNitro On
    Render CPU
    MPCS Agressive
    NetBoost Furious
    In Master =
    Renice System / Flags Tuner / Vaccum Reindex / Zram / Zipalign / Cleaner / Mediakill / Liquid Smooth / Fstrim / Fix GP Services / Scroll Speed

    # Preset Performance :

    Profil Force
    LMK Moderate
    Nitro Enlarger
    AdNitro On
    Render GPU
    MPCS Agressive
    NetBoost Furious ( Or SuperMax but beware )
    In Master = Renice System / Flags Tuner / Zram Swap / Zipalign / SD / Touch / Cleaner / Liquid Smooth UI / FSTrim / Fix GP Service / Scrool Speed

    # Preset Game :

    Profil Game
    LMK Hard
    Nitro Enlarger
    Render GPU
    MPCS Agressive
    NetBoost Furious ( Or SuperMax but beware )
    In Master = Flags Tuner / Governor Tuner / HeapSize Boost / Panic Mode / 3D Opti / Liquid Smooth / FPS Booster / Media Tweaks



    /// CREDITS ///

    Great thank you to :
    @zeppelinrox ,
    @pikachu01 ,
    Google ...
    Banner : GraphCode
    Official Beta Testers : @savvy1968 / @Jole7 / @HollowHead100 / @Lughnasadh / @kilayo / @dingermtb

    /// FEEDBACKS ///

    Its d best version till date!!! I have used. All of ur boosts and spark edition is stable and flawless... Lag free gaming.. Awesome multitasking ..!! I own a very low end device with 512mb ram.. I have never experienced did kind of speed till now..... Its the best!!! Thank you @k1ks

    The latest version 3 is amazing! Everything is working and feels so smooth! Love it! Nice job man, I'll try and advertise it for you tomorrow on the note 2 section, because you deserve some credit for this mod. My phone feels blazing fast.

    +1 yeah it works really well. No battery drain like v2. Thank you. BTW note 2 on DirtyUnicorns 4.4.4

    Sent from my SGH-I317 using Tapatalk

    Thank you for this mod. My T-Mobile Note 2 is flying. I have ATT DN3 and Agni kernel installed and was sluggish. Now with this mod installed, it's moving in light speed.

    My reviews after 2 days:

    BIG Pros: Immediate reaction was WOW! Phone became snappy, quick, and responsive. Graphics on MX Player were eye opening. It is great.

    This mod will be on my list of files to flash.

    Thread Bookmarked.

    I was actually just subscribed to another thread that I saw and been reading there the whole day. It's the same kind of MOD that promises to boost phone performance but I have not flashed it yet because the new version is yet to be uploaded by the dev. So I decided to check ather thread and found this thread. Short OP, finished reading within a minute probobly haha then download..... flashed.... activated from terminal... reboot... then BAM!! instant result.. amazing! I have SGN2 using latest Dr. Ketan custom ROM.

    Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
    This works awesome - thanks!!!
    Phone feels a lot more snappy. Great job.

    Nitro X Spark existed for a long time now.

    This is a popular version known on the net and primarily here on XDA.

    This last version is fully functional for a while.

    Nitro X will now undergo significant changes to become even more mod, stronger need for youth.

    Me and my team will work on it to make something totally crazy.

    The development will start will start to become :


    Skynet Will detect When Your multitasking and adjust accordingly.
    Skynet totally aware and intuitive.

    Totally simplified. you-have nothing to do Will, just enjoy.

    And finally the inevitable new version of Nitro X : NITRO_X_SPARK_2.7_PRIME_OFFICIAL

    No worries, super stable, perfect symbiosis with your android.

    Other mods do not suit you or others are already existing plagiarism.

    This one is for you all. Those who never try, must do so without delay.

    A mega update that will make your devices even faster and smooth with a very good battery backup.

    This update has resulted in a BEAST MOD .

    Always copied but never equaled.

    Final Changelog :

    - New options availables in Menu :

    * RENDER ( CPU/GPU )
    * MCPS ( MultiCore POWER SAVING )
    * BACKGROUND APP ( Operation : The user must write the app he wants to background EX : facebook , chrome ...
    WARNING to writing, it's can create errors because the app is not found )
    * ADDONS with : Xposed Framework / Greenify / Du Battery Saver / Amplify

    - Add File System Tweaks
    - Add Info System
    - Add Auto Backup Master ( Restore user parameters to master during the update )
    - Add FSTRIM
    - Add Super Dropped ( Drop Cache every 60s gaming or heavy app that requires much resource )
    - Updating the source file for ADNitro
    - Installation / Update busybox in flash ( fix the worries of symlink )
    - Improvement for Essential Setprop
    - New FORCE profile ( by Default )
    - Profils improved
    - New Memory Management ( Less aggressive to Moderate / More aggressive Hard )
    - Update Renice System / Liquid Smooth Ui / FPS Booster / IO Tweaks / Zram / NetBoost / Scaling / Cleaner
    - Panic Mode Fixed

    Mediafire ( ---- ) : NITRO_X_SPARK_2.7_PRIME_OFFICIAL

    Today NITRO_X_SPARK_2.5_ULTIMATE_EDITION release for most of the pleasures of your devices.

    A huge update for Spark, everything has been reviewed, the enormous progress.

    This is a Revolution, this New Ride made all.

    ( Optimization, System cleaning , Battery Calibration and More...).

    You Will Love , Enjoy !!!

    Mediafire ( ---- ) : NITRO_X_SPARK_2.5_ULTIMATE_EDITION


    - Correction Profiles
    - Adds Alternative Mount and Battery Calibration
    - Adds Clean / SD Tuner / MediaKill by default
    - News Options : Zipalign / Adreno Booster / Scaling / IO Tweaks
    - Governor Tuner : Add Interactive / InteractiveX / Savaged Zen / Badass and Fix SmartAssV2/Conservative
    - Better Scrolling of Management of Mod
    - Improved NetBoost
    - Improved Menu
    - Fix error Nitro
    - Flush Engine deleted by default
    - New memory management : It does not have a predefined Minfree.
    It calculates based on your RAM like V6 SC.
    4 levels availables : Super Light , Light, Moderate, Hard.

    However, For Now I stopped here, I do not have enough support, thank you and many others for a lot of work.
    This takes time , it's the encouragement and the rest that motivate me to make things better.

    I said, there is little that I would end this update.It had to be perfect.

    I want to thank those who have always followed me and help with developments.

    I may change my mind , maybe ....

    It's done.
    @k1ks - CHEERS