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Two weeks of usage - Oneplus 8t

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Senior Member
Jan 27, 2011
OnePlus 8T
I had recently purchased the Oneplus 8t ( kebab ) . I had created a thread with my initial thoughts, Now we are two weeks in to using the handset.

Running stock, No root, on latest OOS .

Warp charge has been great, Although I started getting temperature warnings ( above 41C ) . This device has no phone case, so I started keeping an eye on my temperatures. At idle temp was around 35C. Under load 35C-40C . I started receiving a temp warning more often, while phone was underload.

I was within my 15 day period with Best Buy, So I took it back for an exchange. They did not have the OnePlus 8t 256gb / 12gb . Long story short they ended up mailing me my " new " oneplus 8t .

This time around, Temp still at 35C ( Oneplus states running 35C and above is no good for device ) . I updated to latest OOS , and notice temp drop .

I finally had enough of the up and down with temperatures , I figured I'd go with a custom Kernel, and ROM .

So now , At the moment I am running Project Xtended XR vX.0 , With Radioactive Kernel V2.2.5. Battery life is much better, temperature at idle is 30C . Phone is very responsive , smooth , everything you would expect from a OnePlus device.

For a 5g, 256gb / 12gb RAM , warp speed , 48mp camera OnePlus phone. You cannot beat the price tag! ( $499 USD ) .


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Oct 28, 2011
North GA
Thanks Hightech316, Its been a long time since I have rooted and rom'd. From AOKP Unicorn on my Galaxy Nexus to the 5x and stopped.

So here I am with an unlocked 12/256 8T on the truck @$449.00 w/free buds Black Friday. And $100.00 7T trade in to boot.

I take it you rooted to make those changes. Can you point me to a good Root Guide? I'd like to get back into optimizing my device.
Supercharging a 2013 Charger R/T has been what occupied me but she's done now. Thanks for your post....