TWRP-3.2.1 Moto C Plus with locked bootloader-[With Guide]

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Feb 5, 2020

I'm in the same DRAM problem boat:

[EMI] Enable DRAM Failed!

Selected every file correctly, watched every single video and did everything step by step, drivers installed.

May Windows 10 be a problem?,


Mar 5, 2020
I can't get the flash tool to work, but can get temp root with mtk-su. I was wondering would trying to flash the recovery from temp root risk bricking anything? Like does the flash tool disable enforcement for verified boot or something like that?
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Mar 5, 2020
No idea. Sorry.

Alright so I decided to try it out, since I don't really have much to lose. Made a backup of default recovery and then flashed it. It seems to have worked fine, can boot into TWRP just fine.
Command I used in case anyone was wondering.
dd of=/dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/11230000.msdc0/by-name/recovery if=TWRP-3.2.1-Panelli-27022018-.img

Update: looks it will automatically restore default recovery if you let it boot normally? Recommend rebooting into recovery using adb. Sorry if that's really obvious I haven't rooted anything in a long time.
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Jun 23, 2020
Thank you so much....i've tried to root almost more than 15 times....but i failed......and with your method i've rooted my device.....thnk youuu so much..........
note: i've needed to change the DA File nk : bit DOT ly SLASH 2CsXJu4
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Mati Maglia

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Apr 2, 2017
Hello, following step by step all the instructions in this post I always had the same error in my xt1724 which I saw that several have. is the following

ERROR: S_FT_Enable_Dram_fail (0xFCo)
Enable DRAM Failed
Hint: Check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded.

And to solve it, what I did was only change the scatter file for another that I downloaded from a moto c plus xt1724 stock rom and follow all the other steps of the post and it worked for me, it must be clarified that when loading this scatter file all the options are they mark and the only one that must be left marked is the preloader as the post says.
I am attaching the scatter file that I use.


  • MT6737M_Android_scatter.txt
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    (Source Build)

    I have compiled twrp recovery for moto c plus from source.

    LINK for tool :-

    New updated recovery
    updated -27/02/2018
    Download here


    If you flashed old TWRP then you can flash new twrp directly via old twrp..
    otherwise follow inst, given below

    The simple way to install twrp recovery on devices,, is to unlock the bootloader..and flash the recovery through fastboot..

    • [*]1.>> Download and extract files from here

      note:after dowloading file..extract it and copy file in ur sd card,,,,DONT FORGET to flash file after write memory ,,otherwise your device will stuck at moto logo or soft brick

      [*]2.>>open download tool(file provided in the above link,use provide sp_flash tool only because moto c plus have secure chip,need to authentication file,, so u cant flash through normal sp_flash tool) and load the download agent "MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin" & authentication file auth_sv5.auth from download_tool folder
      [*]3>>.Load the scatter-file found in the provided file.. select preloader only, and select preloader only..but don't flash it.
      [*]4.>> Click Alt + Ctrl + V to activate advanced mode in sp flash tool.
      [*]5.>>Click on "window" up there and select "write mode"
      [*]6.>> Change the Begin address to "0x2d80000" and click on "file path" and choose the TWRP-Moto_C-Plus.img from extracted provided zip file
      [*]7. >>Click on "write Memeory", then Power off your device and remove the battery.. press and hold vol- button, then connect phone to pc via USB cable.. press &hold vol- key until pc detect...wait for Write memory ok window appears,, now your recovery is ready.
      [*]8.>>Next insert ur battery, press vol+ and power button simultaneously.. than select recovery mode..& boot into recovery
      [*]9.>>In twrp recovery select install and locate file in ur sd card and flash it..
      [*]10.>>After successful flash... hit reboot device..

    !!!! Enjoy!!!

    credits: @JackShukla (me) for compiling recovery
    And all My friends who helped me..

    Hit Thanks If You Like My Work..

    Device Trees for moto c plus :-

    Kernel Trees for moto c plus:-

    Vendor Trees For moto c plus:-

    Join Telegram Group For Moto C Plus Users

    XDA:DevDB Information
    TWRP-3.2.1 Moto C Plus with locked bootloader-{Guide added}, Tool/Utility for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2017-12-29
    Last Updated 2018-05-22
    updated twrp

    Thanks Dhiraj.i will try and i hope so everything work like before. superb work bro.:laugh::fingers-crossed::good::cool:
    Reserved for mah nibba
    Thank you so much....i've tried to root almost more than 15 times....but i failed......and with your method i've rooted my device.....thnk youuu so much..........
    note: i've needed to change the DA File nk : bit DOT ly SLASH 2CsXJu4
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