Twrp 3.4.0-0 sm-t825

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    Here's a functional TWRP with a revamped UI ported from the TAB S2.
    I am not responsible for ANYTHING to do with this image. Use at your own risk! I can provide only limited help because I myself learned this in one week.

    SEANDROID IS NOT ENFORCING? - No Problem - it doesn't mean anything! If you do know how to repack twrp in order to remove that message please show.

    Thanks for the sources - @ashyx @Valera1978 and tab s2 twrp team.

    I don't have a tab s3 non lte but you can try using it!

    Download link:
    2020 august twrp 3.4: for T825!!!!
    thanks to bmwdroid for sharing the file!

    To flash: flash this with ashyx's twrp or Valera's repack by selecting install image and then selecting recovery!

    Good luck and please press the thanks button!
    @houmles I'll send you a PM when done.

    Edit: sent it.
    Yup I don't mind! You wouldn't by any chance know how disable the text seandroid not enforcing? It annoys me! But without doing it when compiling directly from the tarp tree because it doesn't exist; I only followed a simple twrp porting guide!
    I now support lineage 17 security updates, so if security was a fright from upgrading, never fear!
    Yes I’ll try t820 but I can’t now cus I’m busy sorry very soon tho. In the meantime you can follow a noob guide just like I Did. Worked well
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