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Dec 21, 2020
I want to flash a custom rom (android 12 gsi) in my phone, twrp must be installed for that but there is no twrp available on official twrp site, there is an unofficial twrp recovery is present on xda, but i don't have dare to use that file as any wrong step can possibly brick my phone once again.
So I have decided to patch the stock recovery img from my frimware using twrp app (on playstore) and then flashing that file would be more appropriate, but when i open twrp app it shows only one option

View attachment 5335205

And not the other option i,e. "select and file to patch "
Just as it is shown on ps
View attachment 5335207

And ya one more thing to be noted that network statics option can't connect to internet (wifi as well as cellular)
View attachment 5335209

How to fix this if anyone knows plz reply

Device :Samsung Galaxy M11
Model : SM-M115F/DS


New member
Dec 21, 2020
Picture 1
Screenshot_20210611-063731_Official TWRP App.jpg

Pictures 2
Screenshot_20210611-063727_Google Play Store.jpg



  • Screenshot_20210611-082157_Official TWRP App.jpg
    Screenshot_20210611-082157_Official TWRP App.jpg
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