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twrp ask for a password, help appreciated

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Senior Member
Oct 23, 2013

I whas trying another rom on my 5t and wanted to flash another rom to try out but when I go to recovery then it asks for a password. Did try different things found by other people but still no luck. Can't flash stock rom again because twrp is encrypted.

Is it possible to format partition so it is decrypted and then install twrp again and after that flash stockroom again.

I use latest blu spark twrp right now.

Also strange when I flashed a new rom ( default was stock) it deleted the internal storage data and my backups where gone. How is this possible?

I never had such issues with my oneplus 3.

Any solution or suggestion are mostly welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Regards ysco..


Senior Member
Mar 8, 2012
Did you try the lockscreen pin you put on your phone? It's a security feature as far as I know. I have a pin in freedom os and twrp requires the lockscreen pin that I set to boot.

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