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twrp backup restore and app help

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Senior Member
Jan 2, 2011
Sony XA2 Ultra
hello, I have an issue..
I create complete rom backup with trwrp, but..
When I need to restore this backup , I restore it in TWRP, then reboot to OS but it NEVER boots up. It just stucks on white Sony logo and thats all
I have tryed wiping everything before 4restoring, and not wiping anything before restoring.. but my rom backup never boots up..actually it doesnt even start to load system OS never gets to bootup animation just stays on sony logo.. also tryed switching boot slot from A - B with twrp after restoring but no go.. please any ideas?

Also If I may.. have a second question regarding TWRP, when I install in system TWRP app, it never detects that twrp is installed .. maybe because xa2ultra doesnt have recovery partition or ? any solution to get twrp app to work when system is booted up?