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[TWRP & Custom ROM]Huawei Y6 MYA-L11

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indestructible master

Senior Member
Nov 8, 2015
Huawei Y5 (2017)

This ROM is working for Huawei Y6 MYA-L11
I fixed cellular network (SIM card recognition), but i don't know how to fix other issues as it don't boot up if i put some huawei libraries.

Huawei Y6 2017 (Huawei Nova Young) don't have official page, not even a custom ROM, nothing, so i needed to take action on this and free ourselves from huawei terrible practice to lock everything.

So here it is, finally custom ROM to this shady model name and device.

[What don't work]
- Back camera
- Back flashlight
- And front camera is capturing in upside down
- Easy button (won't be recognised as it's huawei specific hardware code)
- GPS is kinda shady, don't know if it works or not

[What work]
- Everything else


Everything you do with your device, you do at Your own!

Credits goes to:
@salembream [Bootloader unlock]
@SGS3_0 & @shanman-2 [TWRP]
@shivom007 [DotOS ROM]
@indestructible master [Porting ROM and putting all together on this device to work for this model]

Let's get started.


[Unlock bootloader]

First we unlock bootloader on huawei that ask us for code.
We need to bypass it.

Download file MYA-L11_FT_Drivers
Unzip it.
Exctract and run Huaqin_Android_Driver_All-in-One.zip, to install necesary drivers.
Restart PC to apply drivers

SP flash tool
Open SP flash tool
note: these files are in _MAYA_L11 sub-folder of SP flash tool
a. select Download Agent : "MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin"
b. select the scatter file: "MT6737T_Android_scatter.txt"

Backup proinf partition
a. Press on Readback tab.
b. Press on "Add" button.
c. Double click on the new entry, and chose where you want to save the backup.
d. Select Type: Hex.
Start Address: 0x80000
Length: 0x300000
e. Press Read Back button " the green arrow "
f. now make sure your phone is turned off,
press and hold the down volume button and plug the USB cable..
keep pressing the volume down button untill the backup process is done.

Flash the new proinfo partition
a. Download the file: proinfo_0x80000.zip (and unzip it)
[ note: you may edit it using hex editor and replace the serial keys from your backup. ]
b. Make sure to turn off your phone and disconnect the USB.
c. In SP flash tool press " ctrl + alt + v ", to enable the advanced mode.
d. from "Window " in menu bar select " Write memory"
e. New tab will be available "Write memory "open the it.
f. Set File path: the downloaded file from above "proinfo_0x80000"
Begin address: 0x80000
Region : EMMC_USER
"by DRAM"
g. click on write memory
h. now as before press and hold volume down button on your phone and plug the USB cable.
i. keep pressing the volume down button untill the flash is done.

Unlock the phone
a. make sure to enable "OEM unlock" from developer option in your phone.
b. boot your phone to bootloader " fastboot" .
c. from your PC open the "minimal adb tool " or what you have ..
d. type this command :
fastboot oem unlock 5A4CB78CF6711B04
e. done !! your phone will report now and it will do a full factory reset and will delete every thing .. so make sure to have backups
f. and don't relock bootloader (huawei problems), as it can brick device, live with unlocked bootloader



Flash TWRP recovery
now with unlocked bootloader, time to flash twrp recovery

in booted android go to developer options>enable USB debugging
and also enable/check OEM unlock (so you can modify partitions)

download twrp-3.2.1-1.zip (note: older version also available: twrp_3.1.1.zip)

unzip file and flash in bootloader mode

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

You can rename .img file as you want.

or use SPFlashTool.

Boot into TWRP recovery

To boot into recovery, first you need to completely turn off phone.
Then hold volume up + power button.
Release volume up and power button, moment when you see warning for unlocked bootloader (as if you hold longer it will bring you to huawei erecovery)
It should boot TWRP, but don't enjoy yet, when you see TWRP boot logo, tap on screen (anywhere) as much as you can (and as fast), because TWRP have some touch issues (buttons dont work, slider slides but dont react to it)
If slider and button works fine then you can procced, you successfully flashed TWRP.


[Flashing custom ROM]

First you need to backup everything.
Go to Backup
And check all boxes (because huawei have hardware specific code for their stock ROM and you dont want to screw up anything, or lose some important partitions)
Swipe to backup.
Save it to somewhere safe (on PC)

Preparation for flashing custom ROM
Download Huawei MYA-l11 DotOS v1.2.zip
Download gapps: https://opengapps.org/
(Download ARM64, 7.1, Pico)
Put those 2 files in SD card or internal memory.

Now boot into TWRP, and go into Wipe>Advanced Wipe
Check Data
And click button (above slider) Repair or Change File System
Click Change File System
And then choose EXT4

Reason for doing this is because huawei f2fs is encrypted, and if you flash it without this, it will be stuck on asking you for password, and you would have to reflash stock recovery and all can get messed up, just follow these instructions

And then, again, go to Wipe, and wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik and System (clean flash)

Flashing custom ROM

Now go into Install and choose downloaded ROM zip and flash it.
Then flash gapps, and when finished Wipe Dalvik/Cache
Reboot into system

If you encounter google wizard stops working, remove SIM card, finish wizard without setting up wifi, or any account (do it manually)
When wizard is finished, bring back SIM card and sign in Google acount from settings

That's it, enjoy in


[Bug fixes]

NVRAM warning 0x10 in wifi settings
Download FIX NVRAM.zip
Flash it via TWRP.


  • Huawei MYA-l11 DotOS v1.2.zip
    393.4 MB · Views: 133
  • MYA-L11_FT_Drivers.zip
    81.6 MB · Views: 77
  • proinfo_0x80000.zip
    3.9 KB · Views: 58
  • twrp-3.2.1-1.zip
    14.2 MB · Views: 88
  • twrp_3.1.1.zip
    13.2 MB · Views: 48
  • FIX NVRAM.zip
    365.3 KB · Views: 64
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indestructible master

Senior Member
Nov 8, 2015
Huawei Y5 (2017)
Cool! Can you port (again .-.) LineageOS 14.1 yo Y5? I can be the ROM tester.
can you check this, is that your phone?

or check other link too

can you check this, is that your phone?

or check other link too

No i meant Huawei Y5 2017 but i found a rom for it


May 7, 2015
I followed the steps to flash the custom ROM in my Huawei Y5 2017 MYA-L13 HWMYA-L6737, but it failed so I modified the updater-script file to be able to proceed and the ROM was flashed successfully. It seemed to be these models were equivalent according to this comparison...

However, when I finished the initial wizard I came across problems with detecting the SIM card: it was inserted but it wasn't recognized... Also about the WiFi at first it appeared to work as I was able to detect and connect to my access point, but immediately it was disconnected again and again.

So in the end, it failed and I needed to restore my device with a TWRP backup I did.çI just wanted to share this.

Is there a way to make SIM card to be detected somehow?
Thanks in advance
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