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TWRP - E:\unable to open loop devices: /dev/block/loop17 ... 18 ... 19...

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Hi all,

- after installing TWRP (beta from Whyle), i made an error installing magisk, i updated the wrong recovery.img and flashed it.
So i got the loop on MUIU logo by restarting my device (mi 10t pro).

- I could fix my phone by adb flash :
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
from my originale stock rom (Miui V12.1.1)

It works fine and give me my phone back to normal.
- after i boot on TRWP (from Whyle) with: fastboot boot twrp.img
and wanted to wipe data so to have clean start, then even if my phone is working fine i have this error by wiping that i cannot get ride off after many tries with many different solutions.

What can I do to fix this?
Thank you for helping.

(NB: can i just delete those loop with the file manger? - sorry if stupid :$ )

error loop.jpg
It's just some unfinished errors on twrp side, nothing to worry about since top of the screen says factory reset successfull... You're good.
Thank you, it is a good news ++
But it is very ugly... Did it also when i installed Magisk, but was successful also. Now phone is rooted and work fine. So, you are right! I hope next version of TWRP will repaint this red colour in white ;)
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After flashing, I noticed that that TWRP version came in English. So, no problem ;)
And in between i installed a Root File Browser and just try to delete /dev/lock/loop17. It's work easy and gave no trouble. So i deleted all loop* that where in red and this ends my troubles.
Checking with your version of TWRP confirm that everything returned to normal.
Thanks mate.
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