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TWRP fails to boot on Android 11, 'Error verifying the received boot.img: Invalid Parameter'

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New member
Jun 13, 2021
I successfully rooted the phone using Magisk, and looking at how to install LineageOS, I saw I needed TWRP first. I followed all the instructions, but when I use fastboot to boot twrp.img, I get the following error message, "Error verifying the received boot.img: Invalid Parameter". Searching for an answer, I saw there was an old issue with TWRP with the Pixel 3a XL and Android 10, but I found nothing more recent about Android 11.

I thought maybe I shouldn't have rooted the phone first, so I reflashed with the stock boot.img and tried TWRP again, but that doesn't solve it. Any idea how I can boot TWRP? Or is there a way to install LineageOS with TWRP? Thanks!

Build # RQ2A.2100505.002
TWRP image twrp-3.5.2_9-0-bonito.img
If TWRP does not work on Android 10+ what are we doing about flashing custom roms? Booting the TWRP and then sideloading the ROM?
I need help. When I try to boot TWRP(assuming its possible) I get an error :invalid parameter, error verifying the boot image. I am on Android 11. Yes, Ive used the search function or else I would not have found this thread.
I do not want to flash lineage, but the instructions are vague in other ROM threads.