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TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G (T976B)

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Hate to ask a dumb question, but does the newest A11_3 version ONLY work if you have updated to Android 11?

I flashed in the one that said it was for Android 10 and everything went fine, but now it only boots to recovery. Has that problem not been fixed for Android 10 or am I missing something?

Really need some help, if anyone can set me straight. Thanks.:)


Nov 29, 2009
Hi guys,

I tried flashing TWRP on Android 11 today with the image provided (Odin 3.14.4).
I used AP slot with .img and tried packaging it to .tar but both won't work either way (first just stops at checking file and the ladder closes the odin).

My tablet is already rootet with Magisk.

I'm on firmware BUC1. Is that an issue?

Nevermind, got a "converter".

What are the buttons to push to get into recovery mode?
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Feb 12, 2017
Hello, will this recovery work on T975(S7+ LTE version) and if so, will I be able to use it on 2 version of bootloader?
Already tried Ian TWRP + my kernel on T875.
It is kinda working but has a corrupted display issue.
Everything covered with blue overlay except the twrp title(cpu usage&time%battery).
So maybe u can use the recovery in a shell mode.
Another trouble that I could not boot into a system before reflashing stock recovery.


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Jul 29, 2010
Any way to get TWRP fastboot mode enabled in recovery? I am able to install a GSI on a Note 20 ultra that way and figure it would probably work for this too.
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    Welcome to TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G (T976B). This same image will also work for the wi-fi-only T970.


    Only proceed if you are comfortable with low-level device management and are capable of recovering an unbootable device, should an unforeseen mishap occur.

    Unlock your device's bootloader and then install the recovery image below. If you use Odin to flash it, remember to rename the image recovery.img and tar it before flashing. You will also need to flash a neutralised vbmeta.img image if you have not already disarmed verified boot.


    The Tab S7+ 5G utilises proprietary file-based encryption (FBE) in its factory state for the user data partition. TWRP cannot decrypt this, however, so it must be removed. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform back-ups and restores.

    To remove encryption from your device, please use TWRP to flash the Samsung multi-disabler and then format /data again. You must use at least v2.5 of the multi-disabler.

    These builds are stable and known to perform well on many users' devices.

    Latest releases

    Android 11 (BUA8 firmware)


    Android 10 (ATJ4 firmware)




    For support or just to talk about the device amongst friends, please join our Telegram group dedicated to TWRP/root on Samsung devices.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G, Tool/Utility for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 / S7 Plus


    Version Information
    Current Production Version: 3.5.0-1_ianmacd
    Production Release Date: 2020-12-29

    Created 2020-09-16
    Last Updated 2021-01-28

    2021-01-28 3.5.0_A11-3

    • First release with Android 11 kernel, built for BUA8 firmware.
    • Any file beginning with Magisk- is now considered flashable.

    2021-01-25 3.5.0_A11-2

    • Fix device rebooting only to recovery.
    • Fix spurious attempt to perform digest authentication when flashing .apk file.

    2021-01-25 3.5.0_A11-1

    • Report the device as running Android 11.
    • TWRP will now include files named Magisk.apk, app-release.apk or app-debug.apk in the list of flashable .zip files. This is to accommodate the new packaging of Magisk as a payload within the manager app.

    2021-01-19 3.5.0-2

    • Merge post-3.5.0 release bug fixes.

    2020-12-29 3.5.0-1

    • Update to TWRP 3.5.0.

    2020-12-23 3.4.0-3

    • Fixed bug that causes unmounting of System when Advanced menu is entered.

    2020-12-20 3.4.0-1

    • First production release.
    • Working MTP implementation.

    2020-11-06 3.4.0-1a21

    • Fixed image back-up of Optics partition.
    • logcat is now enabled in recovery.
    • With kernel built for ATJ4 firmware.

    2020-10-07 3.4.0-1a16

    • With kernel built for ATI3 firmware.
    Version 3.5.0-1_ianmacd has been released.


    2020-12-29 3.5.0-1

    • Update to TWRP 3.5.0.
    Really frustrated that there's no twrp for the T870.
    It gives me great pleasure to finally be able to issue a production release of TWRP 3.4.0 for the Tab S7+ 5G.

    Over the course of 27 alpha versions and 2 beta releases, the kinks have been worked out and this initial production release now features a fully functional implementation of MTP.

    It's also no longer necessary to disable MTP in order to use adb.


    2020-12-20 3.4.0-1

    • First production release.
    • Working MTP implementation.