Question TWRP on stock ROM, is it possible?

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Title, because I've faced issues with ROM not booting after I flashed TWRP on the ROM, for clarity I'll demonstrate the steps I did

1. Boot to TWRP 3.6.2
2. Flash MIUI 13.0.5 Android 12, ticked flash TWRP after the ROM flashed
3. Boom, throws me back to TWRP

What's worse is that wiping options (format data, factory reset and advanced wipe) doesn't work and always fails, so I had to boot another TWRP img (specifically 3.7.0) to wipe the whole internal storage and install a ROM

The error code is this:
init fs_mgr_mount_all

Going back to the title, is it possible? Or it really was possible and just the procedure was wrong?