TWRP - ROOT - WETAmod for SM-T295 (Tab A 8.0 2019)[Updated 22 February 2022]

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Dec 2, 2019
Hi guys
I wanted to install TWRP on my sm-t295. I got to the point where after Odin I went to step 8. When the phone rebooted I got the yellow exclamation mark and the text I am not running official samsung software.

Then I got a red text at the top that security check failed on boot.img
at the bottom it ways: security error, this phone has been flashed with unauthorised software....

After the first time I saw the security error screen, I dont see it any more, only the first yellow exclaimation mark screen.

I can not get to TWRP
Otherwise the tablet boots in android. It is android 11. Firmware T295XXU4CUF7
What did I do wrong
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