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General [TWRP] [venus] TWRP Recovery for Mi 11

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Senior Member
Sep 10, 2016
wait, so TWRP for venus, isnt supposed to stay after a flash/reboot?
little confused considering i flashed TWRP and its still on my device
while running EU 12.08 stable (not updating since
im running magisk/smali/HAL/pogo mods and stuff)
to much a hassle to remove smali ect. anyhow i couldnt quite make out
if its supposed to stick, or rather just boot onetime
then the "default" recovery will overwrite it as again,
im still running TWRP and have only flash 1 time (several times that day until
i got a "success" bc i DIDNT read directions fully.
but yea "anyone got an answer"? unsure the version im running
was nabbed when 12.08 of xiaomi eu was relased.
so whatever the version was at that time,
can grab if needed be but im pretty sure i know the answer. Id just rather have a for sure answer.

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    ———————— TWRP for Mi 11 ——————————-

    WARNING : I do not know who made this TWRP and i am NOT taking credit for it. Someone in my group chat found it. If you are the creator , PM Me.



    1) Download TWRP for Mi 11 , and put it in your fastboot folder.
    2) Put your phone into
    fastboot mode.
    3) Do the following command :
    fastboot boot twrp-recovery-venus. It will automatically boot into TWRP.
    4) Change language to English (press the 6th option).
    5) Go to
    "Advanced" and select "Onekey inject TWRP".
    6) Swipe to inject the TWRP. It might take a few minutes, so don't worry.


    Note: Don't change the boot slot (Slot A) or maybe will not boot at

    Bugs: ADB Sideload is broken.

    If you find any bug, feel free to report it down below.

    Credits to @Cozzmy13 for decrypting the TWRP image! Here's the summary of events :

    1) Chinese TWRP gets leaked onto my Telegram chat.
    2) The recovery image is encoded and requires a dodgy chinese tool to decode it.
    3) @Cozzmy13 finds a way to decode the image and make it bootable .
    4) Me and Augustin El Metralleta try flashing the image, and we find out it works.
    UPDATE : Me and Cosmin are looking for a way to flash the TWRP image without using a dodgy CN tool. I will be updating the instructions soon.
    For anyone gonna flash official MIUI ROM via this TWRP:
    You have to open the official MIUI zip and find META-INF\com\android\metadata
    and open it as a text file;
    modified the "pre-device=" key as "venus".
    And it should look like this: " pre-device=venus ".
    Repack the MIUI zip and you should good to go.

    Just a friendly reminder to keep it civil, on-topic and refrain from putting fuel to fire by responding to posts that you think are offensive, hateful or racist. Just report if you feel something isn't right and let us take care of it for you, so that we can make your experience on the forum better. :)

    Now let's all take a deep breath, and get back on topic, shall we?

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    Thread open again

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