[U9500/U9200] CM/RR/MoKee/LS/Nameless/Temasek... for Huawei Ascend D1/P1

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Feb 1, 2011
OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T Pro
All created by me firmware for Huawei D1 (U9500)

In this post I'll upload / update all my work for Huawei Ascend D1​

#include <std_disclaimer.h>
 * Your warranty is now void.
 * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
 * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
 * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
 * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.
Before installing any firmware, you must first install the official B710

Resurrection Remix ROM
MoKee OpenSource
Liquid Smooth
CarbonROM KitKat

>>> Changelog <<<

Open GApps for Android 5.1,5.0,4.4

Team Win Recovery


[email protected]

XDA:DevDB Information
All ROM and utils for HUAWEI Ascend D1(U9500), ROM for all devices (see above for details)

ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2015-06-18
Last Updated 2018-02-19


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Feb 1, 2011
OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T Pro

[B]20180106:[/B][INDENT]System security patches to 20180105[/INDENT]

[B]20171217:[/B][INDENT]Fix avc problems (e.g. reboot at copy/move ringtones folder). I thank [URL="http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showuser=2928585"][email protected][/URL] for finding this bug.
WebView 63.0.3239.111[/INDENT]

[B]20171212:[/B][INDENT]Fix soft reset[/INDENT]

[B]20171210:[/B][INDENT]System security patches to 20171201
Kernel CVE patches
WebView 63.0.3239.83
Increased vibration strength
Disable Google's carrier activation
Minor fixes[/INDENT]



[B]20171127:[/B][INDENT]Kernel CVE patches
BUGBASH-1052: Fix instant crash and bootloops after install some packages (aapt2 + AndroidStudio 3)
Skia -O3 optimization
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[B]20171113 - U9200:[/B][INDENT]Remove AdaptiveBacklight support
Skia -O3 optimization
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[B]20171111:[/B][INDENT]System security patches to 20171106
Kernel: USB CVE Fixes
WebView 62.0.3202.84
Rework LockClock
Added AdaptiveBacklight support
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[B]20171026:[/B][INDENT]Fixed restore sepolicy context for modem folders
SQLite 3.21.0
Added adjusting the vibration power
Stock Vibe Patterns[/INDENT]

[B]20171020:[/B][INDENT]Kernel: KRACK fixed
System: KRACK fixed
WebView 62.0.3202.66
Decrease zramsize to 128Mb
Correct mount options for modem parts
sepolicy: Fix system server denials
Minor fixes[/INDENT]


[B]20171012:[/B][INDENT]Fix wifi tethering
Fix root access after reboot
SELinux rules are completely reworked
The /cust partition can now be used for Your needs (For example, for ringtones or wallpapers).
The /cust partition can be either ext4 or f2fs
Removed scripts-crutchs
Now the standard random number generator is used (This fixes a long connection to the WiFI network)
Mobile internet speed tuning
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[B]20171004:[/B][INDENT]System security patches to 20171001
Added RIL class (removed olded huawei libril)
MMS Default settings:
* Vibrate when receiving a message
* Show QuickMessage
* Enagle Close all button
Dialer Default settings:
* Disable DTMF tones
* Vibrate when ringing
Kernel: Rename power supply sysfs names
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Rebranding to LineageOS (Except SetupWizard)
System and kernel security patches to 20170901 ([URL="https://www.armis.com/blueborne/"]BlueBorne[/URL] fixed)
Added CPU info overlay (in Developer settings)
Added support for fake signatures (in Developer settings)
Disable Recovery Updater
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

TWRP-3.1.1-3 Fix Exclude TWRP App

TWRP-3.1.1-2[INDENT]Exclude TWRP App
Fix the path to the CPU temperature sensor[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Kernel: security patches
Kernel: Optimizing the power driver. Now the battery working longer.
Trebuchet laucher -> Perception launcher (from NamelessRom)
dnsmasq from los 14.1
bash from los 14.1
sh from los 14.1
Android System WebView 61.0.3163.81
SQLite 3.20.1
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[INDENT]System and kernel security patches to 20170801
Added Android System WebView 60.0.3112.107
Standard Web Browser changed to Lightning Web Browser 4.5.1
SQLite 3.20.0 + speedup patches
Now all the patches are not in the form of files, but immediately [URL="https://github.com/lp-huawei-omap4"]in their repositories[/URL].
More more minor fixes[/INDENT]

TWRP-3.1.1-1 - Exclude SuperSU

[INDENT]Security patches to 20170501
Remove vim
Back to GCC-4.8. This fixes many problems
Minor fixes[/INDENT]


[INDENT]Security patches to 20170401
Update FreeType from 2.6.0 to c38be52bf8de (2.7 + a few post - 2.7 CLs)
OpenSSH 7.1p2
WebView chromium 39 to 58.0.3029.83
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Hardware composer: minor changes
Use GCC-4.9 and O3 optimization
Update tzdata2017b
telephony: SignalStrength: hotfix GSM and TD-SCDMA
building with OracleJDK[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Hardware composer: minor changes
Kernel fixes[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Hardware composer API 1.1
patches: libziparchive: Fix out of bound access in libziparchive 
patches: fwav: Fix potential NULL dereference in Visualizer effect
patches: fwav: Fix divide by zero
patches: fwav: Fix security vulnerability: Effect command might allow
patches: fwav: Make VBRISeeker more robust
patches: fwav: defensive parsing of mp3 album art information
patches: fwav: Effects: Check get parameter command size
patches: fwav: Fix security vulnerability: Equalizer command might allow
patches: fwav: Visualizer: Check capture size and latency parameters
patches: fwn: HWComposer: Prevent FB de-allocation with HWC 1.1+
patches: fwn: HWComposer: Use native FB format for HWC 1.1
patches: fwn: SF: HWC1: Propagate the OMAP_ENHANCEMENT flag
patches: fwn: Fix SF security vulnerability: 32660278
remove ro.telephony.ril_class
RIL: remove enable dtm[/INDENT]


[CM-12.1][INDENT]KeyChain: allow devices without TEE to pass the test
Reboot: DUT auto reboots during unmounted USB storage
EAP-SIM improvements from Marshmallow
Telephony: If no wrapped message, time stamp is also null
Move InCallUI components to the persistent process
Gallery2: Watching a video then make a call via bluetooth headset, the video didn't pause sometimes.
Fix screen-off animation orientation for odd hardware rotation of display panel
Kernel: hwmod: Fix SOFTRESET logic
Kernel: input: atmel_mXT224E: Fix if/else logic[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]SQLite 3.17.0 and lost  SpeedUp patches[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]Set System Animations Scale to .5 by default
Set System Animations to .3 by default
Torch_service... Fix Wakelock release[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]SetupWizard: Remove Cyanogenmod metrics[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]Fix Torch Off[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]Default low Battery Warning Level - 15%
Shutdown system if battery 2%
Defined TCP buffer sizes for various networks
Tweak RIL settings
Allow third-party apps to capture audio
Now Fast Flashlight
Minor kernel fixes[/INDENT]

[TWRP-3.0.3-4][INDENT]Fix Wipe F2FS partitions[/INDENT]
[STRIKE][TWRP-3.0.3-3][INDENT]Based on Android N sources[/INDENT][/STRIKE]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]OpenWeatherMap as default source
Added Lock screen Weather panel
Added View/Enable/Disable bluetooth battery status
Long press lock screen lock icon to TORCH
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]Enable Developer options by default
Allow change Lockscreen Wallpaper
Don't refresh ui when screen off
Added  Live Volume Steps
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]Added Wakelock Blocker
Added Battery bar
Added Custom System Animations
Added Navigation Bar and KeyDisabler
Allow install apk in External Storage
Removed Anonymous Statistics (CMStats)
LineageOS bootanimation
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]Added Network traffic indicator
Enable animation battery circle during charging[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]SQLite 3.16.2
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

[CM-12.1][INDENT]Move Advanced Reboot to Button Settings
Enable advanced power menu by default
Kernel fixes
SQLite 3.16.0[/INDENT]

* [TWRP-3.0.3-2 M] Android M Sources

* [TWRP-3.0.3-0]

* [CM 12.1.1] [INDENT]Fixed video camera work
Kernel fixes[/INDENT]

* [CM 12.1.1] [INDENT]Kernel: wireless: bcmdhd: check privilege on priv cmd
Removed vendor library. compiled from the source code (libaudiopreprocessing, libspeexresampler, libwebrtc_audio_preprocessing)
power: Set interactive values from stock
init: cleaning power profiles
Disable wifi background scan
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

* [TWRP-]

* [CM 12.1.1, Temasek 5.1.1, MoKee 5.1.1][INDENT]Kernel: Fixed [URL="https://github.com/dirtycow/dirtycow.github.io/wiki/VulnerabilityDetails"]dirtycow[/URL] bug
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

* [TWRP-]

* [CM 12.1.1, Temasek 5.1.1, MoKee 5.1.1][INDENT]Kernel fixes
SQLite 3.14.2
Added DolbyMobile
Added audio effects and preprocessing
More minor fixes[/INDENT]

* [TWRP-] CMA kernel

* [CM 12.1.1, Temasek 5.1.1, MoKee 5.1.1][INDENT]Kernel fixes
Now the flashlight continues to work after falling asleep
Enabled AGPS
Fix camera problems
ro.sf.lcd_density 300
Minor fixes[/INDENT]
* [TWRP-] Fix overheat

* [CM 12.1.1, Temasek 5.1.1, MoKee 5.1.1][INDENT]Kernel fixes
Remove BFQ IO scheduler (now used [B]noop[/B])
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

* [CM 12.1.1, Temasek 5.1.1, MoKee 5.1.1] Enable DEXPREOPT.  Fixes the problem of overheating

* [Temasek 5.1.1, MoKee 5.1.1] See CM12.1 changes on 20160825

* [CM 12.1.1][INDENT]Kernel fixes
Switch to Linaro GCC 5.3.1 kernel compiler
minor fixes[/INDENT]

* TWRP 3.0.2-10[INDENT]Switch to Linaro GCC 5.3.1 kernel toolchain
Kernel fixes
Updated TWRP sources[/INDENT]

* TWRP 3.0.2-9. Fix lost kernel command line (in tree)

* [Temasek 5.1.1]Added patch for PNG optimization
* [Temasek 5.1.1, MoKee 5.1.1][INDENT]Removed Apps: Email, Exchange2, BasicDreams
Update SELinux policys
Set 4 column in the QuickSettings
Set doze pulse duration visible 6 sec (default - 3 sec)
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

* [CM 12.1.1][INDENT]Added patch for PNG optimization
Removed Apps: CMUpdater, Email, Exchange2, BasicDreams
Update SELinux policys
Set 4 column in the QuickSettings
Set doze pulse duration visible 6 sec (default - 3 sec)
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

* TWRP 3.0.2-8. Added to backup 'modemimage', 'modemnvm1', 'modemnvm1' partitions
* [CM 12.1.1][INDENT]Cyanogenmod 12.1.1
Snap Camera - fixed multiple memory leak
kernel fixes
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

* TWRP 3.0.2-5. Add adb backup for TWRP:[INDENT]adb backup -f <filename> --twrp <options> where options are
--compress: compress data
system: backup system
cache: backup cache
data: backup data
boot: backup boot
etc for each partition.

i.e. adb backup -f <filename> --twrp --compress system data cust

* [Kernel][INDENT]Fixed many warnings
f2fs driver from tuna kernel.
Back to BFQ IO for 3.0 kernel
Fixed crash when changing IO scheduler.
Minor fixes[/INDENT]
* [CM12.1, MoKee 5.1.1, Temasek 12.1][INDENT]Updated security on 20160701
Back to switching power profiles
Speedup SQLite
Speedup bionic for ARMv7
Minor fixes[/INDENT]
* [OmniROM 5.1.1][INDENT]Back to switching power profiles
Speedup SQLite
Speedup bionic for ARMv7
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

* [MK51.1] Updated with all CM12.1 changes.

* [MK51.1, CM12.1, Temasek][INDENT]Fix camera record on 720p
SSL: Fix double-free in DSA code (CVE-2016-0705)
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

* [MK51.1, CM12.1, Temasek, OmniROM 5.1.1] Camera fixed for Viber
* [Kernel] SGX module move to kernel
* [Kernel] Minor fixes
* TWRP 3.0.2-3

* [MK51.1, CM12.1] SQLite 3.13.0
* [Kernel] add USB network adapters

* Team Win Recovery 3.0.2-2

* [MK51.1, CM12.1, Temasek][INDENT]Kernel fixes.
Add Google Android Sync Bookmarks adapter.  Now, your bookmarks can be seen in a standard browser.[/INDENT]

* [MK51.1, CM12.1, Temasek, OMNI 5]
[INDENT]Fixed large tiler memory leakages. This should fix large (>10M) tiler memory leakages that often occur when
the camera is closed. Thanks,  luden-dev[/INDENT]

* [MK51.1, CM12.1, Temasek]
SQLite 3.12.1
Simple dialog about optimizing apps (speedup system starting)
kernel: update WiFi driver and more minor fixes...[/INDENT]

* [MK51.1, CM12.1, Temasek]
Tune Ambient Display
More fixes....[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery 3.0.2-0[INDENT]Update RU translation[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery 3.0.1-0[INDENT]Fix USB-OTG support[/INDENT]

* Temasek V19.1
* Kernel:[INDENT]switch to Linaro gcc 5.2 building
Add 550 MHZ CPU freq
More minor fixes[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery 3.0.0-2
[INDENT]Update kernel
Allow formating /cust partition
Omni Marshmallow sources[/INDENT]

* Add Temasek ROM

* Updates in kernel
* [MK51.1] Fix long connection to WIFi
* [MK51.1] Remove GoogleIntl, GooglePinYin
* [MK51.1, CM12.1] Fix CMFileManager crash in the settings
* [MK51.1, CM12.1] Temporary remove change I/O scheduler in profiles (fix freezing)
* [MK51.1, CM12.1, Omni 5]  Tune light sensor
* [All] More minor fixes

* [Kernel][INDENT]More free memory for the user
Stable work the camera
More fixes[/INDENT]
* [MK51.1, CM12.1, RR5.5.9, Nameless2.1, EOS5, Omni 5][INDENT]Fix video playback
More minor fixes[/INDENT]

* [EOS5] Added Snap camera support and more more fixes
* [EOS5, Omni51 ] Fix V4a support

* Team Win Recovery 3.0.0-1
[INDENT]Update kernel
Update RU translation[/INDENT]
* Kernel: Increasing the free RAM
* [MK51.1, RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5, Nameless2.1]
[INDENT]Do not use awesome player. Fixed video playback
Remove apps limit settings
Use My Snap camera repo (fork CM13 Snap)
Many minor fixes
* Team Win Recovery 3.0.0-0

* [MK51.1, RR5, CM-12.1]
[INDENT]Fix mobile data usage problem. Thank [email protected]
Settings: Add preferred network type (2g, 2g/3g, 3g). [B]Settints -> Mobile networks -> Preferred network type[/B]
Settings: Per-app profiles default is off (To save battery power and reduce the heat)
Contacts: Added quick call button
Changed default tiles in Notification drawer
Launcher: Tune default settings
Replaced Camera2 app on Snap camera
Minor fixes[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery
[INDENT]Update sources
Minor fixes
update RU translation[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery
[INDENT]Update sources
Remove Monotype font. Fix terminal symbols glitches
update RU translation[/INDENT]

* [MK51.1, RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5]
[INDENT]Tune dalvik settings
Add ColorCalibration/LiveDisplay settings
Up zRAM size to 256 mb
Use 2 zRAM compression streams
Tune swappiness for zRAM
Fix many hardware permissions
Added screen_off_max_freq in Performance Profiles
Update SELinux policy
Disable dataroaming by default[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery
[INDENT]Update sources
Fix adb root
Fix installing firmware[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery
[INDENT]Update sources
Update patches
Update Russian translation (by [email][email protected][/email])[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery
[INDENT]Condensed mono font
Final Russian translation (by [email][email protected][/email])[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery Update RU translation. Condensed font.

* Team Win Recovery
[INDENT]Added Russian translation
Fix exFAT support[/INDENT]

* Team Win Recovery Resort storages. Update sources

* Updated all Lollipop firmwares. Disable LowRAM

* Team Win Recovery Fixed Wipe data

* Team Win Recovery

* [CM-11.0] KSM is disabled by default
* [CM-11.0] Update tzdata up to 2015g version
* [CM-11.0] Minor changes 
* [CM-11.0] Added version Ru_En_Ua. Removed: Video Editor, Appollo player.

* [MK51.1_Ru_En_Ua] Remove GooglePinYin, GoogleIntl
* [MK51.1_Ru_En_Ua] Added LatinIME sources from Euphoria-OS
* [MK51.1_Ru_En_Ua] Classic zip to block mode. Fix very long installation
* [MK51.1] Update translations in sources
* [MK51.1] Classic zip to block mode. Fix very long installation

* [MK51.1] Update sources
* [MK51.1] Update kernel
* [MK51.1] Added firmware only Ru, En, Ua locales

* [MK51.1, RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Update SEPolicy

* [MK51.1] Added MoKee 5.1.1 firmware.

* [CM-12.1] SELinux: Policy: Fixed working Viper4Android. Previous fix in CM12.1 is not working due to lack of supolicy.
* [CM-12.1] Back to use DEXPREOPT. Thereby reducing the heating of the phone.
* [Kernel] Minor changes

* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Ta-daaaam. SELinux: Policy: Fixed UMS mode.
* [Kernel] Added Lollipop/MM Kernel with permissive selinux (For those who have difficulty with "Enforcing" mode)

* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Ta-daaaam. SELinux: Policy: Fixed working Viper4Android

* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] The final versions!!! Bye Bye Lollipop...
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Disable DEXPREOPT
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Update Sepolicy
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Disable to run KSM automatically. The ability to turn on remained

* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Fix GPS SELinux policy
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Kernel: Minor fixes....

* [RR5] Version 5.5.9 - Final - Bye Bye Lollipop
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Added All SELinux policies
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Tune auto brightness.
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Kernel: Switch SELinux to "Enforce" mode
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Minor fixes....

* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51] Kernel: Fix RTC errors and more fixes
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51, EOS5] Fix booting phone
* [RR5] Update RU translations. Look, that is not translated into Russian

* [EOS5] Kernel: Fix RTC errors and more fixes
* [EOS5] Disabling strict mode
* [EOS5] Added power HAL
* [EOS5] Updated power profiles
* [EOS5] Removed LiveWallpapers

* [kernel] added screen_on_min_freq screen_off_max_freq
* [kernel] update interactive governor. Sync android-3.0 with android-3.4
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51] Disabling strict mode
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51] Added power HAL
* [RR5, CM-12.1, Omni51] Updated power profiles
* [RR5, CM-12.1] Removed LiveWallpapers

* [RR5] Fixed crash: Settings -> More...

* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] Kernel: Fixed a problem with the modem is disconnected from the network
* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] Update sources

* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] Update modem settings
* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] Added memtrack library
* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] Clean devtree
* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] More fixes...

* [RR5, CM-12.1] Added charger service
* [RR5, CM-12.1] Update modem settings
* [RR5, CM-12.1] More fixes...

* [EOS5] Added charger service
* [EOS5] Update modem settings
* [EOS5] More fixes...

* [RR5] New version 5.5.8.
* [RR5] Update RU translation
* [CM-12.1] Updated with the latest changes in the source code
* [RR5, CM-12.1] Update kernel. 

* [CM11] Updated sources. Final version.
* [EOS5] Updated sources. Final version.

* [RR5] New version 5.5.7.
* [RR5] Update RU translation
* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] "Next" kernel in the current kernel

* [next kernel] Update dm, zram drivers and lowmemorykiller

* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Default I/O scheduler - BFQ
* [RR5] Updated RU translation

* [RR5] New version 5.5.6.
* [RR5] Tune lowMemoryKillerMinFree
* [RR5] Update RU translation

* [RR5] New version 5.5.5.
* [RR5] Update RU translation
* [CM-12.1] Update....

* [next kernel] Fixed freeze when connecting to a WiFi network.  Some minor changes

* [CM-10] Update kernel (to "next" kitkat kernel)
* [CM-10] Disable KSM as default (In the settings you have the option of switching)

* [EOS44, CM11, MK44] Update kernel (to "next" kitkat kernel)

* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] Update kernel (to "next" lp kernel). Disable ZCACHE. Now even less heated up and working more quickly
* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] Fix SGX driver in omap4 hardware repo. The kernel is once again going with firmware.
* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] Starting KSM and SWAP/zRAM after booting. Heating More diminished :)
* [RR5, CM-12.1, EOS5] More fixes

* [kernel] Added kernel for CM10.1 and all KitKat firmwares. Reduced power consumption. Greatly reducing the heating of the phone. Increased performance.

* [kernel] Next. Disable ZCACHE and OPP fix

* [CM-10] Update kernel
* [CM-10] Updates in android_frameworks_av. Closed vulnerability CVE-2015-3842
* [EOS44, CM11, MK44] Update kernel (mmc, usb driver. fix gamma control)
* [EOS44, CM11, MK44] Set zRAM 64Mb
* [EOS44, CM11, MK44] More fixes

* [kernel] Next 20150828-1511. Update KSM

* [kernel] Next 20150827-1541. Update mmc, usb driver. fix gamma control.
* [TWRP] New small kernel. Small optimization

* [RR5] Speed Up.

* [CM-12.1, EOS5] Speed Up.  Yesterday, accidentally deleted the desired setting.

* [kernel] update filesystems drivers
* [kernel] update lowmemorykiller
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Set minimum cpufreq to 250MHz in balanced mode (Thanks penneker)
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Accelerated logging into GSM network (Thanks penneker)
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Update audio configs (Thanks penneker)
* [RR5] Update RU translation
* [CM11] New kernel (see above)
* [CM11]  Set minimum cpufreq to 250MHz in balanced mode (Thanks penneker)

* [EOS5] Update RU traslation

* [RR5] New version 5.5.4.
* [RR5] Update RU translation
* [RR5] Fixed "When a "clean" installation of firmware is not loaded."
* [GApps] Update Google Apps links

* [CM11, MK44, EOS44] Final versions
* [CM11, MK44, EOS44] Update kernel to latest "next" version. Now all quickly!
* [CM11, MK44, EOS44] Ramdisk: update power profiles and fix permissions.
* [EOS44] Added firmware to the main external memory (microSD)
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Update power profiles
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Update kernel to latest "next" version. Now all quickly!
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Minor fixes
* [kernel] Next 20150817-1629. Update filesystems drivers

* [RR5] Update RU translation
* [RR5] "Next" fastest kernel

* [kernel] Next 20150814-1335. Fixed aggressive completion processes. 

* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Fix interactive governor
* [RR5] Now I am [URL="https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix/Resurrection_packages_apps_Settings/commit/1c9b287620c91b552550c2857445724c3d32e9ec"]officially ResurrectionRemix maintainer our phone[/URL]
* [kernel] Next 20150813-2227. New low memory killer, update RCU, new binder, and many many other fixes and improvements

* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Set default CPU governor - Interactive. abyssplug misbehaves on 5.1.1
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Low-RAM optimizations
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Update phone network settings
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] Update media codecs. Fixed warnings and errors when playing media
* [RR5 ,CM-12.1, EOS5] [URL="https://github.com/ShevT/device_huawei_U9500/commit/baeef5e3def569b170018c746872ce9fb3869c39"]Update power profiles[/URL]

* [CM10] Remove 'front' power HAL
* [CM10] Tune GSM network
* [CM10] Update prebuilt kitkat kernel
* [CM10] Move optimizedb, optimizestorage utilities to /xbin
* [RR] New version 5.5.3

[RR] In ResurrectionRemix appeared own AdBlock
[RR] Update RU translation

* [kernel] 'Next' kernel merged with CM-11 and CM-12.1 branches.
* [kernel] In the ??-11 branch made a revert WiFi driver. [B]Fix WiFi AP mode for all KitKat firmwares.[/B]
* [EOS44] Quicksettings with 4 tiles columns
* [EOS44] Remove EOSWeather. To sense from him a little. Drops SystemUI...
* [EOS44, CM11, MK44] Fix ramdisk bugs.
* [EOS44, CM11, MK44] Fix WiFi AP mode

[B][EOS44] New firmware - TeamEOS 4.4.4.[/B]

[MK44, CM11/12.1, RR5.5.X, EOS] Remove 'front' power HAL
[MK44, CM11/12.1, RR5.5.X, EOS] Set minimum cpu freq 350MHz, max - 1200MHz, GPU - 384MHz. Fixed overheating.
[MK44, CM11/12.1, RR5.5.X, EOS] Tune system power profiles.
[MK44, CM11/12.1, RR5.5.X, EOS] 'Next' kernel

* Update Google apps for 5.1.1 (20150717)
* [Next kernel] Update bluetooth driver
* [Next kernel] A lot of changes that increase energy efficiency, stability and performance.
* [RR] New version 5.5.2
* [RR] Update Russian translation
* [RR ,CM-12.1, EOS] Fix GPU frequency. Thanks [B]Amy07i[/B]
* [RR ,CM-12.1, EOS] Tuning GSM network settings
* [RR ,CM-12.1, EOS] Removed "art" settings that slows down the system

* [Next kernel] Update WiFI driver

* [RR ,CM-12.1, EOS] FIX lost settings. This bug is hard to see
* [RR ,CM-12.1, EOS] Back to zram/zcache lz4 compression algorithm. Now all quickly.
* [CM-11, MK44] Set lz4 compression algorithm for cm-12.1 kernel

* [RR ,CM-12.1, CM-11.0] zram/zcache: set lzo compression algorithm
* [RR ,CM-12.1] update kernel (Sound Control, Custom Voltage version 3, Gamma feature - included)
* [RR] update RU translation

* [CM-12] zram: set lz4 compression algorithm
* [Next kernel] Added Gamma feature
* [Next kernel] Added Custom Voltage version 3
* [Next kernel] Sound Control
* [EOS] with cm-12.1 kernel (Sound Control, Custom Voltage version 3, Gamma feature - included)
* [EOS] Added CMFile manager

* Next kernel...
* [RR] Version 5.5.1 with cm-12.1 (Next) kernel
* [CM-11, RR] zram: set lz4 compression algorithm

* [CM-11, MK44] Fully reworking device tree (as in CM12.1)
* [CM-11, MK44] Fixed tap while shooting video
* [CM-10.1, CM-11, MK44] Kernel from CM12.1
* [CM10.1] Quicksettings with 4 tiles columns

* [RR] Version 5.5.0
* [RR] Update Russian translations

* [CM-10.1] ?ompilation with linaro-4.8 toolchain
* [CM-10.1] Added patches for linaro-4.8 toolchain
* [CM-10.1] Fixed airplane mode
* [CM-10.1] Many, many, many fixes
* Update Google apps for 5.1.1 (20150703)
* [CM-12.1, RR] Android 5.1.1_r6
* [EOS] Update Russian translation

* [CM-10.1] Back to the Future ;)
* [CM-10.1] Kernel from CM12.1
* [CM-10.1] No bluez, yes bluedroid. Bluetooth works perfectly
* [CM-10.1] Timezone 2015e. There are no problems with time zones
* [CM-10.1] Many, many, many fixes

* [Kernel] Update all filesystem drivers
* [RR] version 5.4.9

* [All] Fixed cameras. Google camera: Photo Sphere, Panorama.... is now works.
* [All] Apply the compass filter
* [All] Added DEXPREOPT_PIC optimization (test)
* [All] Fix mouse pointer. When you connect a OTG mouse cursor appears
* [RR, EOS] Update Russian translation
* [All] Many small improvements and performance optimization

* [TWRP] ver.

* [RR] New 5.4.8 version

* [All] Moving from 4pda
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Feb 1, 2011
OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T Pro

Android Lollipop for Huawei Ascend D1/P1 Project
LineageOS based


About | Home Page | Git page

Version 12.1.1 (Android 5.1.1) - Final
01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 05.png 06.jpg
07.png 08.png 09.jpg 11.png 12.png
13.png 14.jpg 15.png 16.png 17.jpg
Download from Mail.ru Cloud. Last build date 20180106 (Full locales and only Ru, En, Ua locales)
-----=========== For Huawei Ascend P1 ===========-----
Download from Mail.ru Cloud. Last build date 20180106

Cyanogenmod 11.0 (Android 4.4.4) - Final
AFH / Mail.ru. Primary - microSD memory. Build date 20160110
AFH / Mail.ru. Primary - Internal memory. Build date 20160110
---- Slim version (Ru, En, Ua) ----
AFH / Mail.ru. Primary - microSD memory. Build date 20160110
AFH / Mail.ru. Primary - Internal memory. Build date 20160110

Cyanogenmod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2) - Final
AFH / Mail.ru. Primary - microSD memory. Build date 20150902
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Feb 1, 2011
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OnePlus 7T Pro
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Feb 1, 2011
OnePlus 7T
OnePlus 7T Pro
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Feb 1, 2011
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Jan 4, 2013
hi, shevT.
where missed functionality of gyroscope in last RR rom?
Google camera dont see gyroscope and cannt make photospephere and panorama

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