Question UI 5.0 S21FE

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Nov 13, 2009
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
I received a new update today by OTA.

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    it's really unfair, the S20 ultra already receives the A13 update! :mad:
    Either Samsung is ashamed of this model or it has some special hardware issues that they are trying to fix so that it feels like a normal device :)). I've never seen such a bad way to treat users of an allmost flaghsip phone. I've read somwhere that the FE's are made of left over parts, and now more than ever it feels like it. I really enjoy OneUi but after my experience with the touch screen issues and the notorious shutter lag, it will be my last Samsung device. They always find a way to disappoint.
    Here you can check the A13 and OneUI 5.0 features
    One UI 5 Upgrade (Android 13)
    I am currently downloading the OUi5 update. It's live in Europe i guess
    Same here (France EUX CSC), download in progress :)