uis7862 headunit (1280x640)

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Sep 7, 2015
Essonne, France
Hy fellows

I'm wonder if anyone had experience with this type of unit ?

Bought in Aliexpress from Yulbro multimedia store, but I think that the unit is powered by Joying MCU

Is it possible to improve the unit ?, I have problems pairing bluetooth OBD2

Thanks for any help you can provide


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Sep 7, 2015
Essonne, France
Ok foud the solution to enable bluetooth devices recognition and allow pairing any OBDII bluetooth adapter or even any other bluetooth device (other than smarphones)

Copy that two files in a FAT32 formatted usb key as follows:
copy config.txt as config.txt (same name)
copy lsec6315update.bin as lsec6315update (remove '.bin' extension)
Plug the key into headunit usb port, it will recognize firmware update (message appears on screen)
Update and then follow onscreen instructions
The headunit will ask you to remove the usb key after update, and will reboot automatically

After that you can install any bluetooth app from playstore to gain acces to bluetooth functions and pair whatever (bluetooth device) you want

The solution is given in a russian forum


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