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UK Huawei P9 EMUI 5 / Android N BETA Test (official)

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Oct 14, 2015


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    Good news for Huawei P9 owners, we are giving some of you the chance to help us test out EMUI 5 and Android N on your Huawei P9.

    Sounds great yeah? Just remember this is going to be pre-release software, things may be broken, you may end up struggling to use your phone, but that's all good we want you to help us find & squash the bugs.

    So what do you need to do to get the new stuff on your phone? Well that is easy, you install an app, enroll on the project and then towards the end of the month we will be pushing out the OTA to those that have had their applications approved (First 200).

    So what do you need?

    - An open market (unlocked) version of Huawei P9 (Eva-L09)
    - To be based in the UK.
    - To have an active SIM card in your phone.
    - To be on build number C432B166 (Latest UK open market firmware)
    - It cannot be bootloader unlocked, it cannot have a custom recovery or be rooted to receive the OTA.

    You can get the APK for the BETA app & the guidelines for how to install and enrol from here (sorry we can't post links yet.....) "h t t p://download-c.huawei.com/download/downloadCenter?downloadId=91768&version=358232&siteCode=uk"

    Once downloaded install it on your phone, when you run the app on your phone you will be prompted to either log into an existing Huawei ID account (the one you use to download EMUI themes will do) or to create a new one, once done you can accept the terms

    To enroll on the BETA test you will need to be on build number C432B166 (for UK), after your enrollment and approval, an OTA to update UK Huawei P9 from C432B166-> C432B182 will be prompted. Once you are on C432B182, you will get the N version on Beta release.

    Numbers are limited, when we hit the limit of enrolled users that is it. This is a project to help find bugs and issues before the general rollout of future updates for the Huawei P9. It is not a general public rollout.

    If you have problems either installing the APK, signing into Huawei ID or enrolling on the BETA please leave the following details in the email below and we will get back to you.

    Email: [email protected]


    Country you are using the phone in:

    Current Build Number:

    Model Number:

    Before upgrade, I want to know if once the beta is installed, I will still receive OTA ? Will I be able to update with the final nougat rom ? Thank you for your answers :cowboy:

    Yes. I have got a confirmation from Huawei Lithuania they will send an instruction when final version will be available. OTA through the updater will be for beta's only for now, update to official will be triggered through HiCare app, but yes, BETA will be updated to Final too.
    And why not in Belgium ?? :(
    We'll help our colleagues out here and post the URL for the apk for the BETA test app.

    Security concern

    I'm participating already..
    I'm from Portugal..

    Enviado do meu EVA-L09 atrav�s de Tapatalk

    Ola Marques - Boa Tarde. I have joined the Beta program for the Honor 8. I see that the appa collect lots of info from your phone and sends to Huawei servers in EU and China. What happens if you have sensitive info on your phone like passwords banking apps etc. Will they be able to get all of this?

    Obrigado Roberto