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UK pre-order thread

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Oct 25, 2008
Nice touch from Carphone Warehouse

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Aug 2, 2011
Just tried that number. Felt like I was talking to a computer. Was definitely reading off a script. "We have no information about shipping. You will receive an update when shipped." Not sure what to do.

This is the number I got hold of today for htc uk to cancel my order : 01753 218960 local rate,couldn't get any sense it of them so,I cancelled the purchase.
Number comes up as Slough,they're not the most intelligent customer service team and I've still not received my email notification for cancellation...

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May 25, 2007
And people are saying don't be mean on em. The proof of the failure is all over unfortunately.

Managed to get a cheap case sorted anyway for my delivery on weds ish
I just can't believe that the manufacturer is selling our phones to suppliers first before fulfilling any of their own orders. Absolute madness and so frustrating.

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May 6, 2011
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Hey! I received my phone this evening and though I'm at work, couldn't wait until tomorrow morning so popped back home to bring it over... :) Well! This phone is absolutely beautiful! I honestly think I have never ever had such a device in my hands. The phone itself, software, sound everything is breathtaking! It definitely was worth the wait to get it! The screen is absolutely phenomenal to look at. Ohh by the way! I checked with flar2's app and my device has a Sharp screen. There is no pink tint, white is white, black is, well... I'm still thinking if it really is a lcd screen and not an amoled :D Beautiful! Pitch black! So yes, from my side the 10 IS the best smartphone of 2016!
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Oct 5, 2012
london, UK
HTC customer service is trash, even when I was making sure a existing order was cancelled they told me I would get a call in 24hours as the team I was talking to over the phone a.k.a customer service, couldnt do anything. Now I just don't understand that I mean whats they point in giving number for customer service if when you call them up they are saying they cant sort issues out. Now I waited 48hours I never got that call and i tried contactiing them for a week until they finally got back to me.

this whole release/shipment issue is a absolute joke, i c.e.b.a to get frustrated with this. ill just never order from htc direct again its that simple.
Now stores in london that so far have live demos are:
Carphone warehouse - brent cross shopping centre have a gold HTC 10 on display didnt look as bad as I thought but still don't like the white front
Carphone Warehouse/currys/pc world - 88 Oxford street have a grey version on display, what a awesome looking phone just a masterpiece far better looking machine than my s7 edge

Also p.o.n as i was in that oxford street store as i know the guys in there i was talking to them and they said the grey version is actually available to buy as sim free, so dont understand why you cant do so on the website. Duely i checked how much it would be with my staff discount and it was £548 so £21 off but not available until the 18th according to the system.
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May 22, 2011
Dorset, UK
Looks like mine won't be arriving Monday unless they have a weekend pickup. Hopeful it won't be too long as I ordered launch day.

Still I can't get it from anywhere else any sooner so just got to sit tight.....

Need to stop looking at vids and pics so I don't torture myself, lol.

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Nov 6, 2008
Movement at last: htc.com order

Finally seeing some movement.

Still ridiculous how long this has taken......I ordered at 2.30 pm on the 12/4.


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    the news htc UK customers have been waiting for.... [emoji16]


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    When HTC said the 10 will be "available early May" they didn't actually specify 2016.... Just a thought ?
    No way?! Congtrats. Is that because you told them that we all cancelled our HTC orders and went with them instead?

    Seid45 jokingly said i should be on commission for very, i thought it was funny so i tweeted them the pic. They hit up the forums and read through the thread and emailed me with the kind gesture :).
    Very.co.uk Ordered 3rd May Delivered today :)

    Great service...


    As a little sweetener Very.co.uk acknowledged the positive impact i had for them on social media and gave me a further 20% off with free delivery. Got the 10 for £371.
    Can't believe Very are going to beat HTC direct to the punch lol, what a farce.
    Completely agree! They've been out done by a website that specialises in selling white goods and women's fashion hahaha. Pathetic!

    Imagine Apple launching the iPhone 7 but failing so badly that customers end up having to order the phone off Jacamo! It just wouldn't happen would it!

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    I assume we're still going to get the hi-res headphones with our Very orders?