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UK pre-order thread

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Oct 25, 2008
I have a HTC 10 at the moment. Bit of a feck up. Ordered the device as an upgrade through CPW they've given me a new contract which I don't want. Have to return the phone & cancel the contract. Upgrade will be processed 24th of this month. Guy tried to get me a replacement in the next few days but none available. So will hang on to this for another few days then give it back. Great phone, I'm lucky I've had a play no regrets & willing to wait.

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Sep 3, 2013
No change here, no payment taken and no change on DR order page. Ordered 13-4.

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That's it, given up. Order cancelled through HTC, will go elsewhere. :banghead:

Ordered through Very, £464. Says delivered by 11th but if it's delivered this week I expect it'll be before HTC would've delivered it.
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Jun 14, 2011
The "beaten by white goods company" made me chuckle.

Let's not bunch this together with the actual phone however. Several here (me also) have gone out on a limb to get it as its been the best device from HTC since the m8 at the very latest.

Then i've gone out on two limbs to get it. My country hasnt released it yet so i actually called a friend in Australia to order it from Htc US with $100 off using $37 international shipping. Then i called a relative who's going to Aussie end of the month to bring it back to me here...this is going to forego warranty as well. :eek:


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Jul 14, 2010
Northern Ireland
OnePlus 8T
Mine has left my local depo this morning and out for delivery! I did buy it of a guy on ebay, but it is the phone I want and I got it cheaper than HTC was selling. Royal Mail delivery guaranteed before 1pm :D


Oct 15, 2005
Burton Upon Trent
Received shipped notification from HTC.com. looks like Hermes. Unable to online track yet. Odd thing tho. I have two pending transactions. On bank account. Have mailed HTC.

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    the news htc UK customers have been waiting for.... [emoji16]


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    When HTC said the 10 will be "available early May" they didn't actually specify 2016.... Just a thought ?
    No way?! Congtrats. Is that because you told them that we all cancelled our HTC orders and went with them instead?

    Seid45 jokingly said i should be on commission for very, i thought it was funny so i tweeted them the pic. They hit up the forums and read through the thread and emailed me with the kind gesture :).
    Very.co.uk Ordered 3rd May Delivered today :)

    Great service...


    As a little sweetener Very.co.uk acknowledged the positive impact i had for them on social media and gave me a further 20% off with free delivery. Got the 10 for £371.
    Can't believe Very are going to beat HTC direct to the punch lol, what a farce.
    Completely agree! They've been out done by a website that specialises in selling white goods and women's fashion hahaha. Pathetic!

    Imagine Apple launching the iPhone 7 but failing so badly that customers end up having to order the phone off Jacamo! It just wouldn't happen would it!

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    I assume we're still going to get the hi-res headphones with our Very orders?