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UK pre-order thread

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Jun 4, 2008
How do you return the phone?? I've requested a cancellation from Digital River, they have accepted it, but they've given me absolutely NO instructions on how to go about getting it back to them.


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Nov 28, 2009
Does this work with mobiles.co.uk

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only if it was part of the deal when you preordered. think it was only a CPW offer.

Add the cashback to the £30 they gave me off the £60 upfront cost just for asking ("don't ask, don't get) AND the extra £20 refund as an apology for messing me around over the preorder comms (even though I still ended up getting the phone on 6 May)... so they actually paid ME £40 for the handset [emoji12]

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Jan 16, 2010
Do I need to post it at my own expense then?? Not happy with that. I cancelled the order before it had been shipped and didn't sign for it, it was just dropped behind my bin.

I can't believe how chaotic this whole thing has been. Ridiculous!

Yep even if you contact them on twitter you will. I did ask that, apparently because its unwanted we need to pay ourselves.


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Jun 10, 2011
I was given an address in Poland by HTC, so angry about having to pay for international shipping on a defective phone. If I had chosen a repair, they would send free shipping label, but as i no longer want the handset, i have to pay!


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Mar 8, 2012
my 10 carbon grey despatched from very,should receive tomorrow,cant wait woohoo


Missed mail yesterday,just fetched it from local mail office woohoo
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    the news htc UK customers have been waiting for.... [emoji16]


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    When HTC said the 10 will be "available early May" they didn't actually specify 2016.... Just a thought ?
    No way?! Congtrats. Is that because you told them that we all cancelled our HTC orders and went with them instead?

    Seid45 jokingly said i should be on commission for very, i thought it was funny so i tweeted them the pic. They hit up the forums and read through the thread and emailed me with the kind gesture :).
    Very.co.uk Ordered 3rd May Delivered today :)

    Great service...


    As a little sweetener Very.co.uk acknowledged the positive impact i had for them on social media and gave me a further 20% off with free delivery. Got the 10 for £371.
    Can't believe Very are going to beat HTC direct to the punch lol, what a farce.
    Completely agree! They've been out done by a website that specialises in selling white goods and women's fashion hahaha. Pathetic!

    Imagine Apple launching the iPhone 7 but failing so badly that customers end up having to order the phone off Jacamo! It just wouldn't happen would it!

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    I assume we're still going to get the hi-res headphones with our Very orders?