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Jan 9, 2012
Just recicevd dpd expecting parcel from samsung delvery tomorrow ?? is that how it works


Aug 19, 2021
When I go to preorder the 1TB S22 Ultra, it says £1,259 at checkout but before the checkout it says £1,399.

Is the 1TB version really that cheap?


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Well I got the phone and the case. The only "problem" was that they delivered the case around 8 30am, and the delivery guy told me the other item was coming with a different person. The phone arrived around 5pm. For a company that wants you to pick up and be "eco-friendly" its pretty dumb but it is what it is.
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Jul 15, 2012
North East of England
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May 25, 2009
Any UK orders for the custom colours (i picked sky blue one) received yet? I have 13th as eta

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    Mine has arrived 😁☺️😁
    UK model
    Well my fresh order has just gone straight to preparing for dispatch --- Samsung need to sort themselves out as it's making a mockery of the pre-order system
    How can someone ordering a week later get their device a week before --- not really right
    Got the s23+ 512gb
    Used a referral code to get 10% off to bring it down to £944 and then some weird hack of adding a £34 USB flash drive brought the price down instead of up. Ended up coming to £850. Also went via topcashback and an extra £43 quid has tracked. All in all £807. Not bad!
    hmm i ordered the 512gb in graphite on the 3rd and my earliest delivery date i could select was the 17th :( Order says preparing for despatch
    That 17th date is totally Bogus. It just something the Samsung website throws out there. No basis in fact or reality. Here is an example. The past 3 phones I have pre-ordered from the Samsung website arrived 3-4 days before they were available in stores even though the date said the day the stores got them. I am in the U.S. and mine says the same thing. Feb 17th. But after logging on to the FedEx website it already shows that Fedex has been notified by the shipping manager and the expected delivery date is Monday Feb 13th. So don't pay any attention to Samsung's Guesstimate BS Estimates. Logon to the Carrier in your country if they have a website and look for any info there. That is going to be way more accurate than anything Sammy is telling you.
    Just got the last dpd tracking email! It can only be the phone now. Ordered on the 3rd