Ulefone Armor 9 - XE unable to download app on Google Play

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Dec 25, 2020
Hello everyone. I purchased an ulefone armor 9 for me and an armor 7 for my son, tempted by their good looks and a nice online price that I found. First impressions are good for both, coming from IOS phones I need to get a bit more "used" to the android interface but it seems pretty nice for now. The only real issue I have had was when I tried to download an app from Google Play Store. Both my son and I like to play with "Lego Hidden Side", however on both devices the app shows as "your device isn't compatible with this version". This happens on both devices running Android 10 (just freshly configured). Looking online the solution is to clear google plays cache and restart, but it doesn't work. I wonder if any of you has some advice on this matter. Many thanks!