Ulefone GW01 runs with firmware of No.1 G3

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Feb 19, 2020
I get Error i need help please !

Guys i get error when i press download and then a red line complete and after that an error .

I searched on google and got this: Meaning: The scatter file doesn't match the target device's chipset

Please help me guys

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    I got a Ulefone GW01 watch and i was unhappy that it is not possible to have custom watch faces.
    So i flashed my GW01 with a NO.1 G3 firmware and now i can add own watch faces easily by creating the "clock" folder in "mass storage" mode.

    Here is what i did:
    1. Install Windows 10 MKT VCOM USB Drivers 32 or 64 bit:
    used file: Windows_10_MTK_VCOM_USB_Preloader_Drivers_tehnotone.com.zip

    I need to use this driver, as i run WIN10 PRO and the driver included to the flash tool did not worked.

    2. Get the latest No.1 G3 firmware:
    Download the version depending on your language needs.
    I used version B: goo.gl/ixzX0j
    filename: R02S-G3_NO1_PLUS_128_T5_L2_G10_B_160304.rar

    Extract the archive and check the firmware update docu inside.
    There are also drivers included, which did not worked for me on win 10 PRO.

    FYI: Ensure not to connect the watch with USB starting the flash tool.
    ! Ensure that the watch is switched off when you connect it ! (long press button) !
    Follow the steps and finally start "download" in the flash tool. Then connect the watch via USB. Otherwise it will not find the watch and you wait forever...

    3. Start the watch again and create the folder "clock" in "mass storage" mode on your watch and place your custom watchfaces.

    Some remarks:
    Unfornatly I did not backed up the original firmware, so it is lost. I was to lazy to check how to do a backup.

    As the NO.1 G3 has a SIM slot, you will get a IMEI error message if you check the quick settings (move finger from top to bottom, not availabe in original firmware). I guess this is not relevant.
    I had a bug in the original firmware that the "height" was not stored properly in the Pedometer. This works now with the new firmware.
    I only use the "Mediatek SmartDevice" app to connect to the phone.
    Everything seems to work fine.

    Finally, i'm back into the show. I got my new watch today.
    Before i flash again, did a backup using the "Universal ReadBack Extractor" version 2.4 and length setting 0x01000000" in the flash tool.
    The "How-to" and the tool itself can be found here:
    I attached my firmware to this post.

    I had not much time to check it yet, but it is a different version compared to what i had before.
    Version is shown as "R02S_GW01_T6_L2_G4_A_160526"

    - In the display options, you can set now the "screen time" to "never out". This woks fine if you disable the "wake-up gesture".
    - The "height" is now stored properly in pedometer settings
    - The "main menue settings" screen "round dial" is gone and we got a simple "list style" view. But i still prefer the "4 apps" view.

    I have made a backup yesterday :)

    I put the link for download here

    If you like press thanks button.

    Enviado do meu Redmi Note 2 através de Tapatalk
    A million thanks for your bravery and sharing it with us.
    I've thought of it too, as both GW01 and No1 G3 have the exact same hardware but didnt have the guts to try it.
    But seeing your post i did try it and it works!

    Now i'm just sitting on photoshop all day designing custom watchfaces. :) :)

    For anyone interested these are the first
    Game of Thrones

    The Walking Dead

    Mickey Mouse

    Available here
    Hi @Tornator,

    Very good news.

    Thanks for the informacion.

    I want make this mod too, but I have the following doubts:


    In flashtools have program to have the risks in the options according to the image?
    Then just press Download and expect to complete the cycle (100%)?

    The scatter file is KCT02A_WT_11C_BB.cfg?

    You spoke of the possibility of making a backup.

    It is possible to Flashtools? I can do it and send you, you just have to give me the steps to do so.

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