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Mar 7, 2011
Unfortunately, I cann't find any other compatible firmware, All I have same issues as below
- screen shifted upward
- touch not work

Is there any chance to modify the Region address/ Begin address of PRIMARY-MAUI from mtk_System ROM ? (attached screenshot). I thought due to the difference in beginning address leading to the untouchable.


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    I decided make a backup of our Ulefone GW01 for the case you want revert the situation and back to the original firmware again.

    You can download the firmware here

    Thanks to @Golem_ to help me when I need. :highfive:

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    Best regards,
    Jorge Moreira
    After seeing this review on the net:

    See here

    I just bought one yesterday in GB

    Look some pictures on this review:











    But I can see more pictures on the review.

    The review is made by Cristianls...

    When I receive my Ulefone GW01 I make a review too!!! :p

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    Jorge Moreira
    GW01 Secret Codes


    I had found some "secret" codes in my GW01, this is the list and a description:

    *#9966*#        Factory Test Mode
    *#996810#       Unknown (Shows Done!)
    *#931#          Shows a message and dissapears
    *#902#          Returns to app menu
    *#932#          Same as 931
    *#903#          Returns to menu
    *#993646633#    Engineer Mode
    *#933#          Show a message and dissapears
    *#1234#         AD2P PTS mode (message)
    *#63342835#     Mediatek logo
    *#998375#       Version information
    *#06#           IMEI (None)
    *#9987#         Automatic Test (screen, sound, ...)
    I've got mine for about a week now and i have mixed feelings.

    First of all, i really wanted to remote control the music and the calls from the watch. But this is not possible.
    GW01 has and embedded speaker and microphone so you answer calls(listen and speak) and you hear music from the watch. If you wanted to use it while having a bluetooth headset connected, just like i did, you can't.
    Pairing with your phone gives you 4 uses:
    • Phone audio
    • Media audio
    • Input device
    • Contact sharing

    As you would have guessed, disabling Phone audio will disable the calling and messaging functions, disabling Media audio will disable Music playback and control. This means that the "Apps" will ask for the missing permissions and will not launch. And if you give those uses to the GW01, you will not be able to pair it with a headset at the same time.

    There are 2 heart rate related Apps. One gives you a fixed heart rate while the other gives you a continuous feedback.
    The body temperature seems to work just fine. As for the UV, seems a bit too much since you can just look up.

    There is a vibrate app that just vibrates the watch. No other use... or at least i cant find one. Maybe for testing vibration or something?

    The notifications are a bit strange but i think it has to do with the way the phone's app sends it to the watch. For example facebook group messages show the sender's name while direct fb pm's don't show the sender.
    There are some strange options for notification like "open" which opens the notification on the phone. Why would i want something like that? On the other hand, the "like" option is pretty cool for a fast reply.

    The gesture control is a little bit buggy and i disabled it after a day's use. It detects not the movement but the turn of the wrist. So in 45 degrees the screen is off, turn it 10-15 degrees it wakes, turn it a little more and it's off again. Plus while walking hands moving around, the watch was continuously going on and off again.

    On the up side, the speaker is loud enough for everyone to hear your call in a crowded place while the microphone is decent if you hold the watch near your mouth. Move it a little far and you are silent.
    The watches' battery status appears on the notification bar thanks to the fundo app so that's another plus.

    The watchfaces was another big disappointment. There are so few of them. But as it seems on other watches having the same OS, they found a way to add your own custom made faces so i will keep my hopes up and go on searching.

    Last but not least, the battery time is better than expected. having the screen timeout at 15 seconds and using it connected to the bluetooth all the time i've got a little over 2 days of use without charge.

    I would say it is a decent first smartwatch if your budget is miles away from an android wear.

    P.S. If someone finds a way to fix that call/music control issue or add more watchfaces (except the ones through the FundoApp), leave a note :)
    I might just had bricked my GW01 :(


    I'm just in the same situation for second time :) This happens to me when uninstalled a watchface vpx file, when this is performed by the watch the current watchface is changed :-? and if you uninstall the current one soft brick.

    To "unbrick" it the first time I first put the watch in the charge base connected to a PC and the software in the phone "Mediatek smartdevice" or maybe "Fondoo"...

    [Unbricked mine while writing...]

    Now with the watch in the base power it on (hold on button 10 seconds for forced poweroff), now let it boot and wait to see the "Internal storage" message in the watch (that's the reason of connected PC) now try to connect using the Mediatek SmartDevice (Pressing the watch icon on screen), this procedure usually fails but after 3 or 5 tries it connectes for a few seconds (around 10-20 seconds) and let you install and uninstall apps.
    Try to install the vpx that was uninstalled just before the crash, you say that the hang was when you try to install Yahoo (it does not work for me) but I'm quite sure the hang was just before, when you uninstall a watchface as the brick seems to be related to not be able to run the actual face as it is no more in the device.

    Good luck.

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    i recently bought this smartwatch.
    For me there is one really annoying thing: When paired with my phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro) incoming calls are always taken by the GW01 as handsfree. Switching to internal speaker during the call has no effect - mic of the GW01 is still used. Only possibility seems to be disconnecting the watch. Disabling the phone audio profile in phones bluetooth settings also doesn't work because then GW01 is unable to receive any push notifications.
    Is there a workaround for this issue?


    My procedure is not with a Xiaomi but with an Ulefone Future, bluetooth connection is complete except phone audio profile as in my case if I remove phone and multimedia profile GW01 keeps disconnecting constantly or not connecting at all, so I keep multimedia and the other profiles except phone profile. In my case multimedia routed to GW01 is also a problem, all sound notifications go to the watch (great) but also music and youtube videos (Argggg!). As disconnect the multimedia creates a problem I went to Play Store and download "SoundAbout" app and instruct it to route all multimedia audio to the phone (unconditionally), keeping my GW01 working as a notification receiver and some nice watchfaces in an elegant watch.

    I'm not sure if "SoundAbout" can also route phne calls to phone unconditionally.