Ulefone Paris (Full Review & Discussions) 5.0 Inch HD, Metal frame, MTK6753

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Mar 28, 2014
Thank you captain obvious but the problem is that, this way its not working using sp flash tool nothing happens when i turn off the mobile and sp flash is doing nothin... So i asked wheres the tutorial, how to flash twrp the
right way becouse maybe im doin somethin wrong...

Wysłane z mojego LG-D802 przy użyciu Tapatalka

Step 1: Download the last SP Flash Tool version.
Step 2: Download the TWRP Paris version you need.
Step 3: Open SP flash Tool.
Step 4: Open the scatter.txt file from the TWRP version.
Step 5: Flash TWRP with download only and then click on Download button on top.
Step 6: Connect your phone without battery with the USB cable to the PC.
You're done with TWRP recovery in your phone.
Pay attention TWRP 3.1.1-0 only works with MIUI Epic Rom or Lineage OS, to LL/MM you have to use 3.0.2-1.


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Jan 29, 2013
Lineage OS for Paris

Hallo, some month ago i read here about Lineage OS for Paris.
Is there any progres with it?
Would be possible to download it somewhere?
Can I help with testing?


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Dec 12, 2012
Sremska Mitrovica
There is no reply on Ulefone Paris, it seams that all development for this phone has canceled. On the Official FB group of Accessgo Gotune5 you can find custom roms that can work on our phones. Those are MM and LP roms. AICP rom and XOS rom are working fine.

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    Finally we are at the end of the search of root for this fantastic phone, before to pass to on how to get the root, I wanted to thank Bovirus for its continuous interest despite not having our phone, nerik73 that has found the discussion in Russia and sent me the files for test and especially me, although I lost count of how many times I sent in brick the phone, I never gave up. But let us.
    As we know, at present it does not seem to exist programs (for PC, or apk format) that allow you to make the root directly, and so the only solution is to flash it through recovery, which obviously has to be modded.
    Short introduction, before venturing into the process, try to be clear that can go wrong and you end up with your phone bricked, but that the solution exists and is called SP Flash Tool. Get familiar with this program, download the official firmware Stock (you can find it HERE ). In case everything goes wrong, you can just flash the firmware original and start again. I remind you that a modded recovery, will preclude the way for future new official update. Before update it, and make your calculations.
    To begin then, download SP Flash Tool which in its latest version for Windows, you will find HERE (thanks Bovirus). Unpack and get ready to use it.
    As I said the first thing to do is install the modding recovery (TWRP) you can found it HERE. Unpack this file and put it in a folder where inside there will be the scatter file and the file "recovery.img".
    Now begins the real work of installation.
    Open the program SP Flash Tool and first go the top right and click where it says "scatter-LOADING", and select the file scatter you find inside the folder you just created. At this point, will load several files, you must go on the left and from the drop-down menu select "FIRMWARE UPGRADE". Be careful not to mistake this step because sometimes you could change by yourself and then the risk of overwriting your IMEI.
    Go down below and make sure that one of the selected files, there is only "RECOVERY". At this point you are ready to flash.
    Before you press the button "DOWNLOAD" in the top, remember that your smartphone must be off. For safety, remove the battery and let the taken for ten seconds and then put it back, BUT NOT TURN ON THE PHONE, and not connect it to your PC.
    At this point you can press up on DOWNLOAD, and only after, the phone must be connected to the PC.

    The procedure lasts a few seconds and a message will appear at the center of the screen. At this point you can remove the phone from your PC and reboot into recovery to see if everything went well.
    The image of the new touch recovery, is this:

    At this point you have the modded recovery. I want to clarify that I do not know why, this procedure had work for me after the second flash, and tje first time I found myself again with the original recovery.
    If this happens to you, you redo the procedure again.
    Now we have to install our SuperSU and Busybox through recovery .... this is the real root procedure.
    We download the file from HERE (SuperSU) and HERE (BusyBox) and let's put it as it is, in our MicroSD card the phone.
    Reboot the phone into recovery and press INSTALL (remember that the recovery is touch), it will open this window:

    Find your SuperSU file, select it and swipe down to confirmed the operation. Find also your Busybox file, and do the same thing. Then, always with the swipe, at the end of everything, restart the terminal.
    Full in-depth review

    ▽ Camera samples http://www.mediafire.com/folder/eakxk6b6iepzc/Ulefone_Paris_Camera_Samples
    ▽ The charger & real mAh tested here: http://peecee.dk/uploads/102015/S7YLER.BLOGSPOT.jpg

    The Ulefone Paris comes with a metal, thin and light design that is very similar to Apple's iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S design language.

    The screen measures 5 inches and comes with a fitting 1280*720 resolution. The specs and resolution might not be top notch, but it is ideal for such a small screen and the viewing experience will not be impacted. This model is very good value for money!

    ROOT / TWRP (thanks to cuvetto for the post)

    Firmware version 16/11/2015 (thnx to Cuvetto)
    https://goo.gl/kvZTch (20151116_Android 5.1_ulefone Paris.rar)
    More here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=64009703&postcount=35

    Ulefone support

    Firmware v. 23.11.2015

    Modded firmware for Ulefone Paris by cuvetto here:

    - 5.0 inch screen, 1280x720 pixels
    - MTK6753 1.3 GHz Octa Core
    - 2 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM
    - Metalframe
    - Notification LED & tough buttons with backlight
    - 2.5D Arc curved glass
    - Gorilla Glass 3 (according to Ulefone)
    - 13MP main OV camera f/1.8 + 5MP front camera
    - Android 5.1 OS
    - GPS with GLONASS support
    - 2250 mAh Sony battery
    - Supports 2G & 3G & 4G LTE Network
    - Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 900/2100MHz, FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B20

    Charger / mAh / Battery




    Ulefone's next 5-inch device will be called “Paris”

    Days ago Ulefone asked their users on Facebook to help name their next 5-inch device between Ulefone Lite and Air. But a banner appeared yesterday on their official site showing that there will come a new phone named Ulefone Paris. The company confirmed that the two actions referred to the same device.

    It’s not clear why the naming should change all in a sudden. But it seems to us that the company wants to add the phone some flavor of art derived from the New Wave. The banner reveals the launch time will be next month and the place, well, I don’t think will really be under the Eiffel tower.

    According to early news, the specs of Ulefone Paris will include 5-inch HD display, and MTK6753 chipset. But it’s not sure if there will be change on these features, too.

    Totally, the next 1 month or so, it is expected to see 3 new products from Ulefone, including the 6200mAh-battery device Ulefone Power and the Smartwatch Ulefone Uwear, beside the Ulefone Paris as before mentioned.


    (Source from Ulefone.com)


    Ulefone Paris Design Revealed: A hybrid of iPhone 6 and Meizu MX4

    I got some real photos of the Ulefone Paris, which shows that the 5-inch Ulefone device will borrow the design of both iPhone 6 and Meizu MX4.

    Or you can say it is a mini Ulefone Be Touch 2 just with the iPhone-6-particular push home button changed into a touch button as also seen on the Meizu MX4 and M1 Note. The circular button will also have light as on the Meizu phones when it is touched. And there will actually be capacitive menu and back buttons with light, left and right to the home key but they are invisible when not used.

    The Ulefone Paris also inherited the 2.5D glass and metal frame from Ulefone Be Touch and Be Touch 2. And the general design is not very different, just smaller, and maybe thinner.


    It is with pride that I inform you that I managed to make the porting of the famous CM12.1 (Android 5.1.1).
    The Rom works very well, and at the moment there are some bugs that I want to try to fix before releasing, we list below the bugs that I found and what I have yet to be completed:

    - Bluetooth (problem apparently the Cyan, try to insist ...);
    - Camera (crashes when switching to the front, perfect to back, no selfies .... for now ....);
    - FM radio (like any tradition of Cyan, does not work ....).


    - Network (by phone or data connection)
    - Wi-fi
    - Various sensors (except the Hall sensor)
    - Battery Management
    - Audio (seems improved, placebo effect ... ??)
    - Integrated Gapps (Play store, Youtube and google search, the rest everyone can scaricarselo the market to suit your needs);
    - Integrated Root (To be updated after the first start the executable)

    Unfortunately, I'm working alone, I can not test everything 100% and still have a private life and the phone also I need it "usable" ... for the moment I find myself flashing even 20 times a day, including tests flash and restore my back-up ....
    By virtue of the above, at the time did not release this, but ask users participation .... I could use someone to try it, even better if you help me, but when I say try it, I mean it must be taken at least 24 hours, in order to test its behavior, if there are other bug where to intervene, battery management (should be improved, including loading) and many other things that, unfortunately, for reasons of work and testing (he flashed constantly looking for solutions), do not allow me a constant test of at least 24 hours.
    If anyone is interested, write to me in private and we'll talk, .... I pass the link and acts as my testing, abstain ... if you are in the grip of curiosity, so much ... I will release sooner or later, it is now the time to test it and try to improve it, not to use it .....

    Inviato dal mio Paris con Tapatalk 2
    I inform you that I'm Trying MM, and I can tell you that I have TWRP and Root full workly. I want only update some italian translating problem (as well), mod something, and I'll release my first PerfectRom MM (Beta, like this MM edition, but perfectly working). Please inform me if you find something to correct (malware, ecc).
    Stay tuned!!!
    I created a new TWRP on 3.0.0 version. The changelog you can find on this post: http://www.xda-developers.com/twrp-3-0-0-has-arrived/

    To use it for our Ulefone Paris, you need to install like the older, through SP Flash Tool:

    TWRP 3.0.0 - Ulefone Paris