Ulefone power6

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Apr 22, 2021
Hello i have bought from banggood power 6 with Android 9. I have some problems. First i set up a live wallpaper which is an automate wallpaper changer. After reboot lost this wallpaper and put the factory one. Same with widgets after reboot none of them works and have to set up them again. Third many apps need accessibility on but when i activate them after all are deactivated by themselvesself. And last in notification bar some apps need to be run such as weather but after some time close. I know there is something about battery optimization is about and duraspeed but how can i deactivated? Please help me cause device is totally useless


Apr 11, 2021
I had Power 2 a few years ago and iirc it comes with a custom launcher right out of the factory.
It is not using a standard android, you will see most icons like settings and so on already ooking different.

It also hat a problem or rather a lazy-ness thing. The phone downloaded latest anroid and securitxy updates but did not install them.

I was pretty disappointed.

i would probably only use it with a custom rom from the behinnin but that also had some issues.

But my power 2 fell from 30 centimeters and stopped working.