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Aug 20, 2016
South Africa
This guide is specifically for Ivan Meler's LineageOS 18.1 on the s10e, but most of the guide should work universally through Android Versions, ROM Variants and Devices

What you can achieve:
9Hrs Screen On Time
20-40Hrs Screen Off Time
Working SafetyNet
Working GCam
High Stability

Since all my testing is done on one ROM and one phone, it may lead to issues on anything else. As I said, it should work, but I can give no guarantees as each ROM, Device, Kernel, Android Version and different combinations of all these things have their own quirks

I am not responsible for any damage you might cause to your phone, I am simply sharing my insights on my process when I install a custom ROM

Make sure to read through EVERYTHING at least once before getting started

It's better to start with a fresh install, but it should work dirty so long as you unninstall all existing Magisk and EdXposed modules first

Follow my instructions as carefully as possible, I can not help you if you do anything differently

Follow my instructions in the right order to avoid issues

As this guide is primarily focused on getting the most battery life out of your phone, it is absolutely NOT friendly towards graphically intensive games. Though most games should work fine

Your Screen On and Screen Off time's may vary depending on your ROM, installed apps, usage, battery size, battery health, the processor's underclocking capabilites and screen resolution

-Turn off location, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot and Mobile Data whenever you're not using them
-Try to keep your screen brightness as low as possible, as high brightness eats up a lot of battery
0-50% brightness makes less difference to battery than 50-100% brightness
-Only charge your phone to 80%, this will help your battery last longer
AccuBattery will help you with this by notifying you everytime your phone reaches 80% charged
You can always charge to 100% when you know you'll have a long day

This guide has badges on each of the steps, each badge will help you understand which is important to the guide and which you can skip if you choose. These badges are determined by this guide's core goal, which is to massively improve your device's battery life.
CORE - I would not suggest skipping any steps labelled with this
RECOMMENDED - You'll be fine if you skip these steps, but I would suggest you do it
OPTIONAL - There's no problem in skipping a step with this badge
WARN - These steps are necessary on any s10e/s10/s10+ running LineageOS 18.1, but may or may not be different on any other device or ROM
S10 - These steps only apply to the s10e/s10/s10+
LINEAGE - These steps only apply to Ivan Meler's LineageOS 18.1

Frequently backup your device's state, should anything go wrong you can just roll back. It's important to make a backup every few steps or so
Unless you're installing this on an exynos s10 device using Ivan Meler's LineageOS 18.1 ROM, then no backups are necessary until the very end, granted you follow my instructions properly

I use TWRP for backing up, use your own method if there is something you're more comfortable with
-Once you have installed the ROM, boot into TWRP
-Open Backup
-Include Boot, System Image and Data
-Swipe to Backup
Done, that's it

NB! Delete any old backups before making a new one, and make sure your last backup is done BEFORE installing any massive apps, as huge app sizes can make it impossible to store the backup on your phone.



This step will vary based on device and ROM, follow the setup guide on your ROM's page
-For LineageOS 18.1 on any s10 device S10 LINEAGE
-You can skip installing GApps if you are not tied to Google's ecosystem
-Root with Magisk CORE


Now if you've made it this far, it's time to get down to business

-Get Magisk working
It might work out of the box. Or you'll need to manually install the manager, either by clicking on Magisk Manager in your app drawer and following the steps, or installing it via an apk
-Your device might reboot once it's setup
On Ivan's LineageOS, you'll find it without an icon in your app drawer at first. Run it and say yes to everything it asks, your device will reboot when it's done

-Install Termux (Or your preffered terminal on android) here or here
-Install Naptime here or here
-Install Greenify here or here
-Install SmartPack here or here
-Install LSpeed here
-Install AccuBattery RECOMMENDED here or here
-Install a better launcher RECOMMENDED
I recommend Nova Launcher as it is feature rich, performant and battery light here or here
You will need a good launcher that can help you hide away all these apps when you're done

-Open the AudioFX app and disable it S10 LINEAGE
This has led to people complaining that the speaker has no bass, this fixes that and restores loudness

-Open Settings
-Open apps and notifications
-Cick on see all apps
-Disable Digital Wellbeing
-Disable Pixel Tips and clear its storage and cache

-Go back to apps and notifications and expand the advanced menu
-Click on special app access and then battery optimisation
-Enable battery optimization for any google apps
-Click on not optimised at the top and change it to all apps
-Disable battery optimisation for AccuBattery, Greenify and Naptime

-Go back to settings and open battery
-Turn on Adaptive Battery
-Turn on automatic battery saver from 25%

-Go back to settings and open display
-Open the advanced menu
-Set your screen timeout to 30 seconds
-Click on lockscreen and disable always show time and info, and wake screen for notifications and then go back LINEAGE
This is essentially turning off AlwaysOn Display
-Enable tap to wake and disable tap to sleep OPTIONAL
-Enable high touch sensitivity

-If you have google installed, go back to settings and open google
-Click on the three dots in the top right and open usage and diagnostics
-Disable it

Most newer devices will need to follow these steps to get SafetyNet to pass, but on older devices it'll be different
-Install MagiskHide Props Config
-Install Universal SafetyNet Fix here
These are installed as Magisk Manager Modules

-Open Termux
-Enter su
-Grant it superuser privelage
-Enter props
-Enter 1
-Enter f
-Find your device and enter its corresponding number
For the s10e on Android 11, after entering f, it's 26, 63, 2

-Open Magisk Manager Settings
-Enable MagiskHide
-Hide MagiskManager(Name it Root or something)

-Open the new app it just created
-It should be the same process as when you first opened Magisk
-If your phone reboots go back into Magisk Manager
-Click on the shield icon and open MagiskHide
-Click on the search button in the bottom right and show system apps
-Add Google and Google Play Services to the checklist
You should also add any banking apps and certain games that don't work with a rooted phone to this checklist

SafetyNet should be working
If you are installing EdXposed as well, then you'll need to do some extra steps to keep SafetyNet passing, which I'll explain later

Installing any other modules besides those stated in this guide can lead to soft bricking and crashes, proceed at your own discretion
-Install Audio Compatibility Patch
-Install Busybox for Android NDK
-Install CloudflareDNS4Magisk
-Install CloudflareDNS4Magisk IPv6
-Install Energized Protection
-Install Global Optimized GPS File Replacer
-Install liboemcrypto disabler
-Install Magisk Fixes (MMT-ex)
-Install Riru and EdXposed
-Install Riru through the magisk manager and EdXposed and EdXposed Manager from here and here OPTIONAL

I would highly recommend purchasing Naptime, as it unlocks great features to squeeze out even more battery life
-Grant Naptime superuser privelages
-Enable aggresive doze
-Enable re-apply doze after wakeups
-Enable disable motion detecion
-Enable disable aggressive doze during audio sessions
-Enable disable bluetooth on doze
-Enable disable location on doze

-Open expiremental features
-Enable auto "android battery saver"
-Enable disable auto-sync
-Go back and scroll to the bottom, then expand the advanced tab
-For all the values under Light doze besides light idle factor and deep maintence time, just half them
-Scroll down to the bottom and enable wait for unlock

SmartPack CORE
The options and values you use may differ, depending on your device and kernel
-Grant SmartPack Superuser privelages
-Go into the CPU tab and enable apply on boot

-Change your Big CPU maximum frequency to 2530MHz
-Change your Middle CPU maximum frequency to 2002MHz
-Change you Little CPU maximum frequency to 1586MHz

-Open SmartPack settings
-Set delay under enable on boot to 20 seconds

L Speed CORE
The options and values you use may differ, depending on your device and kernel
-Grant L Speed superuser privelages

-Open the battery tab
-Enable battery improvement
-Set system battery saver trigger level to 25%

-Open the CPU tuner tab
-Set governor tuner to battery and it's execution interval to every 2 hours

-Open the GPU tuner tab
-Set GPU optimizer to power saving
-Enable everything except use OpenGL Skia

-Open the LNET optimizer tab
-Set DNS optimization to CloudFlare
-Enable RIL tweaks, NET TCP tweaks and NET Speed+

-Open the I/O tweaks tab
-Enable scheduler tuner
-Set I/O block optimization to power saving

-Open the RAM manager tab
-Set RAM manager to Multitasking
-Enable OOM Killer
-Set virtual memory tweaks to battery
-Enable heap optimization

-Open the entropy tab
-Set entropy to light

-Open the misc tweaks tab
-Enable kernel panic

-Open the fstrim tab
-Set fstrim scheduler to 24 hours

-Open the settings tab
-Enable apply on boot
-Set apply on boot delay to instant

-Grant Greenify superuser privelages
-Click on the plus icon, and then using the three dots in the top right click show all
-Show more apps
-Select everything except AccuBattery, Naptime, your launcher and Xposed Edge if you have it installed
-Don't select whatsapp and any other socials that you need to get notifications and calls from
-Click the tick icon in the bottom right
Do this at the end of the guide and everytime you install a new app

-Open greenify settings
-Enable Smart Hibernation and finer detection for media playback
-Enable wake-up tracker and tick enhanced wake-up tracker
-Enable automatic hibernation
-Enable always ignore background free

-Grant AccuBattery superuser privelage
-For the s10e, set design capaciy to 3100 mAh under the charging tab S10
Google your device specs to see its battery size
-Grant usage access under the discharging tab

-Open AccuBattery Settings
-Click on notification priority & status bar icon and disable battery status but leave everything else on
-Enable disable task killer detection
-Enable verbose logging

-Open settings
-Enable app list mode
Using white list mode doesn't work with GravityBox [R]
-Enable pass SafetyNet
-Enable disable verbose logs
-Enable disable modules logs

-Go to the applications tab
-Add everything you added on MagiskHide to the application list
Not doing this will cause SafetyNet to fail

-Install Xposed edge here OPTIONAL S10
-Install GravityBox [R] here OPTIONAL LINEAGE

-Open the modules tab
-Enable every module


-Open the framework tab
-Set display timeout to never or turn stay awake on using xposed edge
-Under the three dots on the top right of the screen first run optimize all apps with Dexopt and then optimize all apps with Dex2oat(Speed Mode)
WARNING! Make sure you have installed every app you plan to install and your battery is charged before doing this, as it will take 10 minutes to an hour to complete and you shouldn't use your phone while it's running
-Set display timeout back to normal


This is to remap the bixby button, you can use Button Mapper, but Xposed edge is more responsive and feature rich
-Enable keys and open it
-Click on add
-Press the bixby button
-Enable the new key

My config is:
Click - Toggle Stay Awake
Double Click - Toggle Torch
Long Press - Toggle Ringer Mode

Having this module installed will cause massive battery spikes even if it's disabled. If you would like to try it out anyways, I'll show you how

-Install the Magisk modules Audio Modification Library and Ainur Narsil
-Remove the Ainur Narsil module
-Install the ViPER4Android FX module
-Open the ViPER4Android FX app
-Open ViPER4Android FX settings
-Enable legacy mode

-Remove the ViPER4Android FX and Audio Modification Library modules
-Unninstall the ViPER4Android FX app
-Install the Ainur Narsil module
-Remove the Ainur Narsil module

This provides massive gains to the audio loudness and sound quality, and I would recommend it over ViPER4Android FX
-Install Audio Modification Library module
-Install Dolby Atmos Module here

-Download ZGCam here
-Download this config
This config is for the s10e, but should work on the s10
For s10+ (This may or may not work)
-Open GCam settings

-Open lens shading tuning and set back and front to s10+
-Open noise profile tuning and set back and front to s10+

-Disable all the new notifications that have appeared

You are now done!

Please let me know how it works for you


Since my battery is at 87% health, you take the Screen On Time and divide it by battery health percentage, and times it by 100 to get Screen On Time with a fresh battery
9.5 hours Screen On Time With a Fresh Battery
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New member
Sep 2, 2020
This guide is way underrated. Everything is well explained and organized. Thanks to this guide I finally bypassed SafetyNet while getting a better SoT. Thank you sir.


Aug 20, 2016
South Africa
Was really discouraged when I originally posted this, but I'm glad to see that I could help some people.

So I'm going to keep updating this guide and making it better for everyone.

Thanks for the support!