UMI - Install Custom Recovery (TWRP, CWM etc.) and Root

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Aug 21, 2017

From my experience: Magisk works partly due too loop0-permission error. Root is gained though and works stable. Modules don't work. TWRP works with unlocked bootloader and fastboot every time you need it.

@bencebasciwould it be possible for your guys to create a preloader without this "security method"?
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Mar 5, 2010
From my experience: Magisk works partly due too loop0-permission error. Root is gained though and works stable. Modules don't work. TWRP works with unlocked bootloader and fastboot every time you need it.

@bencebasciwould it be possible for your guys to create a preloader without this "security method"?

I don't know what the future brings but currently it's not possible. Rootjoy didn't last forever, maybe the fate of the UMI OS (so the secured preloader as well) will be the same.


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Mar 27, 2010
Sorry to post here but the process seems to be the same for Cubot (Manito) (Mediatek) (Android 6) so maybe someone will be able to help. There's very little about the phone out there. Other than the same instructions as this pretty much

I get as far as pressing the Download button in Smart Phone Tools but nothing ever happens and I have to press stop. Everything looks correct. All the drivers are right etc. I have OEM Unlocking enabled

Appreciate any ideas. Is there any other way to flash TWRP?


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Nov 17, 2017
TWRP for UMI Crystal 4gb/64gb


I was wondering if you would be able to help me with Umidigi crystal 4/64 twrp and custom rom if available. The stock os is brilliantly annoying and unresponsive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Dec 27, 2017
For Umi Plus users that can't install touch recovery and want to root the phone with adb commands do this:
with flash tools put recovery(.img file) with no touch option and flash it, after that start phone pushing power and vol+ buttons, when it enter into recovery go to a shell and type adb shell, after that it will show your files at the explorer and you can put files into your internal memory, copy supersu installer or magisk14.0(search it by google) installer into this internal memory, 15 version doesn't ran in our devices, after that on the shell type... twrp install /sdcard/ (the real name of the file) and press enter, it will flash it, when finish press reboot and phone is going to reboot in normal mode, just install magisk manager if you are flashing Magisk and that's all, for the time there is no recovery with touch for our devices but with this solution we can install lot of things from recovery. After that you may install flashify app from google play to flash from android with root permissions.
Sorry for my english, i'm spanish :)
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Mar 23, 2013
Hi everybody. Could someone possibly provide a twrp recovery for the umidigi z2? That would be really awesome.


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Sep 16, 2018
i don't get it u ask us to dowload TWRP image but when do we use that image ?

Edit : It was on the '' revocery '' tick box then click location then select the image.
Everything work know thx a lot.
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Sep 17, 2018
The One Pro TWRP ask for password on one unofficial version and on another it just sees /data partition as 0mb...

Twrp is almost pointless without the ability to backup

Edit:Nvm now it works
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Jan 8, 2019
Rooter UMI Diamond

I need help to root a UMI DIAMOND.
Indeed, I follow the procedure until my phone is restarted. Phase Number 6
I restart by pressing volume + and power, then I have the menu:
Select root Mode: Recovery - FlastBbot - Normal.
I select (Recovery).
Second menu, I select (Apply update from SD Card)
Third menu, I select (SR5-SuperSU-V2.82 ......... zip)
I have the following message: Installation aborted.
Can you help me solve my problem
Thank you
Sorry for the translation, but I'm French
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Dec 6, 2011
Hello ..
I am very desperate ...
I have followed every step of this description, but my Umi London doesn't boot in TWRP.

Any ideas??

Also experiencing this issue - "oem bootloader is ticked" using the scatter file and twrp found - to no avail. Android 6.0

I guess this is what happens with cheap ass phones, I only want to use it for a backup whilst my pixel goes in under warranty.

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    How to install a custom recovery image and root access on MediaTek based UMI smartphones without loosing your data

    This is a general solution for all MTK UMI phones, so you won't find all needed resources (ROM packages) here


    This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing a custom recovery image on your MediaTek based UMI smartphone and then get root access (if needed) with the assistance of the custom recovery.

    Please note:
    - Custom recovery images of different Android versions are not always interchangeable. For example, you can't install an Android 5.0 recovery on a 4.4 system and so on.
    - At most of the devices, after flashing the TWRP image, first you have to boot into recovery (TWRP) or the stock recovery will be restored.
    - At some devices, after flashing TWRP, first you have to root your phone (install SuperSU) or it won't be able to boot into the system.
    - Once you've rooted your device, you won't be able to install OTA updates anymore but the only way to update your phone is flashing with SP Flash Tool. Flashing a stock ROM (with the stock recovery) will make you able to install OTA updates again.
    - At some devices (or specific ROM versions), when powering on your phone to boot into TWRP (power + vol-up), after about 3 seconds, you have to release the power button (even if your screen is still black) and keep only the vol-up button pressed until the TWRP welcome screen pops up or the recovery will be skipped and your phone will boot into the system.

    What you need:

    Driver for Preloader USB VCOM mode: Windows 10 already can automatically install it or you can use this: MTK_Driver_Auto_Installer_SP_Drivers_20160804.exe

    SP Flash Tool application: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1712.rar

    An SPFT ROM package for your specific device, that you can download in UMi's ROM section.

    A custom recovery image that fits your phone:
    UMI Zero: UMI_ZERO_TWRP_2.8.2_recovery.img
    UMI eMAX: TWRP_2.8.1.0_UMI_EMAX_4.4.4_284X_v2_recovery.img for Android 4.4 or UMI_eMAX_TWRP2.8.7.0_lollipop.img for Android 5.x.
    UMI Hammer: UMI_Hammer_TWRP_2.8.7_recovery.img
    UMI Hammer S: HammerS_TWRP_2.8.7.3.img (not tested on real device)
    UMI Fair: CWM_Umi_Fair.img (created by megthebest)
    UMI Iron: UMI_Iron_TWRP_2.8.7_recovery.img
    UMI Iron Pro: UMI_Iron_Pro_TWRP-2.8.70_recovery.img (created by megthebest)
    UMI Rome: TWRP_2.8.7_Umi_Rome.img (created by megthebest)
    UMI Rome X: TWRP3.0.0RomeX.img (created by megthebest)
    UMI Touch: Touch_TWRP_3.0.2.img or CWM_6.0.5.1_UMI_touch.img
    UMI Touch X: TWRP_302_for_UMI_Touch_X_201605171.img (created by megthebest and jemmini)
    UMI Super: TWRP_3.02_UMI_Super.img (created by megthebest and jemmini)
    UMI London: TWRP_302_UMI_London.V3.01_20160612.img (created by jemmini)
    UMI MAX: TWRP_302_UMI_MAX.V1.01_20160819.img (created by jemmini)
    UMI Plus: TWRP_302_UMI_PLUS.V3.01_20161019.img (created by jemmini)
    UMI Plus E: PlusE_TWRP_303_V3.01_20170112.img (created by jemmini)
    UMI Z and Z Pro: TWRP_303_UMI_Z.V3.01_20170116.img (created by jemmini)
    UMIDIGI C Note: C_Note_TWRP-3.1.1-0_NoTouch.img (created by joe2k01) - no touch screen support, you can control it with an OTG mouse (use a wireless one)

    Newer models will be added later.

    Super SU installation package: or you can find the latest versions HERE

    Now I'm going to guide you through the whole process, using a UMI Touch and TWRP recovery.
    You can use the same method on other models but the UI and some features of the CWM recovery are different.

    Charge the battery of your phone to at least 50% and turn it off before starting this process.

    1. Install the MTK_Driver_Auto_Installer_SP_Drivers_20160804.exe driver (if your system cannot download and install the drivers automatically).

    2. Extract the SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1712.rar file and run flash_tool.exe.

    3. Extract the content of the ROM archive, that you downloaded for your specific phone in the ROM section.*
    *Beside the recovery image file, just only a compatible scatter file is mostly enough for this process but not always without editing it. So please strictly follow the instructions below and use a full ROM package together with the scatter file inside its folder. Don't use a such setup where not all partitions are loaded.

    4. Open the scatter file, that you can find in the ROM folder.

    5. Leave only the recovery line checked, then double click on its Location field and brows for your device specific custom recovery image file, that you can find in the list above.

    6. Click on the Download button and connect your phone to a USB port of your computer. The flashing process will start automatically and it needs just a few seconds.*
    *At some models you have to press one of the volume buttons while connecting to USB but most of them don't need it and you mustn't press any of the buttons.

    7. Now the custom recovery has been flashed. You may remove the USB cable. You can boot your phone into recovery by powering it on while pressing the volume up button. After your phone is powered on, release the power key but still keep the vol-up button pressed until the TWRP boot screen pops up.
    At some models this action starts the bootloader mode and you can boot into recovery from its menu. In such menus you can navigate with the vol-up button and select an item with the vol-down button.
    *At some models you HAVE TO boot your phone into recovery at the first power on that follows the TWRP flashing or the original stock recovery will be restored by the system. So that's always better to start with booting into recovery after the flashing process finished.

    Root your phone by SuperSU with TWRP

    Step 1.
    Boot your phone into recovery and connect it to a USB port of that computer, where you store the downloaded SuperSU installation zip file. Copy that file to the Internal storage of your phone. After finished, you may remove the USB cable.

    Step 2.
    Select Install - Before you process the further steps, I suggest you to make a backup of your Data and Nvram partition or the whole system.

    Step 3.
    Select the Internal Storage, then brows for the SuperSU .zip file.

    Step 4.
    • On the next screen don't check any of the options, just swipe right the bottom slider to start the installation process.
    • Wait until the installation finishes. It needs just a few seconds, not a long time.

    Step 5.
    Click on Wipe cache/dalvik (swipe right), then Reboot System.
    Warning! Don't wipe the cache if you use a not fully compatible TWRP image (such ported ones without touch screen support and with other bugs), just select Reboot System or your action may drive to a boot loop.

    Step 6.
    Wait until your system boots up. Now your phone has root access. You can check your status with Root Checker.

    All the screenshots are captured and the guide is written by me for UMI users. Unauthorized copy of this content is prohibited.

    Please let me know if you find errors or missing info.

    Thank you for your attention,

    TWRP 3.0.2 for UMI London

    TWRP 3.0.2 for UMI London

    Based on Android 6.0 firmware ver. UMI_London.V3.01 / Sun Jun 12 20:12:39 CST 2016
    TWRP 3.0.2 for UMI Plus

    TWRP 3.0.2 for UMI Plus

    Based on Android 6.0 firmware ver. UMI_PLUS.V3.01_20161019

    WARNING!! Strictly follow these installation instruction!

    1. Flash the recovery.img using SP FlashTool
    2. Enter into TWRP and Install the patch "SuperSU 2.78"
    3. Reboot to the system
    TWRP 3.0.2 for UMI MAX

    TWRP 3.0.2 for UMI MAX

    Based on Android 6.0 firmware ver. UMI MAX.V1.01_20160819

    WARNING!! Strictly follow these installation instruction!

    1. Flash the recovery.img using SP FlashTool
    2. Enter into TWRP and Install the patch "SuperSU 2.76"
    3. Reboot to the system
    Is it possible to add Umi Plus??
    Best Regards

    yes, maybe..