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This season has seen a lot of big phones. Some are even commenting that this is the season that will mark the return of the big phone. Is that true? Well, so far, it seems so.

UMi has been on the forefront of technology ever since its inception. This season, they have successfully launched the UMi Super (including its EURO Edition) and of course, the UMi London (which has just started shipping for UMi's buyers). What next then? The UMi Max!

What will the UMi Max be about? Let’s imagine from the name! Maybe it will come with a 6-inch screen. Not enough? Maybe it’ll feature an AMOLED display! So no more sub-pat LCD displays on your big phone. Anyway, UMi Max is going to be a phone that is made to do big things.

After using a lot of big phones, including the Xiaomi Mi Max, LeEco Le Max 2 and the Nubia Z11 Max, they thought the big phone market needed something that’s truly special and made with the consumer in mind. The next will be UMi Max?​
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Jul 18, 2014
UMi Max Walk in front of Iphone 7


Few days back UMi revealed to the world our upcoming project, the UMi Max. The UMi Max is the result of the increasing requirement of a big phone that does not suck. What that means is that the UMi Max will be a truly ‘max’ phone with everything big.

When UMi revealed the Max, they mentioned maybe it is going to be a phone with a 6-inch screen. Bear in mind, to ensure proper screen utilization and epic contrast rates, maybe UMi will choose an AMOLED panel over the standard IPS display (for example, the display on Mi Max).


Except screen,what else you will think about from the name of UMi Max?
UMi Max maybe will go one step further and will likely come with 6GB of RAM. As many of you may know, even the Mi Max does not offer 6GB of RAM.

Not only that, UMi Max walk in front of Iphone 7! we are also considering shipping the phone with 128GB of on board storage so you don’t need to worry about running out of space!
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Jul 18, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Note7 Declare War to UMi Max


Samsung announced a flagship in the Samsung Note7. It is the first phone from Samsung to feature iris unlock, but there is a little bit of innovation for Note 7. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 will cost a meaty $849.99 which makes us wonder… WHY, SAMSUNG! How can we afford?

Reacting to this, UMi honchos revealed that their upcoming UMi Max will be very similar to the Note7. But at the same time, will be made for the consumer with the price and experience in the mind. The executives said that the appearance, memory, battery life, USB Type-C interfaces, of the UMi Max will be comparable with the Samsung Galaxy Note7.

The UMi Max will have a symmetrical aesthetic appearance which will be staged, ergonomic. It will be comparable to the magnesium alloy technology used on the iPhone, which brings an excellent feel and sense of visual impact.

Taking into account the kind of requirements of today’s world, the UMi Max will support a large RAM quantity (possibly 6GB RAM) along with a microSD slot for memory expansion to PK Note 7.

UMi Max will go beyond what the Note7 has on offer. And it will have exclusive saving battery method. Thus, you can expect hours and hours of usage time without having to worry about battery life one bit!

USB Type-C:
ForSamsung, this is the first time to use Type-C, but for UMi, it’s not the first time.
so we are no alien to the technology. And of course, the UMi Max will support USB Type-C!


We must learn to deal with products and consumers. We want to make consumers our friends, rather than to earn money from them. The UMi max will give you a surprisingly lucrative price and an experience beyond satisfactory!


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Jul 18, 2014
30,000 pre-ordered UMi Max starts shipping Today


UMi Max was sold 30,000 within 12days after the company put the smartphone up for flash sale on August 11st. The base variant of the 5.5-inch mega phone with a Helio P10 CPU, 3 GB RAM and 16 GB storage, 4000mAh mega battery, 13MP camera, a completely unique combination that you can’t find one similar over all in current market was on the website for the first sale at just US$169.99. For those of you, who missed out, worry not! The pre-sales will continue till August 31st on gearbest and more shops.

UMi Max is one rare choice to get Helio P10 for a 3GB RAM with 4000mAh long lasting smartphone at price just US$ 169.99 free shipping to all over the world. This mega precious phone is started to be shipped to all its 30,000 lovers over the world from Today.

UMi Max features a 13MP rear camera from Panasonic® with f/2.0 lens and phase detection autofocus. The front camera is a 5MP GalaxyCore® GC5005.

The smartphone comes in Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, which provide pure and the most original experience from Google.

Buy one or win one for free Today here at
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