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Apr 4, 2021
AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III
I actually have been having a hell of a time getting mtk client to even detect the phone in windows. I cloned mtkclient in Parrot OS (linux). And have tried that way too but i guess I still have too much to learn about linux to get this to work in parrot. Think I'm gonna try ubuntu or try to clone the ReLive disc image to an unused partition on my HDD and try to boot it. I'm not sure how to add it to GRUB and make it boots that way. But I dont have a thumb drive handy any time soon. Was thinking about using drivedroid but I dont have a rooted phone atm. Could root this newly acquired s7 to do the trick but I would be stuck on a pieces together system using engineering from and I guess that's not terrible but this is my main device right now and can't afford to have the issues that go along with that until I get a properly rooted backup device.
Does anyone have any advice on where to find the drivers for windows to get mtkclient working? It seems that I can't even get python set up right because of permission issues and etc... in windows 11...
I'll try running the iso for the ReLive as VM i
When I get home today.
I know all of this is probably not necessary for most people to get their devices rooted as you guys are working on a simpler method to release. But for the sake of learning I'm gonna try the hard way lol. Any advice would be appreciated.
Also I know the s7 is d
But many of us would love the help of anyone interested in getting a decent rom and some issues resolved on the g930 now as they are being given away through cintex wireless and airtalk wireless, its twin sister when u sign up for the free lifeline/acp services. These companies offer the best free phone I've found so far. S7 in my book beats out any of what the other lifeline companies are offering right now
this is a qualcomm phone mtk client isnt gonna work, edl by bkerler is what you want


Jul 2, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
this is a qualcomm phone mtk client isnt gonna work, edl by bkerler is what you want
Omg your absolutely right. [Face palm!]
That should have been soo obvious.
Idk why I didn't think about that at all. I was so focused on trying to do this as mentioned by the OP, I completely overlooked a major major detail.
Sometimes I wonder how I even made it to adulthood Haha. Thanks.
Must remember to think instead of blindly following lol


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Dec 27, 2020
My friend just got a new motorola G pure from assurance and gave me his U693CL phone. Assurance shut it off, they didn't want it back and he has no use for it now that he has a new phone. So I guess I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to upgrade it beyond android 9 or make it more useful? It's a little piece of ****, but I could find use for it if there's anyway to get it off android 9. Yeah, I know, stupid question or whatever. But I didn't feel the need to start a new thread.

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    Proudly Presents
    Another Exclusive Release

    Supported Model
    UMX U693CL

    OrangeFox_10 Recovery

    AssuranceRom Custom Stock- Android 9
    OmniRom Custom GSI- Android 9
    CrDroid Custom GSI- Android 11

    -AIO ToolKit Prerequisites-
    1- Linux: Linux Mint Cinnamon Suggested
    2- Python 3
    3- Pip install Command: sudo apt install python3-pip

    Rom Notes/Disclaimer/Warning
    **Don't Deviate From The Install instructions Or The Rom Won't Install Correctly**
    **The AIO ToolKit Unbrick Option Is Not Meant To Be Used As A Daily Rom**
    ** Flashing AssuranceRom Will Bypass FRP Locked Devices **
    **Battery Stats Are Broken On GSI Roms**
    **Only Use OrangeFox Until Further Notice: 11-15-2021**

    -AssuranceRom Clean Flash Installation-
    1- Move AssuranceRom To Device(External SD)
    2- Boot Recovery
    3- Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data
    4- Install AssuranceRom
    5- Enjoy!!👍🏻😁

    -Custom GSI Roms Flash Installation-
    1- Move GSI Rom zip To Device(External SD)
    2- Boot Recovery
    3- Wipe Dalvik, Cache, Data
    4- Install Custom GSI Rom zip
    5- Boot Custom GSI Rom & Wait Until A-Team Notification
    6- Boot Recovery With Normal Reboot and Hold Vol+
    7- Enjoy!!👍🏻😁

    Thanks To @deadman96385 for the Firehose Programmer
    Thanks To Brenton Miller For The Substantial Donation For Continued Dev Work On This Device
    Also Big Thanks To Brenton Miller for September 2021 Device Firmware Files
    Big Thanks To The Folks Who Have Come To A-Team Telegram Group To Help Test

    Device Downloads
    UMX U693CL Downloads

    Recovery Device Trees
    Device Source

    A-Team Website
    A-Team Supported Devices

    TeleGram Live Support
    A-Team Digital Solutions
    JuSt A FrIeNdLy- shut up senior citizen,messageboards are the past. Instant messaging is the future. Just now noticed this high and mighty comment,and woooow. Im siding with Pizza,get telegram or get left out. Might see if releases can be explciity telegram too,just to spite yall. Ill ask him later.....
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    Senior Moderator/Developer Committee/Developer Relations

    6-17-2021: Setup for Official Release

    6-19-2021: Initial Package Release, Bugs Expected, Recovery Tree still needs some work

    6-27-2021: AIO ToolKit Release, removing Initial old release. ToolKit is unfinished and missing some recoveries but is working. I'll add the remaining recoveries and such as time permits

    6-28-2021: ToolKit Update v0.06. Dumping options added to Dev Menu, Custom Stock/unbrick Images further tweaked, bugfixes, menu tweaks, etc...

    7-3-2021: Added option to remove device encryption, custom stock/unbrick option now a menu, DarkStar Recovery added to recovery menu, disabled first boot setup screen, removed a couple more bloat apps

    7-9-2021: AssuranceRom v0.07 recovery flashable zip released, AIO ToolKit v0.09 released, changelog and installation now included in toolkit, removed DarkStar and Batik Recovery(Too Old and Missing Needed Features), Added OrangeFox Recovery, Added PitchBlack Recovery, Android 9 GSI roms tested booting, Android 11 GSI roms tested booting

    7-24-2021: AssuranceRom v0.08 Recovery Flashable zip Released, AIO ToolKit v0.10 Released, Changelog now included in the ToolKit Package

    8-31-2021: Rude people associated with this device and I'm bailing, go find some other sucker willing to give up their free time, for free, only to be bashed.

    9-16-2021: Re-Added Link for The Files, enjoy.

    10-21-21: Fixed Main Thread Post, Planned updates are 2 more recovery builds, posting device tree source for all recoveries, update AssuranceRom based off newest OTA release, several planned updates for AIO ToolKit, investigate fixing Lockscreen bug when encryption is disabled, investigate fixing dialer not being set as default dialer on first boot(Magisk Script Not Kicking in Like it should)
    10-22-2021: Added TWRP_10 Device Tree to Github & Updated Post Link, TWRP_10 Added to Device Downloads but not yet added into the ToolKit.

    11-11-2021: Fixed MTP in Recovery, Fixed Decryption in Recovery, New version of AssuranceRom based off September 2021 Update, AssuranceRom Lockscreen bug fixed, AssuranceRom Dialer bug fixed, Device is now using default encryption since recovery has working decryption AIO ToolKit Updated to reflect new recovery builds, AIO ToolKit Updated to reflect updated unbrick files, several small tweaks to AIO ToolKit, TWRP_10 Updated in ToolKit, OrangeFox_10 Updated in ToolKit

    11-12-2021: AIO ToolKit v0.14 Release- Broke Unbrick Option into 2 parts, ReadMe explains this more. Unbrick options will now auto reboot device after flashing, Added Option 9 for testing ADB Connectivity, AssuranceRom v0.10 Release, Re-Added Google Dialer into AssuranceRom(Now set to default dialer), Added AssuranceRom Installation Instructions to Main Thread Post

    11-13-2021: AssuranceRom v0.11 Release, Post Boot Setup Script properly adds preset settings now for X-Plore, Preset settings for NovaLauncher, Added Custom Lockscreen wallpaper and wallpaper, Added a bunch more preset device settings to Post Boot Setup Script. Device will now auto reboot when Post Boot Setup Script is complete so that the changes and settings can be applied, Updated NovaLauncher, AIO ToolKit v0.15 Release, NovaLauncher Updated in unbrick System Image, Added Installation Warning on Main Thread Post

    11-14-2021: Prep Main Thread for Custom GSI Releases, OmniRom_A9_Custom_GSI-UMX_U693CL-v0.01.zip Release, AIO ToolKit v0.16 Release(Unbrick Option 1 BugFix)

    11-15-2021: AssuranceRom v0.12 Release(Consult ChangeLog), OmniRom v0.02 Release(Consult Changelog), AIO ToolKit v0.17 Release(Remove TWRP For Now)

    12-5-2021: CrDroid Custom GSI v0.02 Release, Working Assurance Service and Volte OOTB, All GSI Roms will only require 1 install now (y) 😁 , I will eventually spread that out to AssuranceRom as well in the future.

    1-4-2022: AssuranceRom v0.13 Release, AIO ToolKit v0.19 Release, consult ChangeLogs for changes
    Have you tried installing the custom rom zip file through the recovery that PizzaG inlcuded? I have had no problems with that (except setting up a lockout pin where it says pin not accepted even though it was correct).
    the PIN issue is due to disabled force encryption. If you NEED the ability to lock the screen,i have a debloated vendor of my own that has forceencrypt enabled if youd like it
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