How To Guide [UNBRICK]How to flash stock OxygenOS firmware on OnePlus 10R.

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Jul 9, 2016
Mumbai, India
OnePlus 10R / Ace
The thing is the n20 is the equivalent of a red headed step child. Its completely abandoned since it's release. . Theres no payload bin, so no fastboot enchantment,. The only firmware is msmtool and that cost money for remote flash.

I extracted the ofp and got raw files
You can download the firmware right? extracted from there itself?

If you are on Telegram ping me there.

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    NOTE: This method will ONLY If your device is able to boot into fastboot. If you are not able to boot into fastboot you will have to go to a service centre or pay someone to fix your phone remotely.

    Prerequisites -
    • You have the latest adb, fastboot & MediaTek drivers installed.
    • You have the latest platform-tools.
    - With an unlocked bootloader, Fastboot Enhance allows you to flash stock OOS without relocking the bootloader. It can also be used to downgrade your OS without losing data.
    - To use it, download the tool from HERE.
    - Try to find the latest firmware.
    - If your phone is Oneplus Ace then use Ace's ColorOS firmware and then switch to OxygenOS later.

    1. Put the phone in fastboot mode by press all three buttons at once (OR try all possible key combinations.) and connect to PC.

    2. Launch the Fastboot Enhance app and double-click your connected device.

    3. Click the “Reboot to Fastbootd” button.

    4. Once in fastbootd, click the Flash Payload.bin button. If you get a warning about cow files, ignore and hit the Yes button.

    5. Select the FULL of your choice (incremental patches not allowed.)

    6. The app will extract the payload.bin from the full zip and begin flashing automatically.
    (Do NOT touch your device or close the app during this time or you risk bricking your device.)

    7. Once done flashing, you will get a “Operation completed” dialogue box. Hit Okay and then hit the “Reboot to System” button.

    8. DONE.

    - You should find all necessary details here.
    - This can cost you about $4 to $20 depending upon who you ask. (This has nothing to do with me, only sharing information.)
    Credits: VerpaSRP

    Required files download links -
    1. Payload dumper go
    2. Platform Tools
    3. OxygenOS A.03 80W
    4. OxygenOS A.03 150W
    ColorOS Firmwares

    Oneplus 10R | Ace Chatroom for more help/info:
    This phone is still on the way, but before shipping, the seller opens it to install the global version on Oxygen. The (CH) version is installed from the factory on ColorOS, which has several languages, including Russian I have known Oxygen for a long time, there were no phones with ColorOS. I want to compare them myself in personal use and make a choice for myself, which will be more comfortable for me to use. User opinions are divided. I want to compare myself.

    You can reinstall ColorOS on your Ace using the exact same method that used to flash 10R's OxygenOS on the Ace. Basically you have to unlock the bootloader, download the Ace's original firmware from and flash it using Fastboot Enhance.

    But personally I don't think there are any reason to prefer Ace's stock ROM, the Chinese version of ColorOS is all bloated with Chinese apps and functions that mostly useless for the rest of the world.
    I have found a patched oplus EDL Flash Tool.

    Anyone with a bricked 10R/Ace, willing to try tag me. I'll share all the links and if it works then will post here.

    Tested; unfortunately it doesn't work!
    So this is the OnePlus Ace smartphone, a phone with a global firmware

    Technically, Indian firmware, not Global. 10R is India only device, Ace is China only device.

    If your only concern is Russian language, you get that on 10R's firmware.
    I bought mine from a local store in my country, partner of Oneplus.
    Model is 10R (india) with Global OxygenOs. Of course it have rusian language.
    Ace if for China with chinese ColorOS.