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unbrick Lenovo tab M10 plus (x606x)

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New member
Nov 14, 2020
Hello everybody,

first of all I'm, sorry for my newbie's awkwardness and for my bad english too...

I'm a linux (Debian) enthusiast and I'd liked to install it on my Lenovo Tab M10 Plus; my choice felt on "Linux Deploy" but it needs a rooted device so, after an internet search for tutorials and tips and a system backup (.adb file saved on PC) I bravely tried with Magisk... and I failed (or I think so). :eek:

The tablet start in a never-end booting loop and on the splash screen appears the message
Orange State
Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted
You device will boot in 5 seconds

I can access in fastboot mode so I tried to flash a no-rooted (downloaded) boot.img but it didn't works (the flashing process reports OKAY but the device reboot anyway in Orange Status), I tried with the flashall command that reports
error: ANDROID_PRODUCT_OUT not set
I tried to wipe and flash but it didn't works, I granted the access in some recovery mode and tried to install the .adb backup file from the SD card but the system says :
E: signature verification failed
E: error: 21
Installation aborted.

I thought to open the backup .adb file for extract the original files (I don't know if it could be done and if it could be useful) but how? :confused:
I think someday someone more skilled than me will solve the problem but, waiting for that day... any advice ?

Thanks, anyway.

Cheers, Ste.


New member
Oct 24, 2021
Same problem...lenovo tab x606F firmware is not present in Lenovo Rescue Smart Assistant and you can't add it manually!