Unexpected Update: N950USQU8DVB1 2022-02-22

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Jan 4, 2011
My Verizon Note 8 just received an update (N950USQU8DVB1) but I had thought that the phone was out of support and was not going to get any more updates. I don't see mention of this one on the Verizon update page. Does anyone know what this is about and why we are getting an update after the support window is over?


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Dec 21, 2009
Can anyone confirm if this update made voLTE available?
Does anyone have the files available yet to download and flash?
I don't see them on sammobile.com yet, but I would like to get a copy if anyone can help.


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Feb 26, 2022
This updated broke my phone. I updated last night and now I have a "No sim card" message. I took my phone to a repair shop and they couldn't fix it. They suggested maybe a flash/roll back, but they wouldn't do it for me. My phone was perfectly fine before I updated. Good times..............


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Try booting to recovery mode and wiping the cache partition. My friend had a dual sim version and sim not found message happened to him, wiping cache and double checking network was set to auto fixed it for him.

Another method may be trying to connect to windows and download Verizon software assistant and select repair phone. Takes a while to download everything so be patient until it finishes. I recall it took a half hour. Hope it helps.