Unique warning for April update: SM-G930U

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Jan 4, 2016
I run my household off Tmobile's cell and unlimited data. I've bypassed throttle through routing my phone by changing the TTL of my PC (or routing it through a repeater that mangles the TTL). Loved loved loved the G930U stock UNTIL today. Just did the April update (CSC Version G930UOYM4BRD1) and boom, gone. I'm by no means a developer/hacker; but redoing global DUN did nothing, resetting the phone and resetting the router did nothing. All the old tricks of been patched AFAIK. Gonna have to downgrade, ugh. Just a warning to everyone if you're in a similar situation as I am. USB tether still works (Foxfi/PDAnet), but they're hovering at about 1/5 the speed I get from regular hotspot mode.
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