[UNIVERSAL][MOD][BETA-TEST] Ultimate Performance - Blazing Fast Speed On The Go !

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Dec 13, 2010
Try antutu benchmark before & after. v10.0.4 isn't complete yet so there is only small difference. Scrolling should be less laggy (very noticeable on low end device).
v10.0.4 isn't improve battery much, i didn't gain much time on this one compared to v8 :/


v8 b1 isn't supposed to be beta [emoji14]
Please talk about it HERE ;)



What file does it contains ? (names)


This isn't supposed to work on CM for now ^^'


@sohamsen : I will continue dev in 2017 now, so beta will stay like this for now.
Everyone feel free to contribute HERE (declare issues, pull request, code review, ...) if you want to ;)
So v8 is better than this version?

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Dec 27, 2014
is the same 03 version?

Enviado do meu Moto MAXX
I just updated the uninstaller file, so yeah, same name.
My goal is to build one uninstaller, whatever version you're using ... It's easier for customers ;)


So v8 is better than this version?

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v8 is complete, so it's supposed to be better. But if your are running android 5 or +, most of script using executable file (sqlite3, zipalign, haveged, dnsmasq, ...) doesn't work because those file haven't been updated since long time. And android 5+ need PIE executable for security. So the system refuse to execute them :/
But files tweaks, config replacement and such still work, most of them.
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Devansh Bhinde

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Oct 16, 2016
Navi Mumbai
This means its successful? RR 7.1.1 Sony L


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Johny Cipeli

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Dec 22, 2015
The v10.4 is amazing. I'm running MiUi 8 for falcon with Ultimate Performance, and I'm surprised how both are working well together, no lags, no bricked animations, everything is smooth, Thanks Dev!!! By the way there is another good mod (ThunderBolt v3.5.0) take a look ;)
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    UNIVERSAL SUPER FAST MOD Ultimate Performance Blazing Fast Speed On The Go
    Ultimate Performance is a Mod that *will* combines many scripts and tweaks in one package.
    The goal is to improve Android System's performance, smoothness, reduce GUI lags
    and of course some useful battery life improvements and tweaks !

    I'm not responsible for any damage, brick, silent alarm or nuclear attack on your phone !
    Be careful and make a backup before if you're afraid !

    This is the development thread of this mod.
    If you want to test new feature, or want to contribute to this mod, this is the place.

    GIT LINK : Beta
    GIT LINK : Stable

    Merging list :
    Working on
    Will be
    Maybe ?
    • Pure Peformance X(Golden Edition) by Jeeko - link
    • Adrenaline Engine by ImbaWind
    • TweakZV6 by [email protected]
    • Broadcom Booster by jynprojects
    • Fly-On Mod by slaid480 - link
    • LagFreeV3 by slaid480 - link
    • Pureâ„¢Graphics HD by Jeeko - link
    Huge Thanks to the devs of these mods!

    Known bug :

    Direct downloads
    WorkFlow informations for new contributors :

    If you're good with git : Fork https://github.com/storm1er/-UNIVER...ate-Performance-Blazing-Fast-Speed-On-The-Go-
    Then create pull request & issues as you want, we will review your code before merge ;)

    2016-12 :
    v0.3 :
    - We restarted this mod from scratch because of multiple reason, the big one is that most of those mods can't work correctly on new android version, and therefore, most executable were out to date.
    - PPX (Pure Performance X) already contains AE (Adrenaline Engine)
    - We "just" update some binaries and *tada* bootloop for a lot of devices .-.
    v0.4 :
    - Rebase PPX & AE, no more bootloop on STOCK 6.1, only sqlite3 has been PIE updated (+arch specific)
    - Only PPX stock version, i'm looking how to install stock and CM version from the same script.
    Redone uninstaller :
    - Bad deletion removed
    - Lib files will stay even after uninstall, could be used by other mods
    If you can link some here =D I would greatly appreciate, :highfive:

    You can find the flashable pie zip here.
    Sorry everyone, i'm kinda busy at this moment, so i'll be back soon :/
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