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Unknown application consumes mobile data

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Mar 30, 2019
For some time I have discovered an unknown application on my cell phone that consumes mobile data. This application cannot be deactivated or uninstalled, it only appears in the list of applications that consume mobile data, nor does it offer details of what times it connects, only the consumption. I have no idea how it was installed or when. I have already made 3 complete resets to the phone and after a short time it appears again. It is quite annoying.
The application is named "All Work Apps" version 1.5.160106. The icon is a white briefcase inside a deep orange circle.
Phone details: Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (not rooted and locked bootloeader)
Android version: 11 RKQ1.201004.002
Android Security Update: 2021-07-01
MIUI version: MIUI Global 12.0.2 Stable (RCXEUXM)
Attached Screenshot of the App
I appreciate any help or information in this regard. At the moment I don't know if it is a spy application or a virus. I would like to be able to remove it or block its installation.


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Senior Member
Aug 23, 2012
do you a settings option if you search for it to limit background data usage ?
maybe you can find this app listed there and deny it background data