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Unlock Black Shark Bootloader Global Version

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New member
Mar 26, 2019
I had this problem.. when ever I reconnect my device, a black screen with small text appear saying "press any button to restart", I have the global version tho, Any help?...


Senior Member
Sep 11, 2018
I successfully unlocked my bootloader. Many thanks.
Unfortunately, the reminder from No Keypad on Game Dock, even I select
No more reminding
the reminder still keeps showing.

This happened after I unlocked my bootloader. Does this happen to you also?


New member
Nov 26, 2019
I hv version skr-h0, why there is text Failed <Unlock is not allowed on device has sales on market

Eliomar Junior

New member
Apr 3, 2020
Good evening...
I have a global Black Shark (SKR-H0), and I would like to root it. However, with the suggested procedure, it is not working. Is there another way to unlock?

Grateful ........ Eliomar


New member
May 28, 2020
علي الماجدي

Hello. I need to root my device. I searched all the websites but did not find the root of my device. I ask you to help with that. My device name is Black Shark SKR_HO version number. G66X1910301OS00MPP

kevin mitnick

Senior Member
Oct 28, 2011
Hello. I need to root my device. I searched all the websites but did not find the root of my device. I ask you to help with that. My device name is Black Shark SKR_HO version number. G66X1910301OS00MPP

Im looking it too..now im stuck on 190930, rooted. if you want boot_patched.img, I will share

kevin mitnick

Senior Member
Oct 28, 2011
Hi, i am on the way to root this device. I have a CN rom android 10 can i use your img and have global version with it? Anything special to do to switch CN to global that i need to be carefull about?

if you want to change to global, you can searching on youtube for reference. I also found it on youtube.
if you want to root android 10 on bs 1, you can try this methode. I tried n rooted..

---------- Post added at 06:53 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:42 AM ----------

tutorial ubl android 10 black shark 1

please read carefully. dwyor
sorry for my bad english

this tutorial based on my experience. I dont know if it will successful on your device.
firstly, my device on skr-h0.
then I changed my device into skr-a0 by flashing the rom with QFIL. based android 8.1
on this condition, the phone still locked bootloader.
then I updated it until G66X1912230CN00DQX, based android 10.
on this rom, bootloader still unable to be unlock.
then I downgrade exactly 1 rom below. the file size is about 1gb.
on this rom based android 9, I tried to unlock by methode : fastboot flashing unlock, and the phone changed to unlocked.
then I up the rom to G66X1912230CN00DQX and the phone still unlocked even this rom based android 10.

then I revert back to global rom by using qfil.
and flash rom global until android 10, and the status still unlocked.
and root by using this methode https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=897119&st=10860#entry99226967

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    Hi Guys,
    first off i am no dev but i am a tech nerd and want to gain access to everything on my phone.
    After some digging around i finally figured out how to Unlock the Bootloader of my Xiaomi Black Shark (Global Version).
    The steps might vary for the Chinese Version but i guess they might be the same.


    What you need:
    Your Xiaomi Black Shark
    Drivers installed (you can use the miunlock tool for that but dont need it to unlock the Bootloader)
    ADB installed.
    A Backup tool.

    If you want to unlock the bootloader do the following:

    First Backup all your files and Settings.

    Go to Settings/System/About the Phone and Tap on the Build Number to gain Dev Settings
    In the Dev Settings enbale USB Debugging and OEM Unlock.

    Connect your device to your computer.
    Install the ADB Drivers if you did not already do so
    Open a command prompt as admin

    Type in
    adb devices
    to see if your device is recognized. If not try again to install them through the MiUnlock tool.

    If it is recognized it will look like this:


    After that type

    adb reboot bootloader

    as soon as your phone restarts remove it from the USB Cable. Otherwise it might want to reboot right after you tried it.
    Connect it to the cable again as soon as you are in Fastboot.

    In your console type

    fastboot flashing unlock


    fastboot reboot bootloader
    or use the menu of the Bootloader to reboot to the Bootloader. As you will see your device is now unlocked.
    Hello I want to share my TWRP project for blackshark:
    TWRP 3.2.3-0 for blackshark
    Seems decryption is not working for now, this is the major bug.

    For more info and to download it, i leave the thread link:
    Hello guys, i am in the same situation. I have the Black Shark's chinese version and i'm stuck here "Failed <Unlock is not allowed on device has sales on market!>"
    I have 2 days left to decide if i keep or not the phone but in this state (not rooted, and doesn't know if i could do it a day or not), i can't keep it.
    If someone have a solution, i'll be really grateful and i'm sure i'm not the only one.
    it works !!!!

    now we need a patched boot

    patched_boot.img i hope someone do this

    Unfortunately BlackShark is Not willing to provide us with the full Image so that wont Happen in the near Future.