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Unlock bootloader p40 pro (paid)

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Nov 30, 2020
harmonyOS is not based on android at all
Shortly speaking, GMS is super proprietary and you need to have the right chipset and android. See that HarmonyOS 2 (aka. the public china beta) has GMS on the Mate X2? That thing ships with EMUI 11.

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    I found some websites that provide bootloader unlock code for (50$) for the Huawei P40 Pro. And i wanted to know if someone already tested them ? And if they are genuine
    As i want to the buy the phone but i want to be sure i can unlock it otherwise i will not.

    Thanks for reply
    It's a scam, Huawei devices can't be unlocked, don't trade 50 bucks for nothing

    Edit: There are ways to brute force the bootloader unlocking but most sellers are scammer
    But maybe a stupid/noob question. Does not unlocking te bootloader let me use magisk and twrp?
    At least it did with my mate 20 pro. (i do not want custom rom, only safety net pass (for gpay) and certified device in play store....
    Unlocking your bootloader is the prerequisite in order to start the process of rooting. Unlocking the bootloader doesn't root your phone. It just allows you to start the process off rooting. Without an unlocked bootloader, you can't root. As far as I know anyway. I'm not an expert haha
    I watched a russian guy unlocking p40 using sigma before, dont know how to find that video tho.
    No definite proof but there is this video unlocking a mate 30 pro
    But still, no proof on the phone... Just a video of some software. I could easyily try this if sigma responded to tell me what i need to buy of their products to unlock Huawei 990 5g, but no response... And i do not care if i brick my phone. Just want to get to the bottom of this...