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Unlock Bootloader

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Jan 10, 2016
when i tried to unlock bootloader it says:
target reported max download size of 1610612736 bytes
sending 'unlock' (5 KB)...
OKAY [ 0.032s]
writing 'unlock'...
FAILED (remote: Invalid data)
finished. total time: 0.095s

why always like that , i've tried to get new img but still remote invalid data


Feb 25, 2012
Z2 Plus doesn't actually lock the bootloader. With locked bootloader, the phone can still boot with unofficial ROMs, there's merely a warning message before the phone continue to boot - even if you unlock the bootloader, such warning still won't go away.
You may use QPST/QFIL's partition manager (with the firehose flasher program extracted from stock ROM package) to flash TWRP into the recovery partition.
Unlocking bootloader merely provides convenience in fastboot mode. However it's not hard for Z2 to enter EDL (9008) mode, the so-called "deep flash USB cable" works. There're test points on the mainboard as well.