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How To Guide Unlock, Change from Chinese to Eu rom, and root guide with magisk

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Nov 15, 2010

Unlocking your mi mix 4 :​

lets start by enabling developer options on our mix 4, to do that go to device settings,then tap on My device > All specs > keep tapping on miui version till u enable developer options.

this will enable developer options under additional settings,
go to developer settings and enable OEM unlocking, and
select mi unlock status, put in a sim card, disconnect from wifi, enable cellular data, and tap on add account and device

wait for a week, only then u are allowed to unlock.

on your windows pc download and install adb, fastboot and drivers using the 15 seconds adb install tool link
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 6.22.31 AM.png

this should install device drivers,
boot your phone into fastboot mode,
to boot your phone into fastboot, power off your device, and while poweing on hold volume down button.
this will put your phone into fastboot mode, connect it to your windows pc, check if the drivers are installed properly by going into
device manager and see if android device is shown without any errors,
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 6.23.03 AM.png

open power shell and see if the device is recognised by the system by typing in
fastboot devices
this should display your device id.

Warning : unlocking your phone will format the whole phone please take a bakcup of your daata.
now download mi unlock tool from this link
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 6.23.23 AM.png

open the mi unlock tool select your device and tap on unlock, it will prompt for your credentials,
type in your mi account details that are binded to your device, and once your are logged in,
click on unlock again, this will start the unlock process
on your mix 4, you will be prompted with this,

Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 6.25.22 AM.png

tap on the first option and log in using your mi account credentials,
your phone is now unlocked.

Replacing the chinese rom with an EU rom:​

now that the phone is unlocked, lets download the latest available EU fastboot flashable build from the following link
extract the downloaded rom, before we flash the rom, we need to reboot our phone to fastboot mode, to do that
as i told earlier, power off your device, and while powering the phone on, hold volume down, this will boot your mix 4 into fastboot mode.
lets reverify if your phone is unlocked by opening powershell and type in this command
fastboot oem device-info
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 6.38.38 AM.png

Warning : the next step will format your device to factory settings, please backup the needed files.
now that we verified that the device is unlocked, lets flash the rom by clicking on
this will start the flashing process. once the flash process is done, you can setup the mix 4 device.

Rooting mix 4 with magisk manager:​

warning : to root the phone your phone should be having an unlocked bootloader, please dont try to root your phone without unlocking the bootloader.and also banking apps, and payment apps might not work, so do accordingly.
copy imgages/boot.img file from extracted eu rom folder to mix 4 device,
install magisk manager from magisk github link.

once the magisk manager is installed,
open magisk manager, tap on install button next to Magisk,
then tap on select and patch file,
from the file manager, select the copied boot.img, and tap on next.
this will patch the boot.img image file and generate a magisk_patched.img in the downloads folder.
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 7.03.44 AM.png
Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 7.04.37 AM.png

copy the magisk_patched.img file from downloads folder on android to the desktop on windows,
reboot your mix 4 to fastboot mode, and connect it to pc.
now open power shell window in the desktop folder by howering your mouse in the empty space,
and while holding the shift key on your keyboard, right click on the mouse, this will show an option
of open power shell window. click on it, and see if the device is recognised in fastboot mode by typing in
fastboot devices

this should show your device code.
now that the device is in fastboot mode, type in the following command
fastboot flash boot magisk_patched*.img

this will flash the magisk patched boot image, you can reboot your phone by typing in
fastboot reboot

once the phones booted up, open magisk manager, it should say installed : yes under magisk

and also a hovering menu at the bottom which will give access to super su functionality, and magisk modules too.

so if you guys want a detailed video for the same, check out ,



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Nov 15, 2010
If you want to use Google Pay or any other app that uses SafeNet API to detect root, you might want to use Magisk to add hide module to trick SafetyNet and hide. SafetyNet unfortunately detects even unlocked bootloader and/or flashed custom ROM.
so most of the banking apps or payment apps only stop working if u have rooted your rom. so i am on eu rom and most of the banking apps work if i dont root it


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Mar 1, 2019
Xiaomi Mi MIX 4
I guess it depends. On my MIX 3 Google Pay wasn't working because I had bootloader unlocked even when nothing was flashed. I'm planning to experiment a bit when official TWRP comes out because I really hate CN XiaoAI and a lot of features missing.


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Nov 15, 2010
Can anybody give instruction on root and magisk without installing eu? If i wanna use ch?
so inorder to root, you have to have your bootloader unlocked for sure,
so unlock your device as shown in my post above,
then extract your boot.img from the rom( find the version of your rom, download that specific rom from https://mifirm.net/model/odin.ttt )
and follow the above instructions for root as shown in my post(basically install magisk manager on your phone, use magisk to patch the boot.img, and the finally flash the boot.img using the command in fastboot mode.
fastboot flash boot magisk_patched*.img
and your phone should be rooted.

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