Unlock SIM Carrier- Galaxy S5 (Tested, non-root, Free)


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Feb 21, 2011
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I bought a g900p (sprint) s5 had a bill attached to it that wasn't mine and i wasn't paying it . I spent latterly a week looking for a sim unlock for this phone with absolutely zero success. I did find a guy "idoneapps" i think was the name . That claimed to be able to unlock it ...i didn't want to pay some random fella money so i kept looking for another week. Still nothing so i payed this guy i think 25 bucks or something like that got his app from his site . literally within 2 minutes i had a unlocked sprint s5 running on straight talk (att network). I have never had a issue. I was sketched bout using my bank card to pay but i have never had any issues with that either ... for all extensive purposes this dude is/was legit and saved me from having a paperweight .... Anyone looking to sim unlock their s5 i would recommend a quick google search for this fella ....
"for all intents and purposes"

but yes, NoDial from idoneapps is 100% legit. Or at least he was when i used his services 4 times a couple years ago. They also have their own forum, which is small and niche, but its active and respectable.

Anyways, im back here on a S5 forum because im looking for a free unlock method. Anyone try this method recently?
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Feb 20, 2012
Glad I found this thread.
Just tested this with my SM-G900P and it worked.
Only additional notes that I found was that I was able to do this on 6.0.1 without downgrading by doing the following:
1. You can enable DM+MODEM+ADB by using #3424## -> Phone Util Menu -> PDA and enabling DM+MODEM+ADB
2. Ran diag as per OPs post and then ran domestic unlock instead of direct unlock on z3x and rebooted
3. After running the domestic unlock with z3x I followed these instructions I found on a site for z3x:
First reset the Network settings to defaul ##72786#

Now to enable GCF.
set the phone to airplane mode
then Go to Settings
and click Activate device then press multiple times in the right upper corner(menu button)
then press PST
then test mode menu

A. click ue setting and info
B. click setting
C. click protocol
D. open gcf and click number 1 and make sure it is on.
E. Restart the phone"

After I restarted the phone, I went to setting, More networks, Mobile networks, and get GSM and click okay.​

Following that I successfully unlocked my phone's sim on 6.0.1 firmware QD1 without downgrading.


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Jun 16, 2013
Thank you @NHK I was able to successfully unlock my SM-G900W8.

Now I know this has been answered but i just want to confirm..

If I install a custom rom, it won't be locked again? Just checking before I install a rom and it is locked, making me have to do this again:p

EDIT; answered my own question, it's okay!!
You're welcome
Sorry for the l o n g delay lol I've not been checking xda for a long time
My S5 is permanently unlocked, even after flashing 9999 roms afterwards


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Jun 16, 2013


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Jun 16, 2013
It should work

Could I apply it on my kltekdi (samsung s5 AU SCL23)? Thank you
It might work on all Galaxy S5 devices
Give it a try but don't forget to backup with TWRP or any backup method you prefer in case something goes bad

So far it has been reported WORKING ON:

I hope the list is expanding even more :D
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