Unlocked Verizon 5g+ Motherboard replacement

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Sep 5, 2014
For the first time, I bought a phone that I couldn't root, thinking that I was just going to go "Normal"(I guess). After about 15 days of having this phone, I had to get an update. After the update my phone keeps rebooting. I can look at the settings long enough to see that it is Android version 12, and is N976VVRU7WVC6.
Can anyone help me out?
Also... Can anyone let me know if I can replace a Snapdragon motherboard out with an Exynos one in this phone? That would be what I would want to do anyway. I can do it myself. I thought I was done modifying or working on phones, but I will NEVER buy another phone I can't root again. Thanks to anyone that can help me out. This is, "Hand's Down" THE best best place for support. Thank you, Everyone, for all your hard work and help through the years.