Question Unlocking + Flashing Taiwanese Stock Rom via Fastboot + Locking

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Aug 24, 2010
Hello all,

I've had problems with my former device after it being bootloader unlocked. I didn't try to relock the device though.

Now I got a new Xiaomi device based on Mediatek like 11t. In this instance, though, it comes with a global rom with a abhorrent suite of google apps.

I don't mind about google's messaging but the google's phone app is unusable for me. I'm hating even the intro page. (what I want is a secure dialler app that opens to a keypad while letting me search and find my contacts through the keypad, instead of using the full virtual keyboard.

From what I gather from the plethora of forum entries and youtube videos, I'm understanding Xiaomi side-stepped regulatory issues regarding the contact related apps by just simply offloading those with google's bad apps in many regions.

And I can only get to the old phone app (Xiaomi's) by loading Taiwanese, Indian, Chinese roms.

Chinese roms have a differing set of communication parameters with the network, so it's not suitable for me.
Xiaomi.Eu is simply a custom rom based on Chinese stocks, so it can't be re-locked after a fastboot install.

I have global stock miui 13 rom currently on my device.
So the lingering question for me is this:

After unlocking with Mi Unlock, I'll install stock Taiwanese rom to my device via fastboot method;
1- Then, would I be able to lock the bootloader (relock) again?
2- If yes, are there any risks involved or future crashes with the locked bootloader on a different stock rom, and would I be able to continue receiving OTA's for the particular taiwanese region stock rom?

If the answer 2nd question is "no", then there is no point in choosing taiwanese rom over rom. might just be better since it provides a semi-reasonable path for future sw updates.

If the answer for the 1st question is "no", then,
3- Am I be able to gain locked status again, provided I fastbooted and flashed the global stock rom in a future time?
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