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Unlocking the bootloader (Possible 3 months after phone announcement)

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Oct 2, 2014
I used Google Translate on "http://www.aiyanqing.com/daddefdadbbbv.html," which provided some clarification (and hope) of unlocking the Chinese variant Find X2 Pro. The website's information is pasted below:

"According to the official website announcement, all the following conditions must be met to apply for the in-depth test: the time to market for the model must be more than 3 months; no application record within 60 days; the login time of the OPPO account on the machine exceeds 60 days; the number of in-depth test users has not reached the quota limit; Non-government enterprises and operators customize mobile phones.

In addition, the mobile phone after joining the test plan cannot be guaranteed. May have unpredictable effects on mobile phones

Unlock tutorial:

Confirm that the mobile phone version is the official version, click the questionnaire to submit the application mobile phone IMEI number, submit the IMEI application, after the model / version review is passed, the OTA will detect the upgrade package that supports in-depth testing, and you need to upgrade to this version first."

So, we may see a possible "in-depth testing" apk in June or July time (fingers crossed)...


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Aug 4, 2016
Sorry to drag up a old thread but is there any hope of this on European devices?, Would love to see some custom ROM development but if they limit bootloader unlock to China only I can't see it happening...


Aug 6, 2020
I also want to root my find x2 pro, currently available global version 12/512 ceramic. I finally want to get rid of Netflix and Standard YouTube with a few standard apps that I can't turn off. Does anyone have any idea how I can turn it off or delete it? If so, please contact us, thank you very much
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Dec 18, 2015
It seems the rule about having to be logged in for 60 days isn't there anymore. I applied a few days ago on a phone that I'd just setup. I translated the rules and the one about not having applied in 60 days still stands, but no mention having to be logged in for 60 days.

I now have to wait until SEP 10th to check the unlock status.

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So assuming it gets unlocked, will I be able to load the global run on the phone?

And how do I do it, does it have to be TWRP or can I just do via fastboot and recovery mode?