Unlockroot Is Warez - Confirmed

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Aug 28, 2011
Unlockroot is a new rooting tool.I blogged about it few days back !!
As quoted by dev Justin via email.
Unlockroot contains a pirated, modified edition of my burritoroot 1.0.0 application, 1.0.0 was closed source and had a limited license.

Although the dev has made it opensource here :



So I have removed all links from my blog post.

Thought would let you know this as i just saw a thread by aspee,closed and flagged warez. :)\

Now I am Sure About This - Code made by TeamAndIRC and stolen by Unlockroot.com

* The Wall Of Shame
* Organizations and persons listed below have violated the copyright and/or licensing of BurritoRoot
* and have had their rights to use any part or derivative of BurritoRoot revoked.
* You are scum, you steal the hard work of our developers. You even stole my non working unroot code
* you f*cking bum.
* Author of unlockroot
* http://www(dot)unlockroot(dot)com
* Liang Bing
* [email protected]
* [email protected]
* Hong Kong
* tel: 86 01088524866
* fax: 86 01088524866
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