[UNOFFICIAL][5.1/6][v87.1][28 Nov]Xposed for Samsung Lollipop/Marshmallow

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Nov 2, 2012
Private mode not working

Private mode is not working after installing xposed in Samsung Galaxy S5 G900H

I am running android 6.0.1 official firmware rooted

i have tried installing xsecure storage and wanam xposed....Nothing works

After uninstalling xposed i can access private mode

i need a to access private mode with xposed framework...

Any solution??


Dec 9, 2013

But everything is work charm..

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Feb 17, 2015
Can anyone help with this little query ? I have xposed on my verizon s4 & have themed the quick settings . The only thing I can not get is the tip of the right side of the brightness panel still the TW color . That turquoise color.


May 7, 2010
Hello Just wanted to post my results for anyone wondering...
Device: Note 4 N910P (Sprint)
Firmware: GB3 6.0.1 MM
TWRP 3.0.2
rooted with SuperSu
Installed fine, no script errors during .Zip install with TWRP, Initial boot took maybe 2-3 minutes. Restored backup of UnbelovedHosts, everything seems to be working perfectly at this point.

Thanks for another great release / enhancement Wanam!!!!!


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Sep 23, 2017
how to fix my phone .. after i download xposed installer then download xposed 87 via recovery and flash via twrp .. cant open anymore and my twrp version is 3.0.3-0 ... my android version is 5.1.1 rooted


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Mar 23, 2011
Hey @wanam!
Any plans of updating the official Xposed for Nougat to work on Samsung devices?
Currently I'm bootlooping on the S8 Exynos with the new framework.
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Jan 26, 2011
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Sony Xperia 5 III
Hey @wanam!
Any plans of updating the official Xposed for Nougat to work on Samsung devices?
Currently I'm bootlooping on the S8 Exynos with the new framework.
I think I will be closing this thread soon since this should be officially supported, i was testing the new framework on my GS7 for the past days with no issues.

Can you provide more details about your config? Rom (stock or custom), encrypted? Rooted and a full logcat.

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Jan 26, 2011
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Sony Xperia 5 III
Hey @wanam!
Any plans of updating the official Xposed for Nougat to work on Samsung devices?
Currently I'm bootlooping on the S8 Exynos with the new framework.
I think I will be closing this thread soon since this should be officially supported, i was testing the new framework on my GS7 for the past days with no issues.

Can you provide more details about your config? Rom (stock or custom), encrypted? Rooted and a full logcat.

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May 26, 2015
I think I will be closing this thread soon since this should be officially supported, i was testing the new framework on my GS7 for the past days with no issues.

Can you provide more details about your config? Rom (stock or custom), encrypted? Rooted and a full logcat.
I have the same problem on my s8. Renovate ice rom, custom, unencrypted, rooted with magisk. Logcat coming in a few minutes


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Mar 23, 2011
I think I will be closing this thread soon since this should be officially supported, i was testing the new framework on my GS7 for the past days with no issues.

Can you provide more details about your config? Rom (stock or custom), encrypted? Rooted and a full logcat.

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Yes, this is strange as the unofficial Nougat xposed was installed fine on the S8.

Device: Galaxy S8 Exynos SM-G950F
Stock rom (except for twrp and root)
I'm trying to get the logcat, but it doesn't work on the latest twrp for the S8


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May 26, 2015
Is it deodexed? Can you upload "/system/framework" folder?
It is deodexed. Folder is currently uploading. I send you the link to it in a private message because I am not sure if I am allowed to share it because it is not my work. I attached a live boot log. Hope this helps you a bit. If you need a tester I am free this week. Feel free to hit me up to test things. thx for the great support.
Liveboot log from the sdk24 renovate ICE ROM.

Edit 1: renovate ICE is sdk24.
It boots up on a note8 port sdk25 but it is unusable and very laggy. Maybe you can fix that but I think the priority is on renovate ICE because it is more stock.

Edit 2: I send you a link to the /system/framework/ folder of the renovate sdk 24 ROM.

Edit 3: I am dual booting but I think this has nothing to do with that.
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    Your warranty is now void.
    You are using my files at your own RISK.
    I am not responsible for any bricked devices.

    This is an Xposed framework variant built and tested against the Galaxy S7 (G930F), but it should support all other Samsung devices (GS5, Note 4/5, GS6E, GS6E+...) running TW Android 5.1.1 and 6.0.

    Xposed was made and still maintained by @rovo89, so please make sure you give all the credits to him for making our device better.

    Samsung made a lot of changes to ART without providing the sources, that's why it took a while to workaround some of their changes, more information here.

    It supports Stock and close to stock Roms.

    This unofficial Xposed version does NOT break support for any other device supported by official Xposed, which means it still support all devices supported by the official one, this version adds Samsung and XZ compressed odexes support.

    - Stock (Odexed and Deodexed) 5.1/6.0 Roms
    - CWM recovery

    Bugs report:
    - If you get any lag, broken feature or any App force closing, post your Xposed logs.
    - If you get a boot-loop, reboot and get the logcat with "adb logcat" as soon as it gets detected on your PC (you may need to use a Linux distribution to get earlier logs).

    I will not reply to any bug reports that ignore the above notes, explain clearly your issue so i can help you, i can't read your mind.

    Versions names:
    • ARM means the devices that are running arm32 operating system (Galaxy S5, Note4,...)
    • ARM64 means the devices that are running arm64 operating system (Galaxy S7/S6, Note5 and all their variants...)
    • SDK22 means Android Lollipop 5.1.x
    • SDK23 means Android Marshmallow 6.0.x

    How to install:
    - Install Xposed installer app attached here.
    - Make a nandroid backup
    - Copy the Xposed file and the uninstaller to your sdcard
    - Flash "xposed-vxx.x-sdkxx-tw-armxx-custom-build-by-wanam-xxxxxxxx.zip" through a custom recovery (TWRP/CWM...)
    - Reboot and Waiiiiiiiiit, it may take several minutes to boot up depending on your Rom size.




    Donate to @rovo89
    All credits go to @rovo89 for his amazing work on xposed framework
    Thanks to @_riddle for his work on oat2dex
    Thanks to @romracer @arter97, @clark44, @insty, @svadev , @jthrasher47 and @imfaraz for making it possible to port Xposed to Samsung devices.
    Without these people, this would not have been possible at all.

    - This update fixes a compatibility issue with the new Note5 UX Roms (Technical details).

    - This version includes @rovo89's fix to workaround the Google's November security patch that prevents system from booting if some files are still open while forking zygote (including modules on /data/app), more details about this issue can be found here.

    - Merged the alternative and the main MM version, the changes we used to apply for some specific Marshmallow TouchWiz are now applied within the main version, thanks to @dkcldark, (technical details).

    - More compatiblity with ROMs that use a Resources subclass for e.g. theming, like most Huawei stock ROMs (*)
    - Incorrectly compiled modules are now rejected, the warning which started to appear with v84 is now an error
    - A bit of general cleanup and minor fixes
    More details.

    - Add Huawei theming engine support (details).
    - Ensure the recompilation on Huawei EMUI Roms (details).

    Updated to the official Xposed v85:

    • Fixed frequent boot freezes, especially with modules that access many files (details)
    • Built-in way to get a full logcat (details)
    • Crashes not related to Xposed/ART are no longer written to the normal Xposed logs
    • On encrypted devices with boot password, the password prompt is now shown quicker
    • Warning for developers to disable "Instant Run" in Android Studio, otherwise the module can't be loaded
    • 6.0 only: Cherry-picked some ART commit included in CyanogenMod and other ROMs
    • 6.0 only: Forced clearing Dalvik cache when upgrading from versions before 85 (would have been necessary for 84 and might have caused some boot loops)
    More details here.

    Updated to the official Xposed v84 with support for LG encrypted apps, you can find more details about the changes here.

    An alternative version "alt" for some Samsung variants (N910G/P, N915F...) that come with two more native changes, check this branch for more details.
    This variant should be used for Samsung variants (N910G/P, N915F...), and for a non listed device only if the main version does not work, and you should use this alternative version with stock Roms with no modified framework files.


    Cumulative update improving some devices support (Huawei and HTC), it fixes also some bugs related to some new aosp changes, more details here and here.

    Updated API to the official Xposed 81.0, this update brings XZ compression to MM builds, unfortunately Samsung still uses this compression type for its Apps odexes (Thanks to @dkcldark for the hint).
    I also included few other changes from LL to prevent boot-loop on some older devices that will get MM, we cannot trust Samsung on this, they should learn from Google/CM some basic rules about how manage their devices branches, the framework differences should not be major between different devices running the same Android version.

    The Sprint Note 4 MM builds are not supported yet (an example of the major changes I'm talking about), a test version is available, test it and provide a logcat if it still boot-loops.

    This MM update reverts an aosp wip change, this should fix some apps like Yandex maps.
    No update required for LL Roms.

    This is an update to the latest rovo89's changes, i added back the reverted commits, rovo89 fixed the issue related to the apps that uses some apk protection (MyAndroidTools).

    I made a small changes to the bridge to catch an exception on some TW 5.1.1 Roms that may not contain "restoreUnsupportedServices" method.
    I posted also a unified uninstaller for all version.

    v79.1 for Lollipop (20/01/2016):
    - Reverted an aosp commit that is causing crash with some Apps native code, i still have no idea why but i hope rovo89 can figure out what's wrong with this change.
    - Mute failed Samsung hooks, Samsung Lollipop FWs have different mdpp implementation for some devices.
    - Disabled Instrumentation detection on Xposed, we need to keep the native Samsung hooks active even when instrumentation is detected, big thanks to rovo89 for investigating this issue and Enyby for the tests.
    This should fix crash on Game guardian App, My Android tools...

    v79.1 for Marshmallow (19/01/2016):
    - Refactored Samsung security hooks and cleanup some useless hooks for Marshmallow.

    v79.0 for Marshmallow (28/12/2015):
    More details here.

    v79.0 (17/12/2015):
    This is an update to the official Xposed v79, that contains many bugs fixes, more details here.

    v78.1 (09/12/2015):
    This update includes some fixes by @rovo89 that let stock TW Roms boot up correctly with "everything" filter.
    It includes also fixes some secure storage compatibility issues that I managed to reproduce running "everything" filter, i also patched Xposed bridge with a fix for SHealth and Private mode, they are required for any TW user running Xposed, so i prefer to include it on the framework, you don't need to enable it on Wanam Xposed.

    My Xposed version still runs the default "speed" filter for dex2oat, if you want to run "everything" filter to force the compilation of all apps on boot, add bellow lines to your build.prop:
    I also reverted a change related to a Samsung bug that seems to be fixed on its latest updates, i tested it with full stock G920F-OKX running stock kernel with systemless Root.

    v78.0 (16/11/2015):
    This update includes some back ported changes and bugs fixes that @rovo89 included on Xposed for Android 6, check more details here.

    v75.8 (30/10/2015):
    - This update bypasses Class rejection on some cases where a method fails the verification and causes the whole class to be rejected, and keep logging the compilation errors.

    v75.7 (29/10/2015):
    - The new update fixes a major boot loop issue caused by xposed safe mode, some users do intentionally disable Xposed while booting by hitting the device's hardware keys which create a file "/data/data/de.robv.android.xposed.installer/conf/disabled" that disables some required hooks i implemented to disable Mdpp security checks, and leads to a boot loop because Knox/Mdpp rejects our custom Art libraries, so we disable xposed safe mode for TW Roms, use uninstallers instead.

    v75.1 to v75.6 (26/10/2015):

    - Support XZ compression for all devices (non Samsung included)
    - Fixed a Bridge bug, thanks to @arter97 for the head up
    - Fixed a Samsung packaging bug for arm64 devices

    v75.0 (08/10/2015):

    Updated to @rovo89 latest changes:
    - Unified version to support old Roms and new ones that come with new app_process changes
    - Disabled dex2oat watchdog
    Check here for more details.

    v74 (07/10/2015):
    This update revert "disable must_relocate=false" and avoid the header image checks instead, as it seems the only change on previous version that may cause the random reboots reported by some users.

    I posted also a variant (under android_511_r19 folder) that is compatible with some newest FWs (OI9+ on GS6), these FWs comes with a new security commit introducing a new zygote parameter that breaks Xposed. Do NOT use this variant on older Roms.

    v74 (02/10/2015):

    This update comes with XZ compression support, thanks to @rovo89 for pointing me to xz-embedded.

    It should fix SPlanner, Samsung core apps and few other xz compressed System apps odexes...
    Xposed will takes more time to decompress and recompile those apps, according to my tests, it takes 6 seconds to dexopt compressed S Planner odex with a size of 2.6MB/10MB, Samsung uses this compression type because of its low compression ratio to gain more space for more and more bloats

    v74 (15/09/2015):
    - This will fix the low space issue on dirty repacked deodexed Roms that may still contains odexed files, this issue was caused by a failed verification of the image header of "boot.art" on TW Roms, somehow one of the offsets "root_image" is wrong, check here for more details.

    We just ignore it for now to let xposed boot-up on odexed Roms and avoid the misleading low space warnings, this does NOT mean stock odexed Roms are supported, i tested it only with my debloated Odexed OH8 Rom for GS6 (G920F), so use it at your own RISK and no need to report any bugs if you run it on a stock FW.

    No space version are provided, use the main on instead.

    v74 (11/09/2015):
    - Updated to official xposed v74
    This update should fix the gms maps module crashe and maybe some other non system apps that generate odex file on the device.
    I reverted back to the default speed dexopt filter for better perfs, for people who are getting a low space, i posted an other version with dexopt space filter, we still don't know the cause of this issue.
    I made an attempt to support odex Roms (included on the new version 11092015), i followed the same idea of @rovo89 used for gz compression support, renamed odex files to force installd to run dex2oat, the Rom boot up, but with the same low space issue that makes it unusable! So no need to try it for now on odexed Roms.

    v73 (03/09/2015):
    - Re-based my build on @rovo89 repos (v73)
    - Fixed the shared prefs bug (thanks to @romracer and @cryptyk)
    - Balanced dexopt filter to save more space on bloated TW Roms, it saves more than 300MB on my debloated Rom so it should do better on bloated ones, if you still get out of system space and apps FC, there is nothing i can do for you, going ahead to save more space will lead on a performance issue, ask your Rom cooker to debloat it.

    v71 (28/08/2015):

    - Support for the Galaxy Note 5
    - Get rid of the modifications on the framework files, i ported all my hacks to the Xposed bridge, and Art libraries
    Big thanks to @rovo89 for his assistance and his patches.
    This build requires stock untouched framework file, if your Rom comes with a modded "core-libart" and "conscrypt", it will boot-loop.

    v71 (22/08/2015):
    - No dexopt filters, this will cause more apps to recompile on the first boot, it will take more boot time but should improve the performances.

    v71-b3 (19/08/2015):
    - Added back some specific certificates checks for Chinese hosts

    v71-b2 (18/08/2015):
    - Fixed FC on Nova and some apps keys.

    v71-b1 (17/08/2015):
    - Initial release
    Awesome work. Thanks :D
    Excellent response. I am honored to be in the presence of a Lineage team member (truly). I've had many problems with Xposed and quit trying to use them in one of my basic ROMs some time ago.

    I am impressed so far with the performance of 14.1. And the space it freed up from all the Sammy stuff on the stock
    I'm looking for good things from your team and have yet to be disappointed. Now I need to break it so I can really get under the hood.

    Great work team,

    I checked rovo89's art changes on L and M branches, i just noticed only few code style changes here, i think it's not worth downloading both sdk22 and sdk23 sources for such build.

    I will stop here and let rovo89 continue his work with Samsung support on Nougat, we are aware there are still few bugs with Samsung Roms, mainly the Knox ASLR feature enabled on some devices, as a temporary workaround you can still disable this feature with "ro.knox.enhance.zygote.aslr=0" on your "/system/build.prop", rovo89 will see if there is a way we could support this feature on xposed.

    That being said, unless there is a security patch that may break L/M xposed support in the future, i will close this thread.
    Xposed for GalaxyS6 Samsung Touchwiz Marshmallow build posted, it's built for arm64 devices only.

    Samsung did it in clean way this time, just a small changes to Art plus the Konx security ones of course.
    I didn't include xz support, it's not required on the current M build, maybe planned for low space devices, i hope they will switch to gz since it's supported on aosp.

    We don't have proper custom recovery that supports the new bootloader, you need to switch to old one to flash this patch, @arter97 already posted how to do that, get the old and new BL here and Odin 3.10.7 here.

    1- Copy Xposed patch and the uninstaller to your sdcard
    2- Reboot to download mode
    3- Flash oldsboot through Odin with Unchecked Auto-Reboot
    4- Reboot again to download mode
    5- Flash TWRP or Philz recovery through Odin with Unchecked Auto-Reboot
    6- Reboot to the recovery and flash Xposed
    7- Reboot to Download mode and flash newsboot through Odin with Checked Auto-Reboot

    Thanks again to @rovo89 for his amazing work, and to @arter97 for troubleshooting my git issues.