[UNOFFICIAL] CM 14.1 [NOUGAT 7.1.x] NO-ROOT Nightlies

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Jul 27, 2015
Hong Kong
Sorry a little OT, but I'm amazed at the differences in people's perception to color (ie. natural vs blown out) and their likes.

When I got the OP3, it was the first time I was exposed to AMOLED, I liked the bright and blown out colors. When the sRGB update came, I tried it and didn't really like it. Then I challenged myself to use it for an extended period of time and now I can't go back to the default config. sRGB is actually more pleasing and, and I love it for photography and editing in Snapseed as well.


Sep 3, 2012
Can someome send me the link of the old CM14 download server? (I think it was a daleski server, I need it because I want to download a old CM14)

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Feb 16, 2015
Yup it's buggy I can remove the stock google app from pixelfy and leave in snap camera if enough people want it.

Do you know of any other camera app with a similar pano mode? I find how Google Cardboard the similar styles where you slowly turn the camera to produce a much worse result than the mulitple shots kind like Google Camera.

I took this pic with a Nexus 6 and Google Camera (if you look very closely you can see the stitching):

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    CyanogenMod (pronounced sigh-AN-oh-jen-mod), is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for several Android devices (See above for supported devices & how to install CyanogenMod on said devices). Based on the Android Open Source Project, CyanogenMod is designed to increase performance and reliability over Android-based ROMs released by vendors and carriers such as Google, T-Mobile, HTC, etc. CyanogenMod also offers a variety of features & enhancements that are not currently found in these versions of Android.

    Rules of this thread
    Do NOT ask for a change log
    Do NOT ask for support on Substratum or xPosed
    Do NOT ask for any ETA's
    Do NOT ask if bugs are fixed if they are mentioned in the first post
    And above all keep it friendly

    Round Icon support turned on by default
    sRGB Mode by default

    Echo in calls (this does not affect all users)
    Video/Calls in Facebook Messenger
    Live Display not working
    Android Pay (this is due to safetynet detecting an unlocked bootloader)
    In call volume slider does not work
    Battery icons cannot be changed (Only text works for the moment)
    Cyanogenmod Weather not working

    Flashing Instructions
    YOU MUST flash 3.2.7 or be on 3.2.7 before flashing CM14.1
    Wipe if coming from another ROM or CM13
    Flash latest CM14.1
    Flash Open Gapps NANO 7.1 ONLY (see post 2 for reasons why)

    Download CM14.1

    Download Pixelfy

    Pixelfy Flashing Instructions
    Flash latest Pixelfy
    YOU MUST set the dialer to be default after flashing

    Temporary unroot zips

    CM14 Changelog.
    Mon Nov 21 00:20:02 2016 Commit: Zygote: Avoid string concatentation for systrace
    Mon Nov 21 00:29:06 2016 Commit: Correctly handle when the user has no explicit time_12_24 setting
    Mon Nov 21 00:54:46 2016 Commit: msm8960: Import graphics libraries
    Mon Nov 21 00:56:35 2016 Commit: qcom: extractors: Add msm8960 graphics list
    Mon Nov 21 01:23:48 2016 Commit: Merge pull request #1 from zwliew/cm-14.1
    Mon Nov 21 03:33:24 2016 Commit: Remove .mk lines that are just setting the default
    Mon Nov 21 03:33:47 2016 Commit: fix mistaken check of mScreenBrightnessDarkConfig
    Mon Nov 21 03:40:32 2016 Commit: Tethering: check if configManager is null
    Mon Nov 21 03:41:01 2016 Commit: Fix String is empty issue
    Mon Nov 21 03:42:12 2016 Commit: Add null check before finish SystemUI Tuner's activity
    Mon Nov 21 03:42:46 2016 Commit: fix NullPointerException in RegisteredServicesCache
    Mon Nov 21 03:45:00 2016 Commit: fixed applyConfigurationToResourcesLocked WeakReference is null
    Mon Nov 21 05:10:44 2016 Commit: Update carrier services on EVENT_NV_READY
    Mon Nov 21 05:12:21 2016 Commit: media: Use kernel headers
    Mon Nov 21 05:12:21 2016 Commit: Revert "msm8974: remove from top level makefile"
    Mon Nov 21 05:14:33 2016 Commit: media: Add symlinks to msm8974
    Mon Nov 21 05:14:43 2016 Commit: media: Use project pathmap
    Mon Nov 21 05:14:43 2016 Commit: mm-video: venc: Correct a typo in variable name
    Mon Nov 21 05:14:43 2016 Commit: mm-video: venc: update allocation-size check for meta-buffer
    Mon Nov 21 05:14:43 2016 Commit: mm-video: venc: update color format in port-def
    Mon Nov 21 05:14:43 2016 Commit: mm-video: venc: Use correct flag for buffer index selection
    Mon Nov 21 05:14:43 2016 Commit: mm-video: vidc: Remove hardcoding of BufCountActual
    Mon Nov 21 06:30:28 2016 Commit: Make Power Notification Controls scrollable
    Mon Nov 21 09:06:38 2016 Commit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/github/cm-14.1' into cm-14.1
    Mon Nov 21 09:06:38 2016 Commit: Raise In-Call volume a bit
    Sat Nov 19 13:43:30 2016 Commit: op3: Support Taobao fingerprint payment
    Sat Nov 19 13:47:15 2016 Commit: oneplus3: Remove enhanced NFC feature
    Sat Nov 19 14:06:41 2016 Commit: SimSettings: Disable entry for missing sim
    Sat Nov 19 14:28:34 2016 Commit: cmparts: Remove noop fields when LED can't pulse
    Sun Nov 20 08:19:06 2016 Commit: Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/github/cm-14.1' into cm-14.1
    Sun Nov 20 10:38:55 2016 Commit: CMParts: Hide Reset action if Battery LED is not multicolor
    Sun Nov 20 13:22:27 2016 Commit: Brightness mirror - fix multi-touch issue
    Sun Nov 20 13:22:44 2016 Commit: sounds: AllAudio: Avoid conflicting ringtone names
    Sun Nov 20 15:03:45 2016 Commit: Modify j.t.DateFormat.set24HourTimePref() to take a Boolean
    Sun Nov 20 16:05:46 2016 Commit: Fix idmap leak in zygote process
    Sun Nov 20 16:20:24 2016 Commit: lockscreen: Forward port option to pass swipe-up-to-unlock
    Sun Nov 20 16:45:47 2016 Commit: lockscreen: Add option for showing unlock screen directly
    Sun Nov 20 16:49:41 2016 Commit: LatinIME: Remove gesture preference if gesture lib is unavailable
    Sun Nov 20 22:27:28 2016 Commit: Automatic translation import
    Sun Nov 20 22:27:28 2016 Commit: Automatic translation import

    Pixelfy Changelog
    Version 10.3
    Added Google Camera
    Removed CM Gallery
    Added Live Earth Wallpapers
    Added the 2 build prop lines into the zip
    General tidying up

    Kernel Tree
    Device Tree

    Whole CM Team
    Credits to @dh.harald for fixing the camera FC in user builds
    Credits to @dekefake for the much better black pixel boot animation.
    Credits to @rockafellor for the mirror

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [UNOFFICIAL] CM 14.1 [NOUGAT 7.1.x] NO-ROOT Nightlies, ROM for the OnePlus 3

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly

    Created 2016-10-30
    Last Updated 2016-11-21
    Pixelfy is a way to make well your OnePlus3 more pixel-ly by removing some of the stock aosp apps and replacing them with the pixel or google equivalent.

    This is NOT needed to use CM14.1 and is simply an addition which can be flashed if chosen.

    The prerequisites are that NANO gapps is the minimum you need to flash this as it replaces some core components which can break the dialer etc from working.

    Also if everyone keeps to using the same gapps it's much easier to determine if a bug is a real bug or something introduced by another version of gapps (permission bug was a prime example of this)
    Uploading new build now 15/11
    New build coming shortly and I have now forced aRGB mode to be on by default until CM sort out live display.
    Change log will be posted as well of course.

    Taking out root still stops breaks the camera and stripped out HAL1, and other components and no dice.

    So until further notice my builds will be rooted but with tweaks like sRGB, Round Icon support and of course with Pixelfy.
    This is whats coming in the next build. (not sure why there are other fixes for other phones in it but that's what it pulled out anyway)

    Thu Nov 3 07:14:31 2016 bootanimation: enable multithread decode by default
    Thu Nov 3 07:14:56 2016 libstagefright: fix exynos4 camcorder
    Thu Nov 3 07:16:16 2016 Add Dock USB Audio Support for Samsung Car / Desk Docks
    Thu Nov 3 07:16:34 2016 Add Motorola EMU audio dock jack sensing support
    Thu Nov 3 07:16:56 2016 AudioService: allow volume control on analog dock
    Thu Nov 3 07:17:14 2016 Add the user set network mode to the siminfo table
    Thu Nov 3 07:17:40 2016 Handle DB upgrade from CM13.
    Wed Nov 2 08:33:53 2016 gralloc: remove gralloc-overlay, breaks build on cm-14.1
    Wed Nov 2 11:40:55 2016 Add the user set network mode to the siminfo table
    Wed Nov 2 13:45:47 2016 Ignore old CM13 columns in DB migration.
    Wed Nov 2 14:23:45 2016 Fix DB upgrade from CM13.
    Wed Nov 2 14:58:23 2016 Provide upgrade path for cm12.1 -> cm13.0
    Wed Nov 2 14:59:38 2016 Add DB upgrade path for SMS/MMS and telephony provider.
    Wed Nov 2 15:04:45 2016 Expose call creation time to link call recordings with recent call log (1/2)
    Wed Nov 2 15:32:35 2016 Kill marquee display of app version/package name in app details.
    Wed Nov 2 15:57:20 2016 Update SpinnerContent class from CM 13.
    Wed Nov 2 15:57:22 2016 Re-add call stats feature.
    Wed Nov 2 15:57:23 2016 Don't use a different call log for MSIM.
    Wed Nov 2 18:04:26 2016 Use our fork of jemalloc
    Wed Nov 2 21:30:41 2016 GmsAccount: If there's no network and FRP isn't enforcing, skip GMS