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Lister Of Smeg

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May 20, 2013
Hi All,

khalvat is doing a fantastic job at creating, updating and support the Android 11 version of this wonderful rom. And can fully understand and appreciate the space and resource issues/demands required for building multiple roms. That stuff doesn't come cheap or never ending storage, so have to prioritise.

There is already a CrDroid 10 build that is continually being updated daily, with all the latest changes and updates located here. It's what I am currently using and offers OTA updates. I will switch to CrDroid 7.x in a once the CrDroid Settings is fixed.

As can be seen at the following:

Cheers, Lister

@khalvat, please, can you add the last security up-date to the last build witch is working very good on my klte.
Good morning/Good evening. I might be able to help with this (security update). If @khalvat is willing to help me with the sources, I could maintain the ROM.
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