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Unofficial Cyanogenmod 12 [D855][ROM] Experimental

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Nov 17, 2014
For those wondering to edit the power menu its
Settings > Buttons > Power Menu


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May 18, 2013
Hey everyone !!!
Is the bt connection to a car stereo issue solved here?
That destortion sound after income call or nutification?
Aswell i need to reboot the phone every time i get out the car couse the phone sounds just gone and the phone become silent


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Feb 10, 2012
Very interesting to see an active developpment on CM12.

Really happy to have you working on our fatty G3, which is so slow to get an OS releasing all its potential.

I'm still on CM12 atm cause need a more stable Build, but as soon as you get 4k fully saving, i'll swap to your ROM ;) (I'm ****ing waiting for that on AOSP for so long).

All that to say, keep your good work bro, we were a lot to expect for it ^^
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Nov 17, 2014
Well CyanogenMod and their devs started getting really fast at merging their commits so I decided to stop building these.
But as we haven't had a official nightly for a few days I thought I'd build another few until they're back up and running.
So new ROM with themes uploading now!!
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    This ROM is built solely from CM sources. Ive cherry-picked certain commits that are yet to be merged.
    This was initially build solely for my use but I've decided to share.

    Whats different to the official ROM?

    It has some added features, but it wont be as stable. These features are not yet merged into CMs source for a reason.
    I do use this as a daily driver myself, so I wont share anything too buggy.

    Ok, where do I report these bugs?

    You don't.
    These are experimental builds, there will be bugs and some things are a work in progress. Theres no point reporting bugs to me as they arent finished.
    Also please dont report ANY bugs found in this ROM on the official thread.

    Do I need to do a clean install?

    You flash with TWRP, if coming from the official CM12 a dirty flash should be ok. Otherwise a clean install.

    So whats different to official?

    Customizable Quick Settings
    Proximity sensor fix
    Power menu customization
    Option to hide superuser icon from status bar
    4K video added (still buggy, doesn't save every time)

    Where can I download?

    can you put kexec in the kernel? (for multirom support)

    New build uploaded, sound fix and multi rom support added. (not tested this so let me know)
    New build building now.


    Proximity sensor fix
    Power menu customization
    Option to hide superuser icon from status bar

    The volume is too loud on the latest build.

    There is a distortion from the speakers. :eek:

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll tone it down next build.

    The multirom support is still a working progress.
    can you put kexec in the kernel? (for multirom support)

    I don't see why not, I'll try get it in the next build.